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Security in Automotive Services Business

The Automotive Services Business has witnessed globally comprehensive growth being propelled by a growing passenger and road safety awareness. The global Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services Market is estimated to reach USD 810.8 Billion by 2026. This expansion is associated with an increasing requirement for establishing a secured surveillance structure. The inbound of expensive motor vehicles into the service center and utility of high-end equipment for maintenance and repair services make them easy targets for miscreants. The installation of camera and sensors in and around the premises drive the business towards security and operational efficiency.

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Challenges in Automotive Service centers

Access to multiple sites

Automobile service centers are often located across large geographical distances to provide services to a wider range of customers. This, however, leads to multiple security systems being accessed via different platforms.


Cars and motor vehicles are expensive assets that are vulnerable to theft. Protecting automotive service centers and dealerships from the risk of perimeter intrusion and related criminal activities becomes imperative.


Theft of vehicle components and other expensive equipment by employees are common occurrences that often go unnoticed by higher authorities. In the long run these can lead to greater losses incurred and ruined brand image.

SOP Compliance

Automobile service centers can be dangerous sites for employees who do not follow safety protocols such as the use of PPE (personal protective equipment). Monitoring employee performance is also imperative to keep a check on pilferage.

Workplace harassment

Disagreements among employees are a common site but keeping it under control is the responsibility of employers. Often times, under unsupervised circumstances, these can lead to physical fights or instances of harassment.

Fire detection

Automobile service centers have to deal with multiple damaged vehicles. From vehicle’s faulty electrical wiring to engine oil leaks, a multitude of these issues can lead to excessive smoke and eventual fires, putting the lives of service employees at risk.

How do we help?

Night guarding

IGZY’s IP night vision camera and sensors with their wide angle view and installations across all entry and exit points allow users to monitor all assets, even those in hindsight. This cuts down on the expenses incurred on employing multiple guards for after hour surveillance.

Energy Management

The artificial intelligence based solution recognizes energy consumption patterns and produces real time power usage predictions. The energy meter installed on site records daily consumption patterns sending real time alerts to escalations which can be remotely accessed by authorized users.

Footage Retrieval

The cloud surveillance solution enables authorized personnel to live-stream, retrieve, download or share any footage from any place and at any time. In the case of any suspicious on-premise activity, incident based retrieval saves time as opposed to going through the complete footage.

Compliance management

The surveillance solution enables authorized users to monitor employee adherence to standard operating procedures. Inability to follow through with instructions or in case of any deviations in employee performance, real time alerts are sent to authorized personnel for appraisal.

Video analytics

AI and ML based surveillance system keeps a check on a wide range of operations, monitoring the total number of premise footfall and aiding in attendance maintenance. These also allow employers to keep track of the models and brands of the vehicles being brought into the service center.

Remote Management

The cloud based platform and app-based alerts & notifications enable authorized users, with the right credentials and a secure network, to monitor the site and the devices installed remotely. Employers and surveillance staff can monitor the premise and employee performance whenever they wish to.

Benefits for your Centers

Complete Visibility

IGZY’s IP cameras and sensors provide complete visibility of all sensitive areas of the premises, overview of all employees and the equipment being used. The live streaming of this data allows employers to monitor their site in real time.

Real time Updates

The IP cameras and sensors detect anomalies across the site, sending real time updates to employers and surveillance personnel. These app based notifications and alerts keep employers updated with everything happening at their site, allowing them to validate or invalidate incidents.

Improved CX

Constant surveillance of the premises with IGZY’s cloud camera and sensors provide users insights into the customer waiting time. The system allows users to monitor hygiene and social distancing protocol compliance to be followed by employees and customers in the waiting lobbies.

Damage Detection

IGZYs artificial intelligence and machine learning based surveillance solution with its damage detection abilities allows users to identify damage on car components while also estimating the damage cost for quick insurance claim disbursal.

Our Product kit

IP Cameras

Internet protocol cameras installed on site provides constant surveillance to the premise, keeping count of all vehicles entering or exiting the service center. Equipped with video analytics, these cameras can recognize important vehicle identification details as well as detect motion across the site.

Intrusion Alarm

Perimeter intrusion sensors installed across the boundary of the premises can give insights to employees about unauthorized entry through weak entry points such as back doors or windows. The system raises an alarm, notifying surveillance staff in real time.

Smoke sensors

Electrical failures and overheated equipment or damaged vehicle components can lead to the release of excessive smoke and eventual fire. IGZY’s smoke sensors can detect the presence or smoke or fire at the early stages of ignition, notifying personnel and preventing excessive damage.

Motion sensor

Motion across the site or restricted areas, especially after hours, can be monitored with IGZY’s motion sensors. Installed at strategic points in service centers, these sensors can provide 24/7 surveillance inside as well as outside the premises, notifying personnel in case of any suspicious movement.

Energy meter

Automotive service centers require an extravagant charge of electricity to operate the multitude of equipment and machinery. Energy meters installed on site give users insights into the centers daily energy consumption, allowing them to identify consumption patterns.

IoT Gateway

The AI analytics based gateway enables users to configure settings, download footage, apply analytics and check device status; all at one stop. With remote updates of firmware and passcode changes, the gateway provides another layer of protection to devices and the data being communicated within.

Glass Break Sensor

With a wide variety of expensive vehicles & equipment inside service centers, these sites become vulnerable to thefts and break ins. Detecting vibrations and loud noises across the periphery of glass windows and doors, glass break sensors notify surveillance staff in case of attempted intrusion.

Access door Sensor

With customers walking into service centers to get their vehicles fixed, certain areas have to be out of their jurisdiction. Restricting access to certain areas such as workshop areas with door sensors ensure reduction in possible accidents and injuries as well as attempted theft of vehicle components.

Shutter sensor

Even with the end of an employee’s shift the service center can face unwelcoming situations at any point of time. Once the shutters are pulled down, the activation of shutter sensors notify authorized personnel if any person tries to open the shutter before the predefined time.

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