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Small Server Room Solutions

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Security in Small Server Rooms

A server room, being the foundational aspect of any business, requires a high degree of security. Small server rooms with their infrastructure necessary to support network systems, house some extremely valuable data as well as hardware assets that are vulnerable to security threats. Thus, it is necessary to not only limit the access to the server room but also keep a constant check on the functioning of the system. From server room humidity monitoring and temperature maintenance to regulating unauthorized entry and theft, challenges faced by organizations to secure their server rooms are wide ranging. These issues necessitate the employment of small server room solutions to ensure the proficient operations of these units.

Smart server room solutions have become the need of the hour for businesses to protect their assets from all kinds of possible risks.

Igzy’s e-surveillance security system offers 24*7 surveillance via smart devices, secure gateways and actionable insights through cloud-based platforms; the perfect brew for a more secure and smart business for you. Igzy recognizes the concerns of businesses when it comes to the maintenance of server units and promises to provide explicit antidotes with smart small server room solutions.

Getting Started!

Product Kit

Temperature Sensor

Get notified during fluctuations in server room temperature and change the settings remotely with our server room temperature monitoring system. These sensors can also be trained to automatically turn the air conditioning up or down, depending on the temperature requirement of the room.

Smoke Sensor

Detects smoke particles to raise alerts and deploy necessary commands to ensure safety. Since overheating is a common threat to server rooms, these instant notifications allow employers to bring a situation in control before much damage is done.

Access control door sensor

Server room monitoring solution restricts unauthorized access to personnel, during & after-hours, raising alerts, sending notifications on user’s device. Since these server rooms store some very important data and hardware assets, a number of identity validation procedures are to be carried out before entry is granted into the unit.

Infrared (PIR) sensor

The sensor turns dim lights bright in the presence of any personnel and sends notifications regarding every employee entering the unit, thus monitoring their movement. This sensor turns light off or dims it ensuring energy is conserved in the absence of any personnel in the server room.

IP Camera

The internet protocol (IP) camera records video and audio, as well as stores them on a unified platform in real time. This camera not only stores data and footage on a cloud platform but also provides video content analytics based on deep learning algorithms, which assist in swift decision making.

Challenges in maintaining server rooms

Temperature regulation

Server room temperature monitoring is one basic requirement for the optimum maintenance of server rooms. The absence of consistent optimum temperature and humidity levels of the room can lead to damage and server downtime, eventually delaying operations. Unlike smart server room solutions, a basic security system would be unable to notify an employer regarding the change in temperature of the room.

Scant Security

These rooms not only contain important hardware but some extremely important data, which has to be secured properly. However, traditional lock and key system of security can no longer keep these assets safe and there is a necessity to employee a more vigilant form of system. With traditional security systems, unauthorized entry into the server systems is not only more probable to happen but also to go unnoticed.

Inadequate Control

Traditional server systems do not employ smart sensors or cameras, which means that destruction or theft of any kind done inside the server room will not be notified unless a person manually checks the room or deliberately looks at the camera footage. The absence of any real time monitoring and instant notifications results in the failure of the inherent purpose of the security system by making these units vulnerable.


Server rooms that are not controlled by smart security systems have to be manually checked. As a result, the deviation in temperature of the room may go unnoticed for a longer period than acceptable. This can cause server downtime in case of overheating. At the same time, if the air conditioning is left on for an extended period of time, it can result in over-cooling and thus can cause a huge spike in the electricity consumption for maintaining a server room.

Moisture level

Controlled humidity is just as important as the temperature inside the server room. In a computer room or data center, relative humidity (RH) levels should be between 45% and 55%. High humidity can result in rust, corrosion, short-circuiting and even the growth of fungus that can attack the machinery. Too little moisture in the air is also a concern, as it can result in electrostatic discharge, which in turn can cause system malfunction and damage.


Vibrations are a hazard that can dislodge components that are critical to your system, disturb rapidly spinning hard drives, and even with the tiniest scratch your data can become ruined. IoT security solutions equipped with smart sensors can easily sense vibrations around the machinery in the server room and notify officials regarding the same. This can ensure timely health check of the machinery and reduce the threat to sensitive equipment.

How we can assist you

Concurrent monitoring

Constant 24*7 real time monitoring, allows you to get access of your business from anywhere at any time. Instant video retrieval from the IoT platform prevents enterprise from possible threat to security.

Temperature management

The small server room solution maintains optimum temperature and humidity levels with the server room temperature sensor, monitoring temperature fluctuations and notifying authorities in case of deviations.

Real time alerts

The smart cameras and sensors send real time alerts to employers in case of any motion detection, change in temperature, entry or exit of personnel into the server room, thus indefinitely deducing the threat to security.

Energy efficiency

Keeps the temperature of the small server room balanced to prevent over heating which can cause server downtime and over cooling which can result in high energy consumption and negative environmental impact.



E-surveillance security solutions provide 24*7 vigilance, ensuring the safe management of all data and hardware inside the server room. It restricts access to any unauthorized personnel and sends real time notifications in case of any suspicious activity. The server room temperature sensor and smoke detector create the perfect atmosphere required for the efficient functioning of these units, sending instant notifications even during the slightest deviation in the temperature.


The unified IoT platform allows you to review the data of all the sensors and cameras on one integrated cloud-based platform. The notifications are sent directly on the smart device which allows employers to get remote access their business with just a click. This type of platform not only provides visibility to the employer or officer in charge but also allows them to monitor and control all the cameras and sensors from their device and deploy commands they deem necessary.


The e-surveillance system with its data center temperature sensor maintains a regulated environment to prevent downtime due to over-heating or excessive energy consumption due to over cooling. The infrared sensor also contributes towards energy conservation by dimming the light in the absence of any personnel inside the server rooms while the lights are automatically turned on bright in their presence for the complete visibility of operations taking place.

Expenditure control

The e-surveillance system helps in maintaining the server room while controlling the expenses of its operations and maintenance by automatically switching off the airflow once the desired temperature has been reached. The PIR sensor regulates the use of electricity by switching off or dimming the light whenever possible. The instant notifying system keeps a check on the processes of the server room and ensures no sizeable damage takes places.

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