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Video retrieval and retention

Obtain remote access to monitoring videos whenever required through video retrieval on IP cameras.

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Instance-based video retrieval & retention through a secure cloud platform

A cloud storage platform can store esurveillance videos coming from multiple cameras deployed at different locations to provide secure access to enterprises from anywhere and whenever needed. Video retention on each camera assembles a database of critical footages that can be easily retrieved later for important events. It provides better findability of footage in minimum time. Instance-based video retrieval can leverage some important pieces of evidence for better identification of incidents.


Limited storage capacity

Due to the restricted capacity of local hard drives, enterprises usually face trouble storing monitoring videos without any interruption. It can abrupt the storage of monitoring videos that can eventually pose a risk of missing out on critical videos.

Loss of footage

Due to the monitoring device being offline or tampered during an incident, the recorded data lapses which leads to the lack of evidence. It is a major challenge for industries as the absence of footage can cause a huge loss of money.


The absence of cloud restricts the transfer of videos remotely. Storage of footage in hard disks proves to be a time-consuming task when it comes to validating evidence as clients have to visit the location in-person to pursue video footage.

Operational inefficiency

Industries deal with a huge number of shipments on a daily basis. Keeping a track of goods manually becomes a challenge as the inability to track a misplaced item leads them to some unwanted loss and inefficiency.

Footage findability

The process to find footage for evidence to verify an instance becomes a difficult task without a system that can properly navigate an instance out of the huge database of videos. The process takes a much longer time than needed.

Lack of notification

The lack of a proactive system to notify escalations about a threat or violation is a challenge for security heads that prevents them from taking action before time. The efficiency of security solutions is based on how actively a threat can be prevented.

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Benefits for BFSI

Footage retention

Footage retention on each camera placed at different locations provide businesses the profitability to have evidence-based video required when a disputed incident takes place to avoid any compensation to the client.

Instant video retrieval

Cloud-enabled surveillance devices can store the video of every transaction with a transaction ID which makes it easy to pull out an instance-based video in minimum time to verify a fraudulent transaction or alleged dispute.

Secured data

The cloud-enabled CNVR devices secure monitored data automatically by transferring footage fromthe device to the platform. It prevents the loss of losing critical videos due to devices being offline due to an error or tamper during an incident of theft.

Remote access

With a web-based platform, bank officials can easily get access to footages remotely or can retrieve the videos to transfer them to the other branch without visiting. It enhances efficiency, ease of operations in identifying a disputed incident.

Offline Notification

Video retrieval and retention makes it easier to manage the data. IoT solution provide instant notifications and alerts whenever the device goes offline due to an error or device tampering thereby keeping the surveillance team updated at all times.

100% Visibility

Total visibilities for continuous surveillance of banking facilities are important to avoid any threat or mishaps. Video retrieval helps in identifying specific incidents and pinpointing suspects with greater convenience, speed and accuracy.

Benefits for warehouses

GRN workflow

The packages shipped from one warehouse to the other are scanned through esurveillance cameras that segregate the GRN table on the cloud platform. It increases operational efficiency and helps identify missing shipments to prevent any unrepairable loss.

SOP audit

A violation of SOP can cause an unwanted loss to the warehouses. The ability to retrieve footage of a particular instance helps verify the whole incident to ensure strict measures are taken to avoid a similar incident in the future.

Improved findability of footage

The process of verifying footage becomes easier with a unified platform to access and retrieve footage remotely. Through a date, time, and location input, warehouses can easily withdraw instance-based footage in minimal time and effort.

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How do we do it

Onboarding existing hardware

Without spending money on new hardware, the current hardware deployed can be easily onboarded to solve challenges. Connected to a cloud platform for the storage of videos, one can easily retain and retrieve footage remotely.

Identified footage retrieval

The ease of retrieving footage through identified date, time or location enhances operational efficiency. By storing transaction videos at ATMs with specific IDs, branches can easily retrieve videos through transaction IDs to investigate a dispute.

Unified ecosystem

A platform to view locations of multiple cameras placed at various sites and better access to footages. It saves a lot of time in retrieving a video of a former instance by browsing through the database from a remote location.

Cloud storage

The cloud platform provides visibility on videos that are being stored. Video footage is automatically stored on the cloud which prevents loss due to device error and makes it an easy task to retain and retrieve videos from the platform.

Identify areas of improvement

With artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, enterprises can gain insights on the causes for loss of productivity or SOP deviations. Identifying improvement areas help them take better actions towards building efficiency.

Two-way communication

When an alert is transferred to the command center, professionals validate the incident through video verification and then ask the intruder to leave the premises as he has been detected and police authorities have been informed.

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which is quite essential for a developing country like India which has a busy and young working population.
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