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Patient Monitoring System for Clinics and Diagnostic Centers

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Importance of Cloud based Security Solutions

Monitored health care is an integral part of any country’s basic providence for their citizens. Clinics, clinical pharmacies, and diagnostic centers provide quick services to patients requiring non-emergency care and thus, are visited often. With increase in issues faced by medical centers such as employee theft, illegal drug trade, patient harassment, etc., the need for a smart surveillance mechanism has also increased.

IGZY’s patient monitoring system is an integrated ecosystem monitoring a patient’s every move inside the premises while also monitoring their vital signs, even without coming in direct contact of doctors.

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Challenges for Clinics and Diagnostic Centers

Drug Misuse

While pharmacies and diagnostic centers are under surveillance at all times, the activities in standalone pharmacies or clinics can often go unmonitored. From prescription less purchases to stolen medication, the inability to monitor the premises can lead to misuse of drugs or illegal trade.

Hygiene Management

Clinics and diagnostic centers are visited by a multitude of patients suffering different ailments. While these visitors may or may not follow social distancing or hygiene protocols, it becomes a major challenge for medical staff to maintain cleanliness and hygiene levels inside the premises.

Access control

While clinics and medical centers are open and accessible to a lot of people, there are certain parts of the premises that should be accessible by authorized members only. A robust security system becomes a requirement to keep round the clock check on centers that operate 24*7.

Forensic Evidence

One of the biggest problems pharmacies and medical centers face is employee theft. The medications, especially opioids are often used and sold illegally to make extra bucks. In the absence of any real time monitoring mechanism employees as well as outsiders can get away with stealing drugs and equipment.

Fragmented ecosystem

Multiple clinics or diagnostic centers situated across different regions are unable to stay updated about the medication requirements of the other sites. This can lead to shortage of supply which could otherwise be handled easily. During the pandemic, the constant need for networking between multiple sites has only increased manifold.

Temperature regulation

Regulation of temperature inside diagnostic centers and pharmacies is essential for the storage of medication and equipment. While some drugs need to be refrigerated, others need to be stored at room temperature. In the absence of any temperature control mechanism centers face the challenge of storing medication properly.

Patient waiting time

In clinics that are visited regularly or receive high volume of calls, patients often find themselves waiting for long periods. With the added misfortune of most patients being sick and weak, this only adds to their frustration and prolongs the total time sick patients spend in queues.

Appointment Management

Managing appointments from different portals without a centralized point of management can lead to discrepancies, like allotting the same time slot to multiple patients. Bookings coming from different channels like online booking, on-call appointments or direct visits add workload on administrative staff.

Legacy systems

Analog CCTV cameras installed on site have many limitations in today’s world. Added to this is the fact that these cameras cannot notify surveillance staff of any real time discrepancies. The system can only benefit a site in the presence of a 24*7 operating surveillance staff.

How we can assist your Medical centers

Multi-clinic monitoring

IGZY's smart security solution allows users to monitor multiple clinics or medical centers simultaneously, from a single point of control. The cloud platform receives all the notifications raised in real time, allowing command center personnel to validate the incidents.

Access Management

IGZY's access door sensors notify the relevant authorities anytime a particular door is opened or closed. This not only allows users to maintain a check on whoever visits their clinic or diagnostic center but also monitor everyone who has access to the medication and equipment storage units.

Theft Control

Opioid addictions have been on the rise, leading to multiple thefts from pharmacies that do not sell painkillers or other 'narcotic' medications without prescriptions. IGZY's solution allows users to maintain continuous surveillance over pharmacies to ensure that medical regulations are followed.

Remote refrigeration control

Medications requiring continuous refrigeration can degrade in the case of power outages. However, with full time power back up and real time alert being available to the authorized users directly on their handheld devices, handling the situation is easy. Users can also control the refrigerator settings remotely.

Smoke and fire detection

IGZY's smart smoke sensors can detect the presence of smoke or elevated levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. The smart sensors send an alert over the network to the authorities for their validation of the incident. The authorities can decide in real time to deploy commands to take the necessary actions.

Patient monitoring

Smart patient monitoring systems record and display the patient's medical vital signs such as the pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature etc., on a monitor. The surveillance mechanism is also used to monitor a patient's movement across the clinic or center as well as their adherence to hygiene protocols.

Benefits for your Medical centers

Mobile management

Cloud based surveillance system allows users to monitor multiple sites and the devices directly from their handheld devices. Mobile applications enable users to change settings, arm/disarm devices or change the escalation priorities.

SOP Adherence

Uninterrupted surveillance with IGZY's solution allows user to monitor the staff's adherence to specified operational and hygiene protocols. Their movement across the premises can be monitored, especially around medication and equipment storage units.

Real time notifications

The smart surveillance solution sends real time notifications to authorized users upon detecting any deviations in performance. The notifications are sent directly to user’s device via text message or email, enabling actions in real time.

People counting

The IP camera based surveillance solution equipped with AI & ML capabilities can count the total footfall of the clinic during peak hours or during the whole day. The system monitors all the people entering or exiting the premises.

Our Product Kit

IP Camera

The internet protocol cameras allow users to monitor employee performance while maintaining surveillance over the perimeter of the premises. While outdoor cameras help employers monitor who accesses the perimeter, cameras installed indoors help keep a check on visitors and staff members.

Access Door Sensors

IGZY's access door sensors notify authorities every time a door is opened or closed. These become especially helpful for areas which should not be in the direct reach of any patient or visitor. These notifications can be scheduled during peak hours to monitor footfall as well.

Temperature Sensors

Maintenance of the optimal level of humidity and temperature inside medical premises is necessary for the storage of a wide variety of drugs and equipment. These sensors enable user to maintain predefined atmospheric settings inside the premises. The deviations in these settings are notified to users in real time.

Smoke Sensors

The emission of smoke or possibility of fire is dangerous in any situation, but especially in medical facilities with a multitude of drugs, equipment and personnel inside. IGZY's smart smoke sensors can detect the presence of smoke in the premises, sending notifications to the relevant authorities.

Air Quality Sensor

Given the fact that medical centers are visited by patients suffering from different ailments and respiratory dysfunctions, maintenance of the air quality becomes especially necessary. The sensors can detect any deviation in the CO2 levels of the premises, alerting authorized personnel of the same.

UV Sanitizer

IGZY’s UV sanitizer is equipped to disinfect and sanitize any given room within minutes and remove the dread of unnoticeable microorganisms. The UV rays kill every microorganism, sterilizing clinics and diagnostic centers. The UV sanitizer effectively sanitizes any surface, reducing the scope of communicability of diseases.

Smart Bridge

IGZY’s smart bridge is responsible for transmitting secured encrypted videos across networks linking them together. Along with transmission, it also performs a wide range of analytics such as people counting and intrusion detection. Supporting both cloud and local storage, these can be accessed via a single platform.

Smart Stethoscope

Clinically supported AI in stethoscopes allows physicians to conduct auscultations remotely, with the help of other healthcare staff. This bluetooth enabled equipment records respiratory and heart sounds for later analysis, reducing the wait time by patients and reduces the chance of doctors coming in contact with patients.

Smart Patient Monitor

IGZY’s smart monitors record and display patient’s electronic vital signs. The patient monitoring system shows a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen saturation of blood as well as the concentration of CO2 in patient’s exhaled breath. It notifies clinic staff of any marginal deviations in the vitals.

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