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The Ghost Kitchens- How Cloud transforming the QSRs

The Ghost Kitchens

Every restaurant and eatery is in a race to deliver the quickest and the best. It is not the product anymore, but the customer service which is the hinge of any business now. The technology has surely killed the competition. In the case of quick-service restaurants- Its Cloud Technology ready to deliver with assured food surveillance security system to ensure the seamless customer experience.

Restaurant on the fingertip

The tech-centric consumer today sits on a mobile app, compares the delicacies of different restaurants in its radius and orders instantly at the click of the fingertip. The very basic behavior of the consumer has disrupted the entire model of traditional dine-in restaurants. With this kind of on-demand consumer behavior, technology has filled the gap in the form of a food surveillance security system for Quick Service Restaurant. Such technological intervention helped the dine-in restaurants in mapping the consumer and the service provider needs to make it faster, quicker and better. These restaurants no longer just provide the dine in the facility and but also the delivery on the doorstep food service. The owner is no longer worried about highly invested infrastructure and its constant security concerns. The food surveillance security system for cloud kitchen will let you cook the business in a peaceful manner. Even the consumer doesn’t care about the whereabouts of the presence of kitchen premises. It’s all online, it is all cloud!

The eatery market is in a major shift with players like Swiggy, Zomato, food panda, etc taking the lead and delivering at the speed of the light As per one of the survey, the quick service restaurants have changed the dynamics of the eatery market not just in India but also globally. The tech-enabled youth is now aware of the entire eatery market in one go and ready to explore all the available options present around him. With the advent of the startups gaining huge success in the business of collating all the available eating options on one platform and delivering on the door, Cloud Kitchen technology is the one to be watched out. The brick and mortar kitchens have been quickly disrupted to join these biggies on a cloud platform.

For the statistical record on cloud kitchen, the global Cloud Kitchen market was valued at USD 0.65 Billion in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 2.63 Billion by the year 2026, at a CAGR of 17.2% as per the survey reports of Reports and Data. So, the trend is getting hot world over. Seeing the number of growing cloud kitchens, the capital intensive restaurants are in a fix if they would be able to stand a chance to survive in this race to reach the customer fastest.

The cloud-based restaurant management software manages all the operation of the cloud kitchen and without much investment into real estate and other formalities, the food is prepared in an optimum space as per the requirement of the owner, packed, whisked and delivered at your doorstep. The entire database is managed by SaaS- Software as a Service platform backed by cloud technology. Cloud stores your entire database of inquiries, deliveries, average handling time, and grievance data. The cloud-based food surveillance security system  keeps track of the analytics with the help of  vSaaS platform and hence tracking  the sales, transactions, and other analytics becomes easy. The kitchen owners are now better tracking and planning the marketing campaigns of their eatery business. At least, surveillance in the restaurants is no longer a worry and all that they are paying is for SaaS platform and operating without a huge tech team- just as service providers.

Sense, Analyze and Act

IGZY- A Kochar Tech company helps such Quick Service Restaurants to run the business on a secured cloud platform which provides a 360 degree surveillance in maintaining the smooth operations. The IoT based sensors varying from LHT to smoke sensors maintains the overall hygiene and the ambience of the restaurant and provides a delightful experience to the end consumer.

IGZY’s sensors in the Quick Service Restaurants helps to provide an ecosystem of unified hardware, software, and services where its cloud-based sensors help the QSR’s to capture the real-time events, monitor and report its analytics for required action. To maintain your store’s hygiene with the smoke, light, humidity and temperature sensors, the IGZY sensors work wonders and let the operations run smoothly. Let the store openings, closing, its hygiene maintenance, cleanliness, buffet readiness be the technology responsibility maintained by cloud-based sensors ready to give them actionable insights into your eatery business. The security solutions for Quick Service Restaurant(QSR) being paramount on the minds of restaurant owners are sorted there and then with this amazing technology. Let your restaurant only take care of the menu, kitchen equipment, staff, and quick delivery.

The final words

The Quick Service Restaurants are in the capability today to scale fast without the involvement of much cost-from smaller to larger cities at a much lesser time. All that is required is browsing through the vast data provided by the cloud, analyze the local eating behaviors and ready to customize business in a multi diversity nation like India. Starting a new restaurant is an easier affair now with this amazing technology and giving the new wings to those aspiring, budding entrepreneurs ready to jump into the eatery business. A small kitchen and latest technology-is all it takes to take a leap into the world of the quick-service restaurant!

The food surveillance security system has made it easier for both the established and start-up kitchens to scale up faster and smoother with handsome revenue on the plate. The consumer too is happy to invest the search for food time in much more productive activities. On the nation front, the cloud Kitchen has opened huge avenues of employment for the skilled and semi-skilled youth.

Internet Of the Things has made it a happy marriage, while the newer innovations are always on its way. So, let the technology do your business the favor while you savor the best delicacies of your eatery to your customers! A happy customer is a prosperous owner.