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Hospitality Surveillance Solutions

For any hotel, its brand image is strictly dependent on its guests’ experience and comfort during their stay. It becomes impertinent for owners to improve their visitors’ stay by orchestrating the right set of operations and monitoring the overall performance of their hotel as well as their employees. Following through and monitoring some basic hygiene and cleanliness protocols while establishing a respectful and secure environment for the guests, e-surveillance systems can greatly enhance the brand’s image.

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Challenges Faced by the Hospitality Industry

Hygiene maintenance

Hygiene and cleanliness are the most basic requirements for every hotel, be it a chain or an independent property. The absence of any monitoring system to keep check on employee’s adherence to cleanliness protocols can lead to delay in compliance, resulting in a shabby environment and poor experience for guests.

24*7 Surveillance

Hotel premises, being spread across large areas and multitude of premises being spread across geographies, make continuous surveillance of a facility/ facilities difficult to regulate, especially pertaining to the fact that human guarding is incapable of surveying every nook and corner of the facility for 24 hours.

Remote Monitoring

Hotel premises require constant monitoring to ensure the proper maintenance of the premises and top-notch service while establishing a culture of absolute security. Without a smart surveillance solution that allows authorized user to access premises remotely, monitoring geographically distributed sites becomes an issue.

Intrusion Detection

A major concern for any hotel and hospitality establishment is the possible threat to security of its guests and staff members in the proceedings of a premise intrusion, requiring a well-structured security system. Depending on the size of the premise, it becomes a challenge for security personnel to administer all the weak entry points.

Employee Monitoring

The image of a hotel is focused on the well behaved, decent, helpful and quick service in terms of their employee’s treatment of the guests and their needs and demands. Employee performance in these types of premises require continuous surveillance, that is to say, the activities of every employee is monitored in real time.

Site Supervision

The activities of a hotel premise need consistent and continuous surveillance, to ensure safety of guests, staff members as well as the premises and its assets. Protecting the facility from external harm and internal misconduct is a basic concern of all premises, however with multiple sites, simultaneous vigilance becomes a challenge.

Our Solution

Temperature Control

IGZY’s hospitality surveillance solution, equipped with temperature and humidity sensors ensure the maintenance of the optimum environment required in the interior of the premises; aiding in maintaining optimum room temperature and detecting any deviations or changes in the temperature. The smart sensors are especially beneficial in the kitchens and food storage rooms.

Energy Management

Our surveillance solution allows users to administer their daily, weekly or monthly energy consumption, providing users with the minutest details; applying operational analytics on the data recorded to break down the consumption into useful and wasteful. The solution allows users to deduce useful insights to prevent the wastage of energy and at the same time cutting down on their capex.

Perimeter Security

Every hotel premise is in the need for a well structured surveillance mechanism, that ensures the guest of a secure and comfortable stay. IGZY’s IoT based solution, equipped with smart weatherproof cameras for the exterior of the premises, along with intrusion detection sensors, creates a net of security around the premises, keeping the building safe from unwanted visitors.

SOP Adherence

Video surveillance solutions can monitor employee performance, their adherence to hygiene and safety protocols while ensuring that all operations are followed through till the end. The inability of employees and staff members to do so gets reported to authorized personnel over the cloud platform. The audio recording devices provide evidence in case of any miscommunication or verbal harassment.

Vigilant Command Center

IGZY’s command center, with its trained and experienced professionals, maintains a round the clock vigilance over all the sites and multiple devices installed across all the sites. The notifications, alerts and tickets raised on the platform are accessed by the command center, responsible for validating the occurrence and thereby issuing a warning with the two-way audio system and notifying law enforcement authorities.

Integrated Ecosystem

All surveillance mechanisms can be accessed and managed from a single point of control, all video footage being available to be viewed, downloaded or shared across networks from the platform in real time. This connected ecosystem creates an environment of integration between sites, receiving notifications on the unified platform, keeping the users constantly updated.

Smart Detection

IGZY’s customizable solution enables users to monitor a multitude of smart sensors and detectors, especially at entry and exit doors, access sensitive areas, employee access areas. The application of undesired force to enter a restricted area raises an alert, notifications being sent as emails and push messages to the authorized personnel for verification.

