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Automate Security Guarding With Smart Solutions

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  • of maintenance and device health of surveillance cameras and security devices.
  • of important CCTV footage, required at the time of insurance claims.
  • Dependency on tradition security for securing Branch and ATM security.


  • alerts whenever a camera goes offline or a sensor don’t work, allowing for proactive care of maintenance issues.
  • video retrieval from cloud storage, for any event within branch premises by simply entering the date and time into the system.
  • Get real-time alert to monitor events or event patterns as they happen.
  • The burglar alarm system powered with Igzy E-Surveillance Solution will effectively secure Bank branches.

Security Management & E-Guarding

Ensure optimum safety with centralised monitoring for all bank branches through a single, unified IoT-backed platform that can be accessed by Head of Bank Security and concerned authorities anywhere, anytime.

Instance-based Video Retrieval

Retrieve video centrally from IGZY cloud platform from anywhere at any time.

Restrict Access

With OTP-based locks, employee access can be restricted into areas like vaults, locker rooms, etc.


Cost of hiring night guards for ATMs and Bank branches is reduced to minimal, as E-Guarding allows for little or no human intervention for security management, even at odd hours.

Alerts & Notifications

Concerned authorities and officials are automatically notified in real-time in case of a breach.

Command Centre Capability

We offer video surveillance security solutions for the banking sector. Replace your traditional security systems for securing a branch or ATM with our security solutions. The IGZY Command Centre ensures 24 hour e-surveillance and negates the need for human intervention. Trusted by prominent Indian banks and retailers across India, this solution can be leveraged to secure properties of any size.

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