How to choose the right e-surveillance partner?
How to choose the right e-surveillance partner? X

Unified IoT Platform

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Importance of IoT Platform

IGZY’s IoT platform, providing a unified station for monitoring, managing, and analyzing data recorded from all smart devices of an enterprise, installed across multiple sites; allows users to enjoy control over every operation of their premise, quelling the majority of vulnerabilities to establish a truly secure business.

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Distributed Solutions

The absence of a unified IoT platform adds to lag time when it comes to receiving and reacting to alerts or procuring of data. The constant leap from site to site, for the management of all devices requires additional employment of time and effort, causing undesirable delays.

Actionable Insights

Analyzing data and deducing actionable insights are crucial to the improved performance of the system. These being done manually in the absence of an AI and ML based platform indicate a greater investment of time and effort, with greater margin for efforts and reduced efficiency.

Geo distribution of sites

Multiple sites spread over geographical distances pose an issue when it comes to installation of hardware and rebooting of system in case of downtime. Maintenance services can become inaccessible over long distances without an integrated platform to keep users updated.

Device management

Managing all the cameras and sensors installed across all the sites is not entirely possible without a unified platform to view the device status. In the absence of a unified platform, trigger alerts and notifications from all the devices cannot be accessed from the same altar, thus causing delay in action.

No single vendor

The absence of an integrated platform signifies the absence of a single vendor for all the requirements of the user resulting in constant shift from one solution to another; ensuing increased costs and complex intricacies, making procurement and implementation extremely challenging.

Real time alerts

Real time alerts received on the platform from all smart devices keep users updated about the performance of the device and the security of the premise. Without a platform, receiving these alerts would not be possible, therefore, automatically reducing the security of the premise.


Remote Management

IoT based platforms allow users to monitor and operate all the cameras and sensors installed in their premise, keeping user updated regarding the device’s functionality, sending notifications in case of downtime of any device. The platform also allows user to reboot, troubleshoot or even update firmware remotely. Adjustments and modifications can be made to the device directly from the platform.

Action Management

The user can make alterations in the focal points of the camera, change the alert notification setting or sensor schedules. The platform gives user access to all the devices installed across the site or multiple sites via a single dashboard, allowing them to create triggers and send notifications via email or SMS. The platform also allows users to keep a check on all the activities taking place at the premises.

Energy Management

The energy consumption of the enterprise, including the details regarding the monthly, daily or even hourly energy consumption of every individual site can be derived from the unified platform itself.The data of energy consumption, monitored by special phase meters and embedded sensors, gets stored directly onto the platform which is then analysed to provide insights for energy conservation.

Unified Monitoring

All the data recorded via the smart cameras and sensors across all the sites can be accessed, viewed, monitored and retrieved directly on the unified platform by the authorized users. The cloud-based platform stores both the historical data and real time data, which can be accessed at any point of time. The user can keep track of every site without jumping between applications through unified monitoring platform.

Concurrent monitoring

The IoT platform allows authorized personnel to view live streams of the security footage recorded at any given point in time. Being provided on a unified platform, users do not have to switch between different applications and can easily access all sensors and cameras, their settings changeable with a click of a button. Live footage and recordings can be downloaded and shared with other users.

Analytics and Insights

Igzy’s platform provides users with operational insights deduced from analytics applied to the data recorded via the smart sensors and IP cameras. The ML and AI based technology analyses the concurrent as well as historical data, thus providing the user with patterns and graphs of consumption, and growth opportunities. This turns big data to smart data, assisting users in decision making.


100% transparency

With Igzy’s cloud platform users get 100% transparent visibility of all their sites and devices installed. The data recorded onto the cloud becomes accessible and retrievable from the unified platform, assisting users in monitoring their premises without jumping between sites.

Real time alerts

The smart devices send real time alerts to be viewed, monitored and accessed through the unified platform. If a sensor goes off, the notification so received is equipped with the video footage of the same time slot, allowing user to review the data and decide upon the validity of the notification received.

Secure cloud storage

Data captured via sensors and cameras gets recorded over the cloud, being accessible any day, at any time, by authorized personnel, directly from the platform. The user can retrieve as old of a data as their plan allows, removing the limitations of storage space and the vulnerability when it comes to local storage of data.

Device health

The platform enables user to monitor the health of their devices, check their status and receive notifications when any device goes offline. The priority alerts sent to users with regard to the escalation matrix assist in keeping the machine downtime to a minimal, enabling reboot, firmware update and remote troubleshooting.


Platform equipped with AI and ML technology helps in automatic application of analytics on the data recorded via the cameras and sensors, deducing operational insights and reducing the margin of error. The glimpse into usage and consumption patterns and algorithms ensure efficient and secure operations of the enterprise.

24/7 e-Surveillance Monitoring

The IP cameras and sensors installed across the sites operate round the clock, sending real time notifications and raising tickets onto the cloud based platform, allowing users to monitor their sites 24/7. Authorized users can access the platform to live stream retrieve and download any previously captured footage.

Unauthorized access Control

Enterprise security platforms prevent intrusion into business spaces and entry into restricted areas with the help of smart sensors and cameras that raise alerts and notify authorities in real time; ID card identification systems limiting access and light sensors giving a clear view of the person entering the area.

Employee Audit

The cloud platform allows authorized users to monitor the overall performance of the employees and evaluate their compliance to SOP protocols. The inability of employees to follow through with the instructed operations can trigger a set of follow up steps, warning the personnel regarding their inadequacy and notifying user regarding the same.

Why IGZY is the solution for you?

Customized Solution

IGZY brings to you the unified IoT platform for all your security needs, customizable to meet all your preferences. From the cameras and sensors to the frequency of your notifications, you can turn our solution into the perfect security system for your premise.

Real Time Alerts

Receive real-time, scheduled device health notifications to monitor the performance of the security infrastructure as well as real-time alerts if any trigger goes off, during any deviations in the performance of the employees and their inability to follow through with the SOP protocols.

Unified Platform

The platform allows you to monitor and manage all your devices installed across multiple sites on one unified platform without any unprecedented delays. Users can view and retrieve any recorded data, historical or real-time, directly from the platform.

AI enabled Analytics

The IGZY IoT platform constantly analyses your data, provides operational insights to assist in improving the overall efficiency of your enterprise and improve your security with AI and ML techniques such as predictive maintenance, asset management among other.

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