What Are The Benefits Of Security Automation?

What Are The Benefits Of Security Automation?

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Business security automation has allowed businesses to transform their foundational structure, encompassing their enterprise with layers of additional protection. Various organizations have witnessed a transformation in their surveillance structure by moving towards a more automation based solution. According to a Statista survey, 38.3 % of surveyed organizations have reported medium level automation in 2020 as opposed to 33.9 % in 2019. The gradual but definite growth in organizations turning towards automation is a clear call towards a future based on automation and more.

Drawbacks of a manually controlled surveillance mechanism

An organization is faced with the greatest risks after the usual working hours. The time when most of the employees have left the premise and the darkness has set in. It’s the time when the number of surveillance staff guarding the premise is too less to realistically protect the premises in case of a breach by an individual criminal or a bunch of them turn up for a late night stroll around the office.

A security guard cannot be at multiple places at once. In other words, while they patrol a certain area of the premises, all other areas are left unguarded. Even with multiple security guards, one cannot possibly expect them to have eyes all around the premises at all times. A guard might sit in front of a monitor all night and guard the place viewing the surveillance footage of all cameras. However, can we really ensure that between every break they take or every distraction they face, a looming threat will not attack?

While it’s not fair to completely disregard a guard’s contributions towards establishing a secured environment, depending entirely on human intervention in a chaotic state of affairs can lead to more losses than an organization can afford. A blend of something automated which is well equipped to work on its own and make basic decisions when necessary, backed by human intelligence can give organizations their ultimate security solution.

Fulfilling surveillance gaps with security automation 

Learning and training are no longer words used just to refer to humans. With the vast scope of expansion that lies ahead and the capabilities already established, we’ve found ways to turn technology into refined images of ourselves. The idea of machine learning and artificial intelligence is just that.

Whether the last time you appeared for an exam was years ago or whether you have one this coming week, we all know what it’s like to learn things a week before the date, only to forget it after. While this forgetfulness is attributive of human beings, the same cannot be said about technology. With AI and ML abilities, machines can be trained to perform tasks in a specific manner, while following the chronology without any errors.

Security automation is the application of AI and ML capabilities in the field of surveillance. From the grainy footage captured by analog cameras only for surveillance staff to manually detect anomalies, we have moved onto a system that automates detection of inconsistencies. All businesses have a reputation to hold in the market, whether in terms of fulfilling their public responsibilities or maintaining a safe and modern environment which is healthy for the employees and customers.

Benefits of security automation for businesses

Let’s visualize a scenario for the moment. As the owner of a large scale manufacturing business, you often see yourself travelling across the country to find the right suppliers for your machinery requirements. However, coming back from one such visitation, you realize that something is amiss. Finding a few machine components displaced and the footage of a day erased, you’re left with no knowledge of who the culprit is. A few months later you find yourself in the same predicament and finally decide to change your surveillance solution. Lo and behold, a week after installing the system you receive an emergency alert during lunchtime, notifying you of a personnel trying to turn a camera off. Looking into it, you realize exactly what’s been up in your absence.

Finding culprits and holding them accountable for their unlawful activities can be made easy when you have video evidence incriminating them.

Manpower saving

Human resources have been responsible for leading major organizations towards a successful journey, but their efforts alone are not enough today. With a large part of daily operations being routine-based and repetitive, these can be taken over by automation-based mechanism. This solution becomes especially beneficial for an organization’s security concerns. IP cameras and smart sensors can detect any deviations in employee’s adherence and the presence of any unwarranted person or object inside and around premises. This solution not only fulfils the role of a security guard but also surpasses it, not requiring multiple security personnel to guard sites or specific areas.

Effective monitoring

AI based video surveillance systems allow employers and security personnel to monitor the activities taking place inside and around the premises in real-time. Cutting down on surveillance personnel, these monitoring mechanisms use IP cameras and smart sensors that give employers wide and multiple angle views. Smart detection and reporting capabilities of security automation system enables the mechanism to carry out its tasks without any human intervention. The challenge of night-time surveillance, which was earlier carried out by surveillance staff on duty, and analog cameras with limited night vision capabilities can also be turned around. With a variety of IP cameras available in the market, for solving different purposes, night vision is one of their basic capabilities. Installing these outside and around parking lots can give employers insights into who has been lurking around their office building at night. With AI analytics that can recognize vehicle models and license plate numbers, validating or invalidating the presence of suspicious people becomes easier.

Pro-active threat detection

One major challenge faced by surveillance personnel is the detection of threats before large-scale damage can take place. During manual surveillance, even with an analog CCTV system, detecting the presence of an unauthorized person or object at any and every point of the enterprise at the same time is potentially impossible. A security automation mechanism allows surveillance staff to keep check over all sections of the premises (even multiple buildings) simultaneously. Not requiring guards to be on the move at all times, a surveillance officer sitting in front of the monitor, receiving real-time alerts and notifications about all activities taking place in the organization is sufficient in most cases. Being able to recognize the presence of any unauthorized personnel or object, detecting motion or changes in building temperature due to smoke, etc., the modern security automation solutions can detect all sorts of threats pro-actively.

Some other benefits

Cost efficiency

Implementing a security automation-based solution takes away the requirement for the recruitment of multiple security guards by a business; leading to a reduction in the expenses incurred. Added to this is the reduction in losses that an enterprise can save with an automation-based surveillance mechanism.

Automated footage audits

For any organization, monitoring their employees and their performance is an absolute necessity. The automation-based surveillance mechanism, trained to detect any deviations can help employers appraise staff performance. Ranging from regular washing of hands and utensils in a restaurant to wearing protective gear in a car service center; the system can be used for performing daily or weekly employee’s adherence to SOPs.

Digitization of enterprise

An automation-based surveillance solution not only solves an organization’s security concerns but also enables the digital transformation of the business. Automating basis daily tasks and collecting operational insights to improving overall business productivity allows businesses to gain an edge, attracting consumers in the long run.

Irrespective of the size or nature of your business, having a security solution is inevitable in today’s world. To know more about IGZY’s AI & ML-based security solutions, share your requirements here.