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OTP Based Access Control System

Access control system based on OTP access mechanism, remote lock management and real-time notifications to protect your business 24/7.

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Reliable Access Control system for your Business

Access control systems are an imminent part of an organization, restricting access to data-sensitive areas and storage units while monitoring the overall footfall of the business premises. The IP cameras and smart sensors installed across the premises send real-time notifications to escalations upon detecting unauthorized personnel inside or around the premises. IGZY’s access control system provides cloud storage, enabling the retrieval of historical and real-time footage directly from the user’s handheld device, for validation purposes.


Unauthorized access

Every business has restricted areas that are open to limited staff members and not to outsiders. From server rooms in office buildings to production sites and inventory storage units; all these areas either store sensitive data or expensive equipment which can be dangerous for people without knowledge of operating them.

Visitor Management

Banks, offices, retail stores and restaurants are some of the sites that indulge in regular walk ins and customer interactions. Employers have to ensure that none of these outsiders enter any restricted ‘staff only’ areas. Doing so in the absence of a real time access control system put imminent pressure on surveillance personnel.

Intruder Thefts

Perimeter intrusion and thefts are commonly witnessed incidents in areas with expensive assets and inventory or organizations with incapable surveillance mechanisms. Getting away with forceful entry and theft in the absence of a proactive system that is incapable of detecting and reporting real time incidents becomes easy.

Lack of Guards

The absence of guards around access points can allow unauthorized people entry into the premises as well as other data sensitive areas. Without an access control system that regulates the entry into restricted areas and proactive cameras that can notify employers about the absence of surveillance personnel from their posts, intrusion and theft become easier.

Benefits for Warehouse

Remote gate management

Warehouses are that part of a business that does not require much walk-ins or customer interaction. Storing a large number of commodities, these storage units require a proactive access control system that limits the entry of outsiders into the premises. Remote control of access points allows supervisors to manage who enters the premises and even restrict entry to outsiders.

Intrusion sensors

Intrusion sensors installed across the premise can detect unauthorized and forceful entry of weak access points and notify users. Motion detecting sensors placed outside storage units restrict unauthorized personnel from accessing the areas and also report the incident in real time if external force is applied.

Shutter management

Shutter sensors enable employers to monitor the opening and closing time of the premises, keeping a check on employees’ adherence to SOP protocols. The opening of shutter after work hours get notified to security personnel in real time, allowing them to validate the incident with footage retrieval and live streams.

Benefits for BFSI

OTP vault access

The access control system restricts access of employees or regular customers to the ATM and bank vaults with OTP based access points. For an employee to open the vault, a one-time password is generated, without which access to the personnel will be denied.

Remote management

Who enters or exits the premises, who accesses the vaults and for how long; employers can monitor all the activities of their branch and ATM units even without being physically present. Remote control over their premise enables them to ward off any lurking threats.

Currency Chest Monitoring

Smart access control facilitated by IP night vision cameras, motion and vibration sensors restrict the access of personnel and outsiders to areas storing cash and expensive assets. Live streaming and real time notification facilities ensure 24*7 monitoring of the site.

Benefits for Retail

Inventory access control

Retail inventory storage units store a wide variety of commodities, some being expensive while others requiring the maintenance of predefined temperature settings. Restricting access to these units with surveillance solutions minimizes the threat of theft and spoilage.

Cash drawer Misuse

Tampering with cash registers and unauthorized access into cash drawers can be detected by the IP cameras installed across the site. Loud noises and vibrations detected above a predefined threshold get notified to surveillance staff.

Shutter locks

Shutter lock sensors notify employers about the opening and closing time of the premise while alerting them about the untimely access of the premises by employees or outsiders. These alerts can then be validated by authorized personnel.

Benefits for Manufacturing

Access verification

Storage units at manufacturing plants hold materials, products and loads for later use or to be transported to other sites. Restricting access to these units with OTP based access locks keep the probability of theft and pilferage to a minimum.

Camera manager

All smart devices installed on site can be accessed via mobile applications, enabling employers to monitor the premise remotely. Remote lock/unlock feature allows authorized users to grant or restrict access to other personnel.

Access door alerts

Magnetic door locks send real time alerts to escalations every time a door opens and closes, notifying employers about when their premise is accessed. The cameras stationed around access doors can be trained to send snapshots and clips along with the alerts.

Benefits for Commercial Buildings

Intrusion alarm

An intrusion alarm system detects unauthorized motion in and around the premises and senses vibrations across windows or other weak access points, sending real time alerts to the escalations.

Real time alerts

Any unprecedented detection such as motion inside the premise after hours or unauthorized entry into server rooms during work hours gets notified in real time, allowing escalations to validate the incidents.

Motion detection

Movement inside and around the perimeter of the premises as well as around the restricted areas inside the buildings gets detected by smart sensors and reported to authorized personnel.

Implementing a Reliable Access Control System

Breach Detection

IP cameras and sensors installed across the premise deter any outsiders from entering the premise without permission. The system detects the presence of unauthorized personnel around restricted areas such as server rooms, storage units & allows employers to deter intrusive activities with the two way audio mechanism.

Smart Sensors

IGZY’s smart sensors detect movement around the perimeter and across restricted areas of the premises, during and after hours. They can also sense vibrations across glass windows and doors & can send real time notifications to authorized personnel for incident based verification.

Real time Notifications

IGZY’s access control system equipped with IP cameras and smart sensors detects anomalies in real time, sending alerts and notifications directly to authorized surveillance personnel via SMS and email. The mobile application allows users to access the incidents raised on the platform any time.

OTP based access

The one time password based access system regulates entry of unauthorized personnel into highly restricted areas of the premises. The entry of the wrong OTP or repeated attempts of getting access into the unit after being denied entry gets notified to the escalation matrix.

Intrusion alarms

IGZY’s intrusion detection mechanism equipped with smart sensors and IP cameras with night vision abilities can detect the presence of unauthorized personnel around areas with access restrictions, setting off alarms that deter the intruder and notify authorities.

Remote Management

The cloud based video surveillance solution enables authorized users to live stream, retrieve footage, download and share data from any place at any time. Remote control of the premises enables the authorized users to monitor multiples sites at the same time from a centralized location.

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