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Importance of Cloud based Surveillance Solutions

Coaching and training centers play a crucial role in promoting students’ education, paving the rightful way for their future. However, with an increase in in-disciplinary activities taking place at educational institutions, the need for a video surveillance solution for the maintenance of a secure and efficient presence is felt.

Growing rapidly in numbers and spreading across regions, coaching and training centers require a solution that supports student welfare while integrating various sites together to maintain a single-window surveillance mechanism.

From smart sensors and IP cameras to cloud-based IoT platform, IGZY’s video surveillance solution provides all round security to premises from internal as well as external threats.


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Irregular presence in classes can lead to a downfall in student performance, eventually affecting the institute’s brand presence. Regular bunks and missed classes are a common site for educational institutes, which in the absence of a reliable monitoring system can go unnoticed.

Trespassing and Property Damage

Unauthorized entry by outsiders or unruly students of the institute can cause a lot of property damage or cause fights inside the premises. The absence of a regulating mechanism to monitor who enters the premises or takes part in damaging the property can leave the authorities in the dark.

Camera Tamper

Covering camera lenses with a cloth or spray paint and tampering with the camera wires can lead to blind spots in surveillance during unauthorized and illegal activities. In the absence of any real time monitoring mechanism, the realization of such a situation comes later than sooner.

Night Guarding

Securing institutes from after hours entry by students or intrusion by outsiders can become a real challenge for surveillance personnel. Manual supervision often proves to be insufficient as guards cannot monitor every room, floor or access points simultaneously.

Classroom hygiene

Regular classroom cleanliness protocols are to be followed by staff members to ensure the adherence to hygiene standards. However, with larger coaching centers with a number of branches installed across geographies, manual supervision over hygiene protocols can be extremely time consuming.

Student Harassment

Monitoring all processes of an institute with a real time alert mechanism becomes necessary. Indisciplinary activities ranging from physical & verbal fights between students, over exaggerated punishments given by teachers or predatory behaviour insinuated towards any student require constant monitoring.


Attendance Monitoring

IGZY’s esurveillance IP cameras are equipped with analytical abilities, providing authorized personnel with the detailed footfall reports. Counting the number of student present inside the classroom as well as the whole institute, the system helps maintain attendance reports.

Opening/closing time

Every educational institute follows a stringent set of protocols, a major one being the opening time. With e-surveillance systems installed across multiple sites, the opening time of all interconnected institutes can be monitored simultaneously from anywhere at anytime.

Phone detection

IP cameras installed across classrooms can be trained to detect the presence of mobiles and tablets during lectures. In the case of such a situation, notifications can be sent to the staff members who can decide upon the preferable course of action. This system becomes especially beneficial during examinations.

Student/ staff management

The activities of students and teachers, especially during lectures can be monitored by the e-surveillance solutions. Presence of any unauthorized commodities (like mobile phones or weapons) inside the premises as well as the absence of teachers from the class for longer duration gets notified.

Smoke and Fire Detection

To ensure the safety of students and staff members inside training centers, smart smoke sensors can be installed across the sites. When smoke or fire is detected by the system, notifications are sent over to the authorized staff members, who after validating the alert raised, can take necessary steps.

Audio Integration

According to the requirements of the institute, IP cameras can be equipped with audio recording abilities. These become especially beneficial when it comes to providing evidence in case of any arguments, verbal abuse or aggression between students or staff members.

Remote Access

Management of all cameras and sensors directly from handheld devices while on the move, allows users to constantly monitor staff and student performance from any place, at any time. Any user with the right credentials can access the dashboard and manage the devices integrated on it.

Real Time notifications and alerts

Employers and authorized users with access to the surveillance solution receive real time notifications through their preferred interfaces. The system can be accessed via applications installed in mobile phones, tablets, or any monitor, receiving real time alerts directly on the device.


Energy Management

IGZY’s smart analytics based surveillance solution reads all energy consumption data, deducing operational insights from the data recorded, alerting staff about high usage alerts, helping institutes find their consumption patterns.

Compliance management

From no-littering protocols to physical assault prohibition, IP camera based systems make it easy to monitor employee and student compliance to the instructed rules and regulations of the educational institute.

Centralized View

With coaching centers spread across various geographies, IGZY’s surveillance solution aids simultaneous maintenance of all sites. Our web based dashboard allows users to access all devices at a single point of contact.

Access Control

Esurveillance solutions limit access of students into staff rooms and offices with the access door sensors. The system can detect any student roaming around restricted areas and stop them from vandalizing property or wresting confiscated devices out of staff rooms.


IP Cameras

Internet protocol cameras constantly record audio and video footage, storing it onto the cloud for live streaming as well as retrieval at a later date or time. IP cameras can be installed inside classrooms or corridors to monitor student behaviour as well as teacher’s presence inside classrooms during lectures.

Smoke sensors

From mischievous pupils smoking and lighting fire to cause chaos in the institute to machine malfunctions and overheated computers causing fires, IGZY’s smoke sensors are equipped to detect the presence of smoke and fire in the premises, raising alerts to notify the surveillance authorities.

Temperature Sensors

Maintenance of the optimal temperature and humidity levels inside classrooms to create the best learning experience for students can be achieved with IGZY’s temperature sensors. These ensure optimum temperature settings for rooms with computers and other equipment (prone to overheating).

Energy Meters

Energy meters installed at coaching centers provide owners with energy consumption details of the whole premises. From high usage alerts and outage alerts to basic energy consumption trends throughout the day, the meters provides data for further analysis to find improvement areas.

IoT Gateway

IGZY’s video analytics gateway facilitates easy detection of total student footfall, object and people detection along with gender analysis. The gateway allows users to review device status any time. It applies operational analytics onto big data, sending actionable data towards the cloud.

Access Door Sensor

With certain areas being out of the jurisdiction of students, access door sensors can restrict their entry into areas such as the teacher leisure room or the terrace of the buildings. These sensors, detecting the entry of any unauthorized person can send alerts to the surveillance supervisor or trigger an alarm.

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