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Efficient Energy Management Solutions

Energy management solutions with AI analytics drive enterprises towards higher efficiency and reduced operational costs.

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Reduce Expense with Energy Savings

Heavy machinery running in production sites, maintenance of cold storages in warehouses, and electrical appliances and devices like computers, laptops being used in all commercial areas consume much energy. Sometimes faulty wires and old infrastructure leads to excessive wastage of power over its consumption. System overload can lead to short circuits and eventual fires, posing great danger to life and property. IGZY's energy management solution keeps a constant check on the electricity consumption levels at all levels of the organization. Automating schedule-based power consumption while receiving real-time analytics enables users to maintain higher productivity levels and lower energy consumption levels, thereby reducing cost.

Energy Management Challenges faced by Enterprises

System Overload

Excessive current passing through wires and electrical systems creates an overload which can lead to short circuits and eventual fires. The incapability of measuring the power consumption by machinery can lead to large-scale damage to life and property.

Excessive Consumption

Excessive energy consumption leads to high electricity costs and the risk of the reduced lifespan of devices. Excessive consumption also leads to escalations in the atmosphere's carbon dioxide levels, causing the machinery and its surrounding areas to heat up immensely.

Heavy Machinery

Industrial machinery tends to consume more significant amounts of electricity as compared to basic computers and other devices. After converting this current into heat energy, industrial areas also require additional energy consumption to maintain optimal room temperature.

Employee Negligence

Employees with unclear instructions for operating machinery or neglect of responsibilities can lead to unnecessary consumption of electricity. Machines and devices left running during break hours can lead to wastage of energy.


The more electricity consumed, the more will be the costs incurred. Organizations with no mechanisms to measure their power consumption or regulate it often pay greater operational costs.

Energy Wastage

The more electricity consumed, the more will be the costs incurred. Organizations with no mechanisms to measure their power consumption or regulate it often pay greater operational costs.

Energy Management Solution for Manufacturing sites

Remote Management

Keeping close tabs on energy consumed at manufacturing sites is necessary for a regulated current flow. Remote energy management solutions enable managers to monitor the energy consumption of their sites without being physically present.

Energy Meter

These devices, installed in factories, measure the facility's total energy in a day, week, or month. The data gets transmitted onto a cloud platform, allowing managers to gather valuable insights.


Energy management solutions provide users with insights into energy consumption by different areas of the organization. These insights allow managers to regulate their energy consumption, leading to a reduction in operational costs.

Energy Management Solution for Logistics & Warehousing Sites

Total Energy Consumption

Maintenance of cold storage and temperature-regulated storage units consume significant amounts of electricity. Evaluation of total energy consumed by different machines and devices enables employers to deduce insights and regulate the electricity used if required.

Energy Utilization Report

AI-based energy management solution provides platform users with in-depth energy utilization reports. Shedding light on the total energy consumed, warehouse managers can cut down on electricity being consumed wherever possible.

OPEX Reduction

The intelligent analytics-based solution enables supervisors to regulate the total operational costs of maintaining and moving inventory across the site & managing storage temperature settings.

Energy Management Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Energy Utilization Reports

A hospital runs on a variety of machinery, each with its energy requirements. The energy management solution provides the managerial staff with insights into the premises' total energy consumption.

Temperature Control

Optimal temperature settings in different wards vary. Users can schedule the air conditioner and other equipment to switch off with automated room temperature settings once the optimal temperature is achieved.

UPS Monitoring

Backup battery power is necessary for hospitals, especially with several patients being hooked up to life support or different machines. When the primary source of electricity fails, the UPS is automatically activated for specific devices only.

Energy Management Solutions for Hospitality Sector

Sensor-based Lighting

An intelligent sensor-based lighting control system allows users to schedule the lights to turn on or off. With multiple settings available on the smart plugs, these schedules can be altered directly from the mobile application. This intelligent system is very economical in comparison to traditional techniques.

Climate Control (AC control)

Maintenance of optimal temperature in a hotel can be facilitated with pre-defined settings. Once the required temperature is attained, the device can be automatically turned off. This saves the establishment from energy wastage & escalated OPEX while maintaining optimal conditions.

Smart Power Plugs

This device allows users to communicate via a handheld device, facilitating remote control. From the maintenance of optimal temperature settings to scheduled light settings, smart plugs allow users to automate operations, saving on the total energy consumption.

Implementing a Reliable Energy Management Solution

Remote Energy Monitoring

Whether you're working from home or are on vacation, IGZY's video surveillance and energy management solution lets you keep close tabs on your business from around the world. With the camera manager installed on your mobile device, you can receive real-time alerts and regular energy consumption records, irrespective of your location.

Energy Meter

After recording the total energy consumptions of a particular period, the energy meter transmits the recorded data to the cloud for later retrieval. The edge device can detect the unusual flow of current and potential outages, record and store the data, and notify the authorized user about it.

Smart Analytics

Our AI-based energy consumption analytics identify areas of excessive energy consumption, providing insights into improvement areas. IGZY's energy management solution enables secure energy utilization in the premises, ensuring life and property safety.

Energy Consumption Reports

Regular energy consumption reports allow you to sync your operations with sustainable charge levels without putting your machinery or workforce in danger. The real-time availability of these reports and cloud storage enables data retrieval at any point in the future.

Energy Waste Management

Machines left running after work, or electrical appliances switched on in the absence of employees lead to excessive energy wastage. Remote management of smart plugs enables the user to switch off any device running unnecessarily to keep the wastage under control.

Cost Saving

IGZY's energy management solution can help you regulate your premises' energy consumption and simultaneously reduce operational costs. With smart plugs, real-time analytics, and scheduled appliance running time (AC and signage), your organization can save up to 20% OPEX.

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