IP Cameras

Internet protocol cameras give hoteliers a competitive edge by allowing them to not only record the footage of an area but also apply actionable analytics to the data recorded, acting as a filter and only sending forth small packets of actionable data. The cameras can also be trained to identify objects and recognize faces, adding onto the security advantage of these systems.

24*7 Security

Video surveillance systems provide round the clock surveillance, with the smart devices operating at all times, keeping a concurrent check on the activities taking place inside the hotel premises; and the command center taking on the task of keeping the establishment updated. Night vision cameras are employed outside premises to ensure perimeter protection.

Benefits of AI enabled Hospitality Surveillance solutions

Round the clock surveillance

E-surveillance solutions for hotels and hospitality industry help surveillance teams monitor the premises 24*7 without having to sit in front of a monitor at all times. The solution, acting as a proctor, keeps the team updated, regarding any deviation in the employee performance, misconduct or any unauthorized activity taking place in and around the premises.

Temperature maintenance

For the maintenance of optimal temperature in hotel premises and reduction in energy consumption, our temperature and humidity sensors monitor the temperature levels of the room, updating users in case of any deviations. The system allows users to stay updated at all times, minimizing the risk of food spoilage due to unwarranted environmental circumstances.

Visitor security

IGZY’s e-surveillance solution provides hotel and similar establishments with a compact visitor security solution, ensuring that the rooms of the visitors or their entertainment areas are out of the reach of outsiders. Access doors can be equipped with Facial recognition cameras which can notify in case of any unauthorized access.

Process Compliance

Regulating and monitoring employee performance and their compliance to hygiene and cleanliness protocols can be conducted with IGZY’s hotel security system. The cameras and sensors can be trained to record entries daily of a preferred time slot to monitor all discrepancies.

Cloud Storage

All the IP based cameras and sensors installed across sites record data and store it over the cloud rather than on premise, saving owners from the damage that can be caused by an intruder to local storage. IGZY’s cloud-based platform allows user to retrieve the footage anytime, anywhere.

Mobile monitoring

Monitor all your hotels, their surroundings as well as interiors, every floor, storage room, kitchen etc., even when miles away. With the realization of the requirement of a digital interface, users can access the platform even on the move, as long as they have a secure network connection and authorized access to the platform.

Smoke detection

IGZY’s e-surveillance solution equipped with smoke and fire sensors installed across all sites are trained to sense the presence of smoke or detect ignition of a flame, thus automatically sending a notification, raising an alarm and actuating the water sprinklers to keep damage at bay.

Remote control

Get insights into the daily operations of employees while monitoring the premises from any place, at any time. With the accommodation of secure network connectivity and authorized access to the surveillance system, users can retrieve any historical data or stream live footage.




Sensing Layer that Monitors, Protects, Notifies



Turning Mute Data into Actionable Intelligence



Actions for Optimising Business Based on Insights

Our Unique Value Proposition

PAN India Services

Single point of contact for hardware installations, troubleshooting and annual maintenance for PAN India services.

Integrated Ecosystem

All systems across all sites are integrated, all the data being stored, analysed and retrieved from a unified platform.

Transforming Existing Hardware

Our unified platform is compatible with analog and wired cameras, establishing a security mechanism with a legacy system

Platform Customization

Our scalable surveillance solution allows users to add more devices to the solution and customize its operations according to their use cases.


Security Heads

  • Detect abnormalities and unwanted activities in the premises.
  • Complete visibility of all assets and employees from a single control point.
  • 24*7 surveillance to secure the premise and keep personnel updated.
  • Video retrieval for evidence and forensic purposes.
  • Adds value to the establishment, in contrast to inefficient human guards.



Surveillance Team

  • A single point of control for all sites across geographies.
  • Detect crimes and suspicious activities with AI led smart devices.
  • Receive real time alerts and notifications in case of any deviations in employee performance.
  • Remote monitoring and live streaming of feeds through a web-based dashboard.
  • AI application and CCTV audits deduce insights and optimize operations.



Administration Heads

  • 24*7 surveillance ensures staff adherence to rules, regulations and SOP protocols.
  • Ease of access into the cloud platform keeps users updated.
  • Machine downtime is automatically registered for remote troubleshooting.
  • Continuous monitoring helps validate or invalidate claims by employees and guests.
  • Energy management solution to regulate energy consumption and optimize operations.



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