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ANPR is a highly accurate, AI-powered system for recognizing license plate numbers, even in challenging conditions such as when vehicles are moving quickly, plates have different fonts or are dirty, or the camera angles are difficult.

What Is ANPR?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a technology that utilizes optical character recognition to read and identify vehicle registration numbers from images of license plates. This system employs various image processing methods to swiftly and automatically detect vehicles in images, or live video feeds captured by one or multiple cameras.

Challenges Solved by ANPR

Track and Follow truck turnaround time

Long truck turnaround times = delays, high costs, and lower customer satisfaction. ANPR system reduces time and errors by real-time tracking of entry and exit.

Identify and Locate the type of truck

Misidentification wastes resources and hampers supply chain efficiency, causing delays, cost increases, and low satisfaction. ANPR accurately locates trucks to optimize resource allocation.

Monitor the loading and unloading of trucks

Truck loading errors can lead to stock problems and more complications in logistics operations. ANPR system provides accurate data on the type and volume of goods to prevent overstocking or shortages.

Identification of vehicle number plate for use in billing

Accurate vehicle identification is critical for smooth operations, saving costs, and building customer relationships. ANPR links vehicle data to billing for efficient billing and real-time error correction.

Unable to track truck location and queue time

Long truck queues at logistics facilities hinder supply chain efficiency. ANPR systems use GPS to monitor truck location & queue time, optimizing operations.

Unable to track if trucks are over-speeding

Speeding trucks pose a risk to premises and vehicles, leading to damages and losses. ANPR systems can efficiently monitor truck speed in real-time to address this challenge.

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Unlock the power of ANPR with

Vehicle-based analytics

Vehicle analytics offers gate-to-highway insights for ops management: in-premise logistics, ERP integration, speed detection, and productivity metrics.

In-Plant Logistics Productivity

To enhance in-plant logistics productivity, optimize truck turnaround time with truck ID, advanced docking allocation, loading time analysis, and alerts.

Bay utilization

Bay utilization can be improved through alerts for empty bays for a specified amount of time to expedite truck availability and maximize the usage of available resources.


Warehousing Facilities
Manufacturing Plants & Factories
Parking Lots
Large Campus and Tech Park
Gate Management for Hotels



99+% detection/count accuracy/ 98+% read accuracy

Service level agreement SLA

Accuracy, uptime, remote IoT monitoring service

Supports various license plate types

standard & non-standard, dirty, broken with different fonts & font sizes

Plug & Play

100% remote configuration & management work with low-bandwidth networks and low power consumption.

Supports various use cases

Stop & go and free-flow, Unidirectional & Bi- directional, multiple lane view

User-friendly UV dashboard

Cloud or local optional, database with white-listing & black-listing, customized report generation