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Smart Patient Monitoring System In Healthcare

IP integration over cloud & smart monitoring devices to facilitate patient healthcare

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Real-time & remote patient monitoring system facilitated via smart devices

The healthcare industry has experienced drastic changes in recent years, calling upon the need for the establishment of a patient monitoring system that can be controlled remotely. The patient monitoring system is an amalgamated solution, including varying devices, ranging from cloud cameras that ensure patient & staff safety to bluetooth based stethoscopes & monitors that record patient vitals to foster remote consultations.

Challenges faced by Healthcare Industry

Opioid Storage

Hospitals & clinical pharmacies store prescriptive opioids as pain relievers, and their uninstructed consumption can lead patients into a state of addiction.

Long Wait Times

With limited staff availability, patients have to wait for longer periods for their consultations, putting them at a risk of contracting diseases from other patients admitted or waiting their turn.

Regular Check Ups

As a part of post operative care, patients can be required to make frequent visits to the hospital, which can be time consuming, expensive & detrimental to their health.

Personal Consultations

Not every patient requires an in-person consultation. Those suffering from contagious ailments can put the staff or other patients, especially older, at risk.

Appointment Availability

The availability of doctors in a hospital in comparison to the patients can often be overwhelming, which can lead to delays in critical consultations.

ICU Maintenance

ICU wards with critically ill patients can prove to be dangerous for other people if not maintained properly, whether in terms of isolating patients or sterilizing the ward properly.

Nosocomial Infections (HAIs)

About 1 in 10 patients tend to contract infections in hospitals, especially in the ICU. The sterilization & disinfection guidelines must be followed closely to decrease the risk of contraction.

Patient Safety

Patients are vulnerable to a multiple of things. Ensuring the patients are safe from any misconduct, malpractice or error on the part of the staff or guardian is important.

Post Operative Care

To ensure that a patient is receiving the proper care after surgery, recovering well and is at a minimum risk of contracting infections, proper surveillance methods need to be installed.

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Patient Monitoring Solutions in Healthcare Industry

Remote Consultations

Using smart devices can enable doctors to monitor patient vitals remotely, or sometime in the future, without requiring the patient to make regular visitations. Smart devices can be used to record data which can be diagnosed when the appropriate staff is available.

Smart Patient Monitors

These monitors can capture all essential patient vitals, constantly monitoring their condition. As per the pre-defined parameters, any fluctuations beyond the threshold get alerted to responsible healthcare staff in real-time. This enables remote monitoring of the patient’s condition.

Smart Stethoscope

The medical instrument can record the sounds within the patient’s body for eventual diagnosis. This enables other healthcare staff to take over consultations in the absence of the general practitioner, either due to prior engagement or the nature of the ailment.

Smart fall Pendants

These smart pendants can detect sudden movements, similar to those experienced during a fall. The event is then notified to responsible personnel in real-time, making the pendant especially helpful in monitoring the movements of older or handicapped patients.

Air quality maintenance

Environmental sensors can detect fluctuations in the air quality of the healthcare center, monitoring every individual ward as per the pre-defined parameters. Keeping a check on the CO2 & PM 2.5 levels, the AQI also provides a general index of the air quality.

Temperature Control

Temperature & humidity sensors detect changes in the room settings, enabling staff to monitor the right conditions throughout the facility without checking each individual ward. Poor maintenance can lead to spread of airborne diseases, making smart control crucial.

People Audits

With a multitude of staff working round the clock in these facilities, smart camera & sensor based surveillance helps monitor their activities. Whether in terms of interns being monitored for evaluation or real-time streaming of pediatrics ward to ensure the safe conduct towards children.

ICU Maintenance

Keeping in mind that the most infections are contracted in the ICU, it is especially essential to follow stringent health & hygiene protocols. Regular cleaning & sanitization of floor & utensils, proper isolation of patients with HAIs can be regulated via smart IP cameras.

How IGZY Helps

Remote Monitoring

Our intelligent devices like smart stethoscope & patient monitor enable doctors to constantly check up on patients without having to be present there.

Hygiene Protocols

From regular sterilization to maintenance of air quality across the facility, our cameras & detection based sensors help to regulate all such parameters.

Centralized Visibility

IGZY’s cloud based platform enables you to monitor all smart devices on a unified platform, giving 100% visibility into all patient & staff accessible areas.

Real-time notifications

The cloud cameras & smart sensors send real-time alerts via SMS, email or app based notifications in case of any suspicious detection.

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