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Importance of Smart Factory Solutions

Factories and manufacturing facilities are always faced with the risk of theft of raw materials as well as machinery. Smart factory video surveillance solutions help maintain order and efficiency in the facility, while securing it from internal and external threat. With advanced features like motion detection, real-time notifications, remote monitoring, single dashboard, cloud storage, and unlimited camera additions – smart factory solutions are seeing a rapid transformation and is the best way to safeguard your interests as a manufacturer. The convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) in smart factories allows for capabilities such as real-time monitoring, interoperability, and virtualization.


Real time monitoring

A major difficulty faced by factory owners is the absence of live broadcasts of the facility which diminishes their control in real time. Inability to monitor the performance of the employees and machinery can hinder the overall efficiency of the factory and put the facility in the way of harm.

Footage retrieval

The lack of cloud storage limits the control of the security personnel on the real time performance of the employees and efficiency of operations, creating several issues with video retrieval required for evidence and validation purposes. Local storage of data in a hard drive also makes it susceptible to be filched.

Fire alarms

Factories are vulnerable to numerous safety hazards, fire mishaps being a potential risk; anything from electricity fluctuations to negligence of ground level employees can lead up to it. Inability to identify the threat and act upon it in time can lead to large scale destruction of goods, threat to life and tainted reputation of the business in the market.

Energy management

Manufacturers are incapable of making informed decisions if they don’t know how much energy each piece of machinery uses and what level of power will lead to optimal functioning. Without IoT technology, data collection requires time-consuming sampling procedures and result in data that cannot be interpreted in real time.

Intrusion detection

Every component in a factory, from machinery to the manufactured product, is valuable to the facility and thus necessitates the control over who enters a facility or an unauthorized area. The absence of any surveillance system to monitor the activities of outsiders as well as employees can cause losses to the owner.

SOP compliance

Factories follow a stringent set of protocols and regulations for the safe and efficient performance of the facility. Inability of employers to keep a check on the performance of the employees and monitor their actions in real time and over large distances can cause downtime and inefficiency in performance.

Our Solution

Absolute Visibility

Active monitoring with e-surveillance cameras give 100% transparency into the functioning of the facility, allowing user to keep a check on the activities of the employees, adherence to safety protocols, overall performance of the facility and the health of machinery employed, while keeping track of asset movement within the facility.

Unified Platform

A single unified platform to monitor multiple devices, receive and respond to notifications and video analytics from multiple sites spread across geographical distances resulting in ease of operations. All the sensors, cameras and actuators send and receive their data over the cloud and can be assed and controlled from a unified platform.

Round the clock monitoring

Our ISO 27001 certified command center provides round the clock monitoring of all the sited and devices installed, with quick response to notifications coming from different security systems. The command center personnel validate alerts and notifications, informing authorities when required.

Remote control

The IoT based unified platform allows users to monitor and control multiple sites and all installed devices from any place, provided, the presence of an internet connection. Cameras and sensors installed at the site can be accessed, firmware can be upgraded and system rebooted, remotely, without any third-party dependency.

Analytics and Insights

The smart factory solution analyses the data captured by cameras and sensors to deliver unparalleled insights and place control directly in the hands of domain experts within the business. The solution provides insights for the energy optimization and conservation resulting in reduced cost of operations.

Concurrent notifications

Receive notifications from sensors and cameras in real time, directly onto the platform for assessment. The devices, also capable of self-analyses, notify user regarding downtime and upgrades, assisting device health maintenance. The solution allows users to change and customize their alarm settings directly on the platform.

Energy management

The smart factory solution collects all the energy usage data, allowing user to see the large-scale trends in energy consumption, allow user to compare the consumption of old and new equipment; identify opportunities to increase equipment efficiency and reduce consumption and evaluate deviations to ensure error free energy provision.

Fire detection

Depending on the requirements of the factory, different types of smoke, heat and flame detectors can be installed at the site of production. The notifications from these sensors are received at the platform, assessed by security officer or a vigilant command center personnel to validify the notification and prevent false alarms.


AI Analytics

Employment of the power and intelligence of machine learning and AI algorithms in the cloud assist in detecting anomalies, predicting failures, finding pain areas, deducing consumption patterns; and advising on the optimal remedial actions that will deliver value to business.

Actionable insights

Insights gleaned from IoT data are changing business models by automating processes, improving efficiencies and driving revenue. These allow factory owners to make decisions for the optimum growth of the facility by eliminating inefficiencies.

Real time visualization

The human machine interface allows real- time visualization of factory systems on a unified platform. The sensors and cameras capture data from the surroundings and can be assessed directly from the user’s device.

Flexible solution

The pre-existing security systems with their traditional infrastructure can be upgraded by attaching the existing factory infrastructure to the cloud based advanced analytic tools. Older and more traditional devices can be turned smart by employing an IoT based platform.

Employee Compliance

Control over the performance of the employees ensures timely outputs and completion of standards. The AI and ML based system allows users to monitor and control their premise, keeping a check of the SOP adherence of employees.

Asset Management

The position of all assets and inventories can be managed via smart devices which can be accessed by authorized personnel remotely. This ensures the quality standard of the assets and results in timely and accurate manufacturing.

Our unique value propositions

Platform customization

Our IoT based solutions provide customizable platform to accommodate the requirements of the user, thus increasing the efficient functioning of the facility.

PAN India presence

Single point of contact for hardware installation, remote troubleshooting and annual maintenance contracts all over India.

Transform existing hardware

Our solution is compatible with both analog and wired cameras, making an existing traditional security hardware into smart surveillance infrastructure.

State of the art platform

AI and ML integrated smart surveillance solution provide utmost security to the facility along with enhanced performance and real time control.

System integration

Providing a single scalable solution which can support all your existing smart devices, and more through the same gateway.

End to end solution provider

Providing everything from a platform to operations services, we assist you in procurement, installation and maintenance.

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