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Warehouse security system

Warehouses are easy targets for criminals, amounting to 13% of all thefts. Warehouse video surveillance solutions enable remote monitoring, smart detection with AI based cameras & sensors backed by CCTV cloud storage & a unified IoT platform that reduces the risk of theft, burglary, fire hazards; while ensuring SOP adherence, energy management and a boosting ROI.

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Challenges faced by warehouses

Access to multiple sites

Multiple warehouses spread across geographies are mostly located on the outskirts. Security heads face various challenges in accessing video feeds on real-time bases to improve efficiency in warehouse security and operations.

SOP compliance

Warehouses follow a stringent list of SOPs to ensure timely deliveries and safety-related protocols are maintained. With large sites spread across the country and thousands of employees working, monitoring SOPs becomes challenging.

Intrusion detection

Most of the warehouses are located on the outskirts of the city. With huge premises and multiple entries and exit points, frequent intrusions are observed as common warehouse security issues, faced by heads for their distributed sites.

Fire alarms

From fluctuating electricity to the negligence of ground-level employees, several factors can lead to a fire mishap if not identified and acted upon immediately. This can taint reputation & amount to huge losses.

Footage retrieval

The lack of cloud storage of recorded footage creates several issues related to video retrieval when required for evidence and validation purposes, adding to the organisation's dependency on local ground teams.

Quality maintenance

A major difficulty for warehouses is to monitor and protect the quality of temperature-sensitive goods while stored inside the warehouse and through transportation, to keep the quality intact until it is delivered.

Misplaced shipments

In the absence of an integrated warehouse video surveillance system, monitoring movement of goods across the warehouse can be challenging. Employee negligence leading to misplaced shipments can lead to losses and a tainted reputation.

Loading & unloading

The time taken and efficiency of operations while loading & unloading trucks depends on how closely the employees are monitored. The presence of a CCTV warehouse solution is necessary for the timely operations at the docks as well as the adherence to safety measures to be followed at these areas.

Real-Time monitoring

Inability to monitor the site in real-time and absence of instant alerts and notifications in case of detection of suspicious activities can put the warehouse in harm’s way. The absence of a smart warehouse security system can lead to delays in action & consequent losses.

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Our solutions

Perimeter breach detection

Warehouse video surveillance solutions with perimeter beam detectors detect obstructions and unprecedented activities across the perimeter, sending real-time alerts to the command center.

Round the clock monitoring

Our ISO 27001 certified command center monitors multiple sites 24/7 with quick response to notifications coming from different systems to ensure minimal chances of any threat, aiding in warehouse security.

AI-enabled video analytics

Logistics and warehouse security solutions track and analyse routine tasks with video analytics to ensure their efficient execution. SOP adherence and safety protocols to be followed by all employees can be easily monitored.

Temperature maintenance

Warehouse security systems equipped with temperature sensors help maintain acceptable storage conditions. Fluctuations in predefined parameters get notified instantly, securing sensitive & reactive goods from spoilage.

Smoke sensors

Proactive smoke sensors can detect harmful smoke particles in the air and make an instant alert via IoT cloud platform to prevent fire and damage to valuable goods and employees, strengthening warehouse security.

Cloud storage

A secure IoT cloud storage platform automatically stores video footage captured through warehouse security cameras for easy access and provides video retrieval whenever required. The cloud storage also enables smart analytics.


Total visibility

Warehouse video surveillance solutions give 100% visibility across geographically distributed sites & multiple camera feeds. This facilitates the live tracking of daily operations & safety protocols via warehouse security softwares.

Real-time updates

IoT-enabled CCTV warehouse cameras and sensors transfer real-time event updates to the command center and local authorities via SMS, email or app based alerts to help them take preventive actions, whenever a suspicious activity is detected.

Secured data

Footage from CCTV warehouse cameras is directly transmitted onto the cloud. Cloud storage enables 100% security of critical data which can be accessed, retrieved and shared via the IoT based unified platform.

Unified Platform

The warehouse security system is equipped with a single IoT cloud platform to monitor multiple sites and respond to various updates and analytics coming from different security solutions. These enable centralized storage & access to data.

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Sensing Layer that Monitors, Protects, Notifies



Turning Mute Data into Actionable Intelligence



Actions for Optimising Business Based on Insights

Our unique value proposition

System integration

With the ability to expand solutions, CCTV warehouse cameras & unique sensors can be integrated with the security software using the same gateway.

IFTTT based rule engines

The warehouse security solution connects devices, cloud storage services & apps to run automated tasks, improving warehouse security with minimal human interference.

Footage retrieval

We monitor footage retention on each AI backed camera which provides a better chance of retrieval, enhancing industrial and warehouse security.

Quad beam detectors

CCTV warehouse cameras with quad beam detectors secure the site from perimeter intrusion, the quad lens reducing false alerts and protecting devices from water and dust.

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Security heads

  • Easy access to video footage via CCTV cloud storage
  • Business intelligence solutions for better optimization
  • Total visibility of device health and real-time event updates

esurveillance team

  • State of the art technologies to get actionable business insights
  • A single cloud storage platform to access multiple security solutions
  • Remote troubleshooting of errors with an automated process

Administration head

  • IoT-backed solutions to monitor SOP compliance for business efficiency
  • Energy management solutions to track consumption patterns & reduce wastage
  • Warehouse security software enabling ease of access through mobile apps

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