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Cloud Camera Solutions For Industries

Smart IP camera integration onto cloud-based platform for real time monitoring and overall enterprise security

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Wide Angle and Multi View Cloud Camera Solutions for Enterprise Surveillance

Large enterprises with multiple premises located across geographical distances require an integrated end-to-end solution providing wide angle peripheral view around sites. IGZY’s cloud camera solutions allow enterprise surveillance staff to monitor overall operations without constant manual supervision. Alerts along with footage snippets sent to authorized users in case of deviation in performance or unauthorized activities aid in the maintenance of consistent security.


Hardware installation

Analog camera-based solutions require higher investment for infrastructural necessities. The connecting wires and on-premise video recorders take up more space, time and effort to be set up. The upkeep of devices and manual maintenance surveys also impose greater overall expenses.

Local storage

DVRs and NVRs recording data on-premise can become prey to the vandalizing activities or tampering at the hands of intruders or perfidious employees. Also faced with the drawbacks of limited storage space and easy access to data, locally storage without cloud backup makes data vulnerable to manipulation.

Incident based detection

Analog camera based solutions are incapable of any smart detection like motion or perimeter intrusion detection, making the solution a basic recording mechanism. The system is incapable of sending incident based clips over to surveillance authorities for validation purposes.

Lack of notifications

The lack of a proactive system capable of sending incident based notifications is another challenge enterprises come across. Suspicious activities taking place around the premises don’t get notified, leaving the enterprise vulnerable to intrusions and pilferage; the footage only supporting as forensic evidence.

Maintenance cost

Unlike IP based surveillance solutions, analog systems cannot perform predictive health checks on devices, leaving premise unsecured in the face of any threat during device downtime. Repair of damaged devices after manual device health check leads to greater costs.

Lack of useful insights

Analog recording devices are incapable of applying actionable analytics on recorded data, leaving surveillance personnel with the challenge of deducing useful insights by manually going over all the data. Taking up more time and effort with a greater error margin makes this system of data analysis a wasteful activity.

Cloud Camera Solutions for Warehouses

GRN desk tracking

Appraisal of employee performance can be monitored with cloud camera solutions, enabling users to track productivity at GRN desks and warn employees in case of extended unproductive periods.

Compliance management

Employee compliance of SOPs related to the loading and unloading of shipments as well as their treatment of the inventory can be regulated with the cloud cameras installed across the site.

Perimeter guarding

With IP cameras and intrusion detection sensors installed across the perimeter of the warehouse, the premises are secured of any intrusions, even in the absence of surveillance staff.

Cloud Camera solutions for Banks

Monitored surveillance

Cameras equipped with night vision capabilities enable users to monitor their sites 24*7 and receive incident based notifications when there is any unwarranted detection.

Secure cloud storage

Data recorded via IP camera and sensors gets stored directly on the cloud, eliminating the threat of an on-site data storage facility and allowing users to retrieve data whenever.

Video analytics

Gain insights into the inflow of customers into your branch, keeping a detailed account of the waiting time during peak hours. Also monitor the presence of staff at all the counters during working hours.

Cloud Camera Solutions for Retail

Footfall counting

Monitor all the people entering and exiting your retail store and deduce consumer insights in the scheduled time slots your store is visited with AI based camera solution.

Night Guarding

Protect your premises with day and night vision cameras that detect motion around the premises, reducing the requirement for multiple guards to ensure safety.

Store hygiene

Maintain store cleanliness and monitor employee adherence to hygiene protocols with scheduled snapshots of the site automatically captured before and after the cleaning time.

Cloud Camera Solutions for Healthcare

Continuous surveillance

With hospitals operating 24*7, the surveillance structure must provide round the clock surveillance to ensure maximum security and safety of all staff members and patients. The IP cameras, with night vision abilities detect the presence of people around the premises at night, giving a heads up to the surveillance team.

