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Enterprise security solutions and platform

IoT based enterprise security solutions and platform. From esurveillance monitoring backed by a certified command center to actionable insights ensure safer and effective business operations.

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Business benefits through technologies

Safety and security management

  • Esurveillance monitoring
  • Unauthorized access control
  • Fire alarms
  • Video retrieval


Customer experience

  • Brand audits
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Process audits
  • Dwell time


Business efficiency

  • Actionable analytics
  • SOP compliance
  • Energy management
  • Revenue enhancement


Health and hygiene management

  • Hygiene audit
  • Temperature maintenance
  • People audit
  • Air quality maintenance


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Sensing Layer that Monitors, Protects, Notifies



Turning Mute Data into Actionable Intelligence



Actions for Optimising Business Based on Insights

Safety and security with esurveillance

Unauthorized access control

Enterprise security platform prevents intrusion into business space through real-time alerts & notifications

24/7 esurveillance monitoring

Enterprise e-surveillance aid to achieve transparency and total security of premises through active monitoring

Video retrieval

Secure storage of videos on the enterprise security platform ensures video retrieval when required

Fire alarms

Proactive AI-based smoke sensors detect harmful smoke particles in the air and provide instant alert

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Customer experience

Brand audits

Analyze your brand effectiveness to check their alignment with business goals via enterprise security solutions

Process audits

Verify standard processes to make quality improvements and ensure consistent operational performance

Dwell time

Find out the time spent by customers across areas in an outlet through machine learning and artificial intelligence

Customer journey mapping

Get a bird-eye view on your customer’s journey with the enterprise security services to identify their needs and concerns better

Health and hygiene management

Hygiene audit

Evaluate compliance on hygiene practices regularly with enterprise security solutions

Temperature control

Keep the quality of your stored items intact by providing a suitable temperature

Air quality management

Filter out harmful smoke and grease from surrounding air for a healthy environment

People audits

Enterprise security solution enables evaluation of staff hygiene and compliance towards SOPs

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Business Efficiency

Actionable analytics

Get actionable insights from business through AI-based video analytics and sensors for better optimization


SOP compliance

Monitor daily task execution and get notifications on any deviation in the SOP on the enterprise security platform

Energy management

Understand consumption patterns and maintain ideal light intensity with enterprise security solutions


Revenue enhancement

Assess individual business components to determine improvement areas and enhance business revenue​


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