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Importance of E-surveillance Solutions

E-Surveillance is absolutely important for any business. Whether you own a small scale retail store or a large shopping complex, e-surveillance is vital for maintaining the safety and security of your business. Threats like shoplifting, frauds, thefts especially during the night hours, etc. are every retailer’s worst nightmare. This is where we come to your aid as E-Surveillance acts as a perfect deterrent.

We offer managed e-surveillance solutions for small and medium enterprises with actionable insights through regular audits. With our solution, you can monitor your retail outlets from anywhere in the world. Any threat or intrusion can be monitored easily with the help of e-surveillance.

91.6% of retail companies have witnessed organized retail crime in the past year

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Our Product Kit

Door Sensor

Restrict unauthorized access after-hours & get alerts on your phone

Glass Breaker Sensor

Detect if a pane of glass is shattered or broken at any time

IP Camera

Audio/video/motion sensor stores data on a cloud platform in real time

Energy Meter

Energy management solutions to reduce energy loss, usage, and costs

Smoke Sensor

Detect harmful smoke particles to raise alerts & avoid damages

IoT Gateway

Bridging communication gap between cameras, sensors & cloud

How do we help?

Remote Monitoring

It is done through E-surveillance which helps in keeping a 24/7 check of your business through your smart-phone anytime, anywhere.

Theft Control

Sends an alert in case of a break-in. Real-time response keeps your business safe & secure. It provides prompt response to real-time alerts.

Real-Time Alerts

It searches for events continuously in real-time. Get all the information in real-time in case of any deviation from the command center.

Fire Safety

Fire sensor detects the initial sign of trouble, raises an alarm, and informs you in real-time. Save your business from potential fire damage.


Monitor and regulate energy consumption pattern of machines. Get a report for every unit of energy consumed and save on excessive power consumption.

Get more value from your business framework-

Safety & Security

E-surveillance solutions let you eliminate frauds, thefts and prevent any accident in advance. It provides 24*7 helpline for support & escalations. Real-time notification and alerts keep your business security tight.


Your business is accessible from our application so monitoring your business is just a click away. Remote monitoring lets you monitor and regulate your business through your smartphone anytime, anywhere.


Monitoring and regulating energy consumption patterns of machines and equipment to reduce energy loss, thereby saving on excessive power consumption. E-Surveillance solutions report and optimize resource usage and cost.

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