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Bank and ATM Security System

The BFSI industry in India is a highly regulated sector with strict norms from RBI. IoT, AI & ML driven bank and ATM security solutions ensure the robust security of valuable assets and investments that are prone to various risks. It also helps businesses improve operational efficiency for better customer experience.

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Challenges faced by the banking Industry

A fragmented ecosystem

Monitoring multiple branches & ATM units simultaneously, in the absence of an integrated bank security surveillance system can be painstaking. Switching between separate bank & ATM security systems provided by different vendors is time consuming.

Video retrieval

Secure CCTV cloud storage, real-time monitoring and retrieval of footage is critical for maintaining bank security. Absence of a bank video surveillance solution capable of storing data over the cloud and making it available for review puts banking premises in danger


Complete dependency on human guards to maintain ATM & bank security has proven to be expensive, especially with multiple branches involved. Inability to monitor all sites simultaneously makes this approach to bank surveillance highly unreliable & can also lead to serious injury & loss of life.

Blocked visibility

Complete visibility & restricted access to staff is essential for bank security maintenance. The absence of an IP camera based bank surveillance solution that gives visibility to escalations & monitors employee movement can lead to delays in recognizing suspicious activities.

Device health management

With multiple devices installed on site, system downtime can be difficult to detect, especially in the absence of an integrated bank & ATM surveillance system. The lack of information and real time alerts can infringe on bank security, putting the branch at a high risk of substantial losses.

Energy management

The inability to monitor energy consumption patterns along with inefficiencies of appliances in the absence of an AI backed bank and ATM monitoring system can lead to excessive wastage of energy on inefficient areas and eventually incurs high expenditures

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Our solutions

Uninterrupted monitoring

Bank and ATM surveillance systems ensure optimum visibility 24*7 with AI-enabled cloud CCTV cameras & sensors that can detect motion, break-ins, heat etc. Sensors for vault rooms and keyless locks send real-time alerts in case of any threat or forceful obstruction.

Unified platform

A unified cloud based platform provides accessibility into multiple bank security solutions distributed by geographies, provided by different vendors. It helps to monitor all branches & ATM units, respond to alerts in real-time, analyse metrics via a single dashboard.

Secure cloud storage

The bank surveillance solution facilitates automatic cloud storage of all the data captured via IoT-enabled sensors and IP based ATM security cameras. The cloud platform stores video footage securely which can be retrieved by authorized personnel whenever required.

Remote device management

ATM and bank surveillance solutions enable users to gain complete visibility of their devices and control them remotely; strengthening bank security with real time device updates. The solution allows remote detection of defects and firmware upgrades

A dedicated command center

Our ISO 27001 certified command center monitor branches round the clock to detect and deter any threat before time. Command center professionals, with direct access to the cloud platform, analyze actionable insights and reports from the business to provide inputs for better management

Actionable insights

Artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning(ML) based advanced analytics solutions to get actionable insights from the business help improve overall business performance, enhance efficiency and customer experience. ATM security cameras with edge analytics .

Technology driven bank and ATM security system

100% Transparency

Ensure total visibility and safety of all your business sites with IP camera based bank and ATM security system

Single window visibility

Access all your ATM security solutions on an AI backed cloud platform to ensure ease of operations and efficiency

Automatic system upgrade

No third party dependency to upgrade the firmware on devices with remote device management

Minimal reliability on human judgment

Ensure error-free operations and effective results with a high level of automation in security devices

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Our framework for security, compliance and analytics



Sensing Layer that Monitors, Protects, Notifies



Turning Mute Data into Actionable Intelligence



Actions for Optimising Business Based on Insights

Our unique value proposition

Web-based dashboard

Banking surveillance system equipped with a unified web-based dashboard to analyze metric representation, reports & actionable insights

Platform customization

Our bank and ATM security solution provides the ability to customize the platform or devices as per the customer requirement for greater benefits

Work from home Platform

The ability to monitor multiple business sites and operate remotely keeps the downtime of sites to a minimum

End-to-end solution provider

Providing a platform and managed services, we help you from procurement to installation and maintenance of banking security systems.

State of the art technologies

Integration of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into security devices provide the best business solutions

Remote troubleshooting

AI sensors with robotic process automation identify device downtime and auto troubleshoot to ensure 100% uptime round the clock

PAN India Presence

Single point of contact for hardware, installation, troubleshooting, monitoring and annual maintenance contracts for PAN India services

Transform Existing Hardware

Our unified platform is compatible with both analog & wired cameras, enabling security and transparency along with analytics & insights

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Security heads

  • Real-time alerts and notifications on threat detection
  • Availability of video footage whenever required
  • Ensure uptime of the security infrastructure




Esurveillance teams

  • Unified platform to access multiple security solutions
  • Instant notifications on any deviation
  • Ready reckoner for SOP’s and Escalation process




Administration heads

  • IoT-backed solutions to ensure SOP adherence
  • Smart sensors enhancing energy management
  • Web based dashboard to analyze business insights




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