Unlock Your IP Cameras with IGZY Cloud Surveillance

Access your IP cameras on the cloud, enabling you to monitor and secure your premises without being on-site. Keep an Eye on What Matters with Cloud Surveillance.

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Get Proactive Alerts when important events occur

Onboard Existing Cameras

Seamlessly integrate your current IP cameras onto the cloud platform, saving expenses on hardware procurement and installation.

Capability to Limit Bandwidth Usage by Camera

Optimize your bandwidth by controlling and limiting the bandwidth usage of individual camera.

Get Proactive Alerts on Camera Health

Receive real-time notifications about camera going off/on, allowing you to address connectivity, hardware, or power issues before they impact surveillance.

Get Camera Recording/ Not Recording Status

Quickly ascertain whether cameras are actively recording, ensuring you have up-to-date information on your premises' coverage.

Conveniently Fetch & Download Footage

Effortlessly access and download camera footage from the cloud platform for review, analysis, or documentation purposes.

Custom Cloud Storage Plans

Choose custom cloud storage plans that align with your needs, providing flexibility for short-term access or long-term archival storage requirements.

Safeguard your premises with Cloud Video Surveillaince

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