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Importance of video surveillance solutions for cloud kitchen

Cloud Kitchens are the hype of the hour, changes in customer demands and lifestyles leading to more delivery-drive thru oriented food joints. These kitchens, with their finite spaces and limited personnel recruited depend on automating a considerable part of their operations and investing in an AI powered surveillance solution over manual guarding.

IGZY’s video surveillance solution for cloud kitchen maintains constant vigilance, regulate maintenance of the premises while optimizing operations, establishing a secure and efficient premise.

Getting Started!

Product Kit

Motion sensors

Detect motion inside kitchen and food storage units to identify the presence of rodents with AI enabled sensors and notify authorized personnel. Similar detecting protocols are followed around storage units to regulate overall performance.

Temperature sensors

Maintain optimum temperature and humidity levels in the kitchen and inventory storage units; get notified in case of fluctuations. The sensors ensure safety of all perishable goods, delaying food spoilage and helping maintain freshness for longer periods.

Smoke sensors

Detect excessive smoke particles in the air and monitor the air quality of the premises regularly with smart sensors, sending reports to authorized personnel, notifying in case of any deviation. Real time recognition of deviations helps reduce possible damage.

Access door sensors

Restrict access to unauthorized personnel, granting access into the kitchen, storage units and inventory to authorized employees only. Surveillance personnel are notified in case of an unwarranted personnel straying outside their jurisdiction.

IP cameras

CCTV cameras installed across the premise provides a large field of vision, covering all nooks and corners, allowing users to monitor the cleanliness, adherence to operational protocols and applying analytics onto the data being recorded in real time.

Energy meter

Manage and maintain energy consumption reports, identify pain points and areas causing excessive energy wastage. The device records all the energy-oriented data, notifying authorized personnel about the energy loss, usage and costs incurred.

Challenges Faced by Cloud Kitchens

Temperature regulation

Cloud kitchens support storage of perishable food items that require maintenance of optimum environmental conditions to maximize their durability. Different products and equipment require different temperature setting and the absence of a supportive infrastructure can cause damage.

Food spoilage

Perishables being stored in cloud kitchen inventories or storage units can easily get spoiled with the presence of humidity in the units or incapacity of maintaining optimum temperature levels. The presence of small animals like rodents also ruin inventory posing another security challenge.

Hygiene management

Health and hygiene protocols are especially pertinent to follow when it comes to cloud kitchens or restaurants. From wearing hairnets, gloves and face masks to regular sweeping of floor and cleaning of utensils, constant manual surveillance across multiple sites becomes difficult.

Employee Management

Employee performance around the cloud kitchen requires constant vigilance. Employee movement across different parts of the premise and their handling of assets and inventory, operations at the cash counters and adherence to SOP protocols prove difficult to be monitored manually.

Energy consumption

Heavy equipment being utilized can put an unregulated amount of load on the energy source, resulting in excessive consumption, leading to over heating of appliance and causing damage. This power usage requires constant regulation to maintain equipment health while reducing costs.


Cloud kitchens are equipped with expensive machinery and equipment which are vulnerable to employee pilferage and misconduct. Since every employee’s performance cannot be monitored simultaneously by human guards or inspection officers, it leaves gaps in the surveillance mechanism.

How we can assist you

Live streaming

Video surveillance benefits users by providing real time live- footage of the premises, enabling absolute control over the performance of their employees and maintenance of their operations, from miles away. The video footage being recorded 24*7 can be accessed at any time.

Energy efficiency

AI based smart analytics applied onto the electricity consumption data recorded provides users insight into the overall wastage and usage of energy and the costs incurred. Users with insights into pain points can optimize their energy usage and reduce the overall opex.

Mobile management

Remote monitoring of all cameras and sensors installed across multiple sites can be managed, on the move, directly from handheld devices. These allow users to constantly manage operations and ensure adherence of employees towards food and security standards and licenses.

Real Time notifications and alerts

Employers and authorized users with access to the surveillance solution receive real time notifications through their preferred interfaces. The system can be assessed via applications installed in mobile phones, tablets or any monitor, receiving alerts directly on the device.

Centralized monitoring

The multiple premises spread across geographical locations can be monitored on a centralized monitoring platform, allowing users to review the operational performance of every individual site and regulating overall employee performance across all sites with ease.

Air quality checks

The presence of harmful gases due to leakages or excessive smoke in the air can be detected with the smart sensors installed across the premise. Temperature and humidity sensors also notify users if the temperature and humidity levels of inventory and food storage units is unregulated.

SOP Adherence

Video surveillance cameras can be trained to detect the absence of basic necessities to keep up with the health and hygiene protocols of the premise. Staff members working in the kitchen without gloves, masks, aprons and hairnets can be detected with the system and notifications are sent to employers.

Inventory Health

Maintenance of inventory, equipment and food products can be assisted by different devices installed as part of the cloud kitchen surveillance solution. Motion, heat & temperature along with smoke & fire sensors support the secure storage of inventory and report downtime of any machinery.


Opex Control

IGZY’s cloud kitchen monitoring solution helps employers reduce the overall operational cost of maintaining the premises by regulating the energy usage, automating appliances and reducing expenses incurred due to system downtime and employment of security guards.

Appliance Health

Sensors and cameras installed across the sites, capable of self-analyses, report their downtime and notify users regarding it, allowing authorized users to upgrade and reboot their surveillance system remotely. To prevent appliance burnout in the cloud kitchen IoT backed smart plugs are used.

People counting

IGZY’s e-surveillance solution monitors every person walking into the premises, thus maintaining the attendance report along with the entry and exit times. The system enables employers to regulate the premises’ opening and closing time, monitoring employee adherence.

Smart Detection

The smart sensors and IP cameras installed across all the sites are trained to detect if the employees are following through with their hygiene protocols of wearing face masks, gloves and hairnets, along with detecting any movement in the unauthorized or restricted section of the premises.

Activity Monitoring

IGZY’s IP based surveillance solution supports constant monitoring of the time taken by employees to complete their orders, their compliance to operational protocols and the proper maintenance of kitchen premises. The solution can be used to evaluate employee interactions and monitor their activities.

Real time alerts

Our video surveillance solution detects any abnormalities and unprecedented activities taking place in and around the cloud kitchen premises, sending real time alerts to the escalations. These alerts can be validated by users and further commands can be deployed.

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