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Smart Fire Safety Solutions

AI-powered security solution equipped with smoke sensors and fire alarms that provides round the clock safety from fire hazards and related incidents

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All industries deal with the fear of fire hazards caused due to natural reason or human error. From faulty wires to deliberate attempts of causing chaos by individuals; these can lead to large-scale damage to life and property. A smart surveillance solution maintains control over the devices more susceptible to catching fire or appliances that can overheat while sending real-time notifications to surveillance staff.

Fire Safety Challenges

Mass notifications

Absence of mass notifications during emergency situations like overheating of machinery, smoke emission causing suffocation or fire hazards requiring immediate evacuation of the site can lead to damage to property and life in no time.

Fire detection

Overheating of equipment or inflammable products stored close to ignition sources can lead to large-scale fire hazards. The absence of a real-time detecting mechanism can lead to delays which can cause potential damage to the assets and employees.

Temperature control

Unprecedented rise in room temperature can lead to overheating of the machinery and devices being used as well as lead to combustion of reactive commodities and oil spills around ignition sources. Control over room temperature becomes necessary in such scenarios.

Smoke and poisonous gases

Release of excessive smoke and poisonous gases inside premises can lead to health issues for employees as well as dust combustion or explosions. The absence of any detecting mechanism can lead to large scale damage to business.

Electrical malfunctions

Old equipment, loose and faulty wires and outlets including circuit breakers can lead to electrical fires. The panel and circuits can become overheated due to sudden surge and inadequate distribution of electricity or the placement of combustible substances near lighting equipment.

Intentional fires

Setting fire to one’s own property to commit insurance fraud or to someone else’s property to cause damage to property are common sites. In the absence of well-equipped surveillance solutions, it becomes hard to prevent these fires.

Employee safety

Unexpected fires and release of toxic gases at production sites or any part of commercial building can cause damage to employees and their belongings. The absence of a proactive fire safety solution can lead to delayed realizations and greater losses.

Compliance management

Human error is one of the major reasons for commercial fires. From employees smoking inside the premises and to careless staff leaving machinery running all day, even during break hours, these events can lead to fire. Therefore adherence to compliances is a necessity.

Benefits for Warehouses

Fire alarm

Fire hazards caused by faulty wires or over heating of equipment or negligence of employees gets detected by smart sensors that send real time alerts to the relevant officials. These users can validate the incident and raise the fire alarm immediately to prevent damage.

Electrical fault detection

Faulty electrical outlets, old appliances and overheated machinery can result in electrical fires. Smart sensors can measure the amount of heat generated by electric current running through a circuit, thereby notifying authorized users about the areas causing probable outages.

Hazardous Gases

The release of poisonous gases beyond the acceptable threshold can be identified and real time alerts be triggered for the timely regulation over whichever activity is causing its release. The air quality index reports enlighten employers about the level of hazardous gases present in the air.

Benefits for BFSI

Air quality

The air quality sensors detect the presence of excessive amounts of pollutants and PM 2.5 particles. This detection is followed by real time notifications sent to authorized personnel who can deploy further commands for the rectification of the incident.

Employee safety

Premise fires can cause damage of life and property. Smoke and LHT sensors detect the levels of smoke, light, humidity and temperature of a unit and compare it to the predefined threshold. Marginal deviations are notified to proactively reduce the chances of any damage.

Compliance management

With every electrical appliance requiring some basic application based knowledge, employees are trained to operate the equipment and the performance is monitored regularly. Inability of complying with instructions gets notified to employers.

Benefits for Healthcare

Poisonous gases

Medical laboratories and hospitals use a range of gases such as enriched oxygen, nitrous oxide, helium, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Excessive amount of these gases beyond a threshold gets notified to authorities so that the air quality can be regulated.

Temperature control

Varying hospital wards have different temperature requirements and any deviations in the pre-defined setting can lead to overheating of equipment and eventual fire. Temperature sensors detect changes in the room’s temperature settings and notify authorized staff.

Electrical malfunction

The failure within electrical components of equipment or machinery can cause electrical fires that put the lives of employees and patients at risk. The smart sensors installed across the hospital can detect the presence of smoke being released from machines, notifying users about the same.

Benefits for manufacturing sites

Equipment Overheating

Rising temperatures in an electrical circuit can lead to equipment damage and eventually fire. Detected by the release of excessive smoke and flames, these incidents are recorded in real time and alerts are sent to the security officials.

Real time Notifications

Detection of smoke or fire in the environment leads to smart sensors sending real time notifications to the concerned officials; controlling the event before large scale damage takes place.

Worker Safety

Employees working at production sites are faced with the fear of abrupt explosions and fires. IGZY’s smoke and air quality sensors and fire alarms ensure that employees work in secure environment.

Benefits for Hospitality

Smoke detection

Even with a hotel following a no smoking policy, guests and employees can often go against the rules of the establishment. Smoke sensors installed in the guest rooms and important areas notify security officials in real time.

Guest safety

Establishing a safe environment for visitors with a smart surveillance solution equipped with temperature and smoke sensors that can detect unwarranted situations and aid employers in maintaining optimal conditions.

Short circuits

Short circuits can cause appliance damage, electrical shock and fires. The smart sensors and camera installed across the site can detect the presence of smoke and flames, sending notifications to escalations for validation.

How can IGZY help to prevent Fire

Smoke sensors

Detecting the presence of smoke particles in the air, IGZY’s IoT enabled smoke sensors send real time notifications to the escalations. These alerts are sent via SMS or emails to keep surveillance staff in loop of everything taking place at their premises.

Temperature monitoring

The safe storage of sensitive and combustible commodities is facilitated with predetermined temperature settings of particular areas. Deviations in the temperature of the facilities get detected by LHT sensors that send immediate alerts to users.

Air quality maintenance

Elevated CO2 levels in the air or the presence of other harmful gases can be detected with air quality sensors. The air quality index reports air quality on a daily basis, allowing employers to detect and prevent the damage caused by the hazardous gases.

Compliance management

IGZY’s IP cameras and smart sensors installed across the site help employers monitor the activities of the staff members and their adherence of SOP protocols. Any employee activity, like smoking indoors or inappropriate use of heating equipment gets notified in real time.

Fire alarm

The detection of smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other harmful pollutants in the air by air quality and temperature sensors gets notified to the security officials in real time. The authorized users can validate the incident and raise the fire alarm for immediate evacuation.

Equipment Control

IGZY’s power sockets and energy meter can detect unusual levels of electric charge which can lead to short circuits and outages. LHT sensors can detect elevated levels of light, humidity and temperature in the facility which can lead to overheating of equipment and eventual fire.

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