How to choose the right e-surveillance partner?
How to choose the right e-surveillance partner? X

Salon Surveillance Platform

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Necessity of Security in Salon

Several people visit your salon throughout the day. In a salon, the idea of establishing a security mechanism is the last concern that comes to mind. Yet, it is essential to secure and protect your salon from the unprecedented instances of robbery, theft and shoplifting. Our solutions offer a cloud video surveillance salon platform for the safety and security of your premises, employees, and customers.

IGZY provides comprehensive surveillance solution, which regularly monitors and regulates the premises. Our AMC plan provides you with round the clock uptime throughout the year. With our solution, you can monitor your outlets from anywhere in the world. Any threat or intrusion can be monitored easily, providing your salon 24 hours of secured operations, all year long.

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Surveillance Platform for your business

Door Sensor

Restrict unauthorized access after-hours & get alerts on your phone

Glass Breaker Sensor

Detect if a pane of glass is shattered or broken at any time

IP Camera

Audio/video/motion sensor stores data on a cloud platform in real time

Energy Meter

Energy management solutions to reduce energy loss, usage, and costs

Smoke Sensor

Detect harmful smoke particles to raise alerts & avoid damages

IoT Gateway

Bridging communication gap between cameras, sensors & cloud

What can we do for your Salon?

Centralized Monitoring

Monitor and regulate all your cameras on a single salon platform. Watch your salon premises through your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Improve Customer Experience

24/7 salon security checks on the premises enable customers to feel safe and comfortable visiting your salon

Hygiene Management

Keeping an eye on staff’s adherence to hygiene protocols, letting cleanliness drive a perfect beauty experience.

SOP adherence

Keep a close eye on your SOPs being followed by staff, including but not limiting to hair cap, disposable towel or aprons.

Theft Control

Preventing crime before it happens. We monitor day and night and send an alert in case of a break-in, along with thefts of goods during operational hours.


Live Streaming

Constant online streaming of events, reporting the information in real-time without first being recorded and stored. Live updates being provided instantly.

App-based notification & alerts

Get all the information in real-time in case of any deviation from the command center. Any intrusion can be notified and warned in real-time.

Accessible through mobile app

Mobile accessibility facilitates monitoring of business on the move for quick responses to critical incidents and any unwanted activity increasing salon security.


Monitor and regulate the energy consumption pattern of machines. Get a report for every unit of energy consumed and save on excessive power consumption.

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