Access regulation

Access into highly sensitive areas such as medical storage units or areas with extremely expensive equipment or patients with contagious diseases can be restricted with remotely managed locks and padlocks. The surveillance officer can then decide who gets access to which area.

Scheduled Surveillance

Promoting hygiene protocols and monitoring healthcare workers during their rounds can be conducted via scheduled snapshots or footage clips being captured during previously concluded time slots and being sent to surveillance officers to ensure optimal performance.

Cloud camera Solutions for Hospitality

Employee Compliance

With cloud camera solutions employers can continuously monitor the performance of their employees. From following hygiene protocols such as wearing masks, gloves, hairnets etc., inside the kitchen to interacting with visitors in a respectful manner, everything can be monitored.

Remote control

The footage recorded by IP cameras get stored on the cloud, which can be accessed anywhere at anytime. Any digital device with internet connectivity can turn into a control panel for authorized users. The platform can be assessed remotely, allowing users to monitor performance and make necessary changes.

Video Retrieval

The video recorded via cloud cameras facilitates anytime, anywhere footage retrieval. Without going through the complete data recorded, employers can find the required footage by specifying the date and time. Real time notifications raised on the cloud based platform also enables easy retrieval of video.

Cloud Camera Solutions for Restaurants

Incident based retrieval

The footage being recorded via IP cameras is stored on the cloud, facilitating anytime anywhere video retrieval. With real time notifications and alerts being raised on the platform, employers can easily find required footage without going through the pool of data recorded in a day.

Centralized monitoring

The cloud camera solutions enable employers to monitor all smart devices across all sites on a single platform. With chain restaurants, being distributed across geographies, simultaneous surveillance alerts across the premises allows employers to regulate performance of each site all the time.

Hygiene Compliance

Cameras installed in kitchens can be trained to identify the presence (mask, gloves, hairnets) or absence (small animals) of different objects, which can help in hygiene maintenance. Any unsatisfactory situation gets notified to authorized personnel via real time email or SMS notifications.

Cloud Camera Solutions for Industrial Establishments

Inventory Maintenance

With cameras and sensors installed across inventory storage units, the maintenance of the right temperature settings while allowing entry to only authorized personnel can be followed without glitch. The absence of any preferable conditions being notified immediately.

Remote Surveillance

Cloud camera solutions enable authorized users to access the web-based unified dashboard and monitor the site even when not physically present. The right credentials, a UI device and an internet connection give users control over their sites, irrespective of the place or time.

Industrial integration

All industrial establishments situated across geographical distances can be simultaneously monitored on a unified web based dashboard. This integration across data and devices of various sites keeps employers up to date with the overall performance of their factories.

Cloud Camera Solutions for Manufacturing

Live alerts

The cloud camera and smart sensors detect anomalies in the environment and notify the same to the escalation matrix in real time. Alerts are raised on the cloud platform and notifications are sent via email or SMS, allowing users to monitor site 24*7.

Connected ecosystem

All manufacturing sites and the devices installed thereon can be operated from a single control panel. This integrated ecosystem makes site surveillance maintenance easy for employers who do not have to monitor each site separately using different platforms.

Energy Management

The cloud allows employers to analyse the total energy consumption levels of their premises being recorded via energy meters and deduce insights. This cloud service notifies employers of the high energy waste points, allowing them to make amends.

IGZY’s Cloud Camera Solution

Applied analytics

IP cameras can be trained to detect the presence of unwarranted objects or activities (gun, overcrowding) or the absence of warranted ones (gloves, helmets, masks) and at the same time maintaining records of the total footfall and energy consumption of the premises.

Web interface and mobile features

IGZY’s cloud based solution allows users to access the platform directly from their smart mobile devices, via applications or web browsers, in the presence of a secure network connection. With the right credentials, authorized personnel can monitor all devices remotely.

Remote camera configuration

With the cloud camera solution multiple cameras and sensors can be on-boarded or removed remotely. Multiple simultaneous operations can be carried out such as camera configuration and reboot, