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Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Perimeter intrusion detection system based on real-time alerts through IoT-enabled cameras and sensors for 24/7 security.

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Prevent unauthorized access into business premises

Large business locations with multiple access points become an easy target for thieves to intrude. IoT-enabled surveillance cameras and sensors backed by artificial intelligence provide enterprises round the clock security by intrusion detection. Unauthorized access into the perimeter and valuable storage can be restricted as an Instant detection of an intrusion and real-time alerts to the command center and escalations help to inform local authorities immediately.


Blocked visibility

Due to the absence of an uninterrupted monitoring solution, industries are unable to access multiple sites simultaneously. An unmonitored site has higher risks of intrusion which can cause huge losses due to theft or pilferage.

Lack of notification to escalation

The lack of a proactive system to notify escalations about a threat or violation at an access point, is a challenge for security officers that prevents them from taking action before time which usually results in the loss of valuable goods.

Unauthorized access

Security specialists face a major challenge to keep unauthorized visitors out of sensitive areas that can leave an organization at risk. Unauthorized access can be from both an outsider or by an in-house employee.

Unreliability of guards

Perimeter protection plays a crucial role in any physical security system for all the businesses. The unreliability and inefficiency of guards can increase the risk of intrusions and other incidents in monitored areas.

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Perimeter Intrusion Detection for banking

Motion sensors

IoT-enabled sensors deployed inside cash/gold lockers in banks can sense sensitive motion and create an intrusion alert to inform authorities. The perimeter intrusion detection system ensures unauthorized people entering the space are instantly detected to prevent theft which can affect brand reputation.

IoT sensors on ATMs

IoT and AI-backed sensors attached to ATMs can detect if a person is trying to break open an ATM or is forcibly removing the machine. In such a case, the perimeter intrusion detection system transfers an alert to the platforms to inform authorities about the intrusion and deter the crime before it happens.

Tamper alert

Device tampering is one of the common ways in which intruders try to escape from getting caught. The PIDS security system equipped with IoT-enabled surveillance cameras send an instant notification to the platform whenever the device goes offline or has been tampered so that actions can be taken immediately.

Benefits for warehouses

Intrusion detection

Esurveillance cameras with AI-backed sensors detect unauthorized human interference into business premises. The perimeter threat detection system creates alert through hooter and floodlights while notifying the command center.

Two-way audio

A two-way audio device helps command center professionals to communicate with the intruder to verify his identity, inform him that his presence has been detected and warm him to leave the premises so to avoid any continued threat.

Offline notifications

The PIDS security system supports sending real time notifications to escalations whenever a device goes offline keeping the surveillance team updated and minimizing device downtime with remote troubleshooting.

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Perimeter breach detection

Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) enable AI powered IP cameras to monitor warehouse perimeter and detect any possible sight of intrusion. The device notifies the command center in real time with a snapshot of the incident.

Door interlocking system

Banks usually have multiple doors and access points into valuable storage space. To prevent any risk of intrusion or unauthorized access, a door inter-locking system can be installed which ensures only one door is accessible at one time.

Motion detection

A suspicious entry into bank lockers can be detected through motion sensors that can identify motion rays and raise an alert in real-time to inform bank authorities of an intrusion with the help of perimeter intrusion detection system.

Two-way communication

After an alert is transferred to the command center, professionals validate the incident through video verification and use the PIDS system to warn the intruder to withdraw from the premise using the two way audio system.

Escalation matrix

The lack of instance-based notification to concerned authorities can restrict the timely prevention of a threat. Perimeter intrusion detection with priority notifications follows the escalation process in case a security breach is identified.

Setting up rules and logic

According to the business security requirements, different industries can set up certain rules and logic for security devices and systems to ensure they align with their structure in order to produce optimum results.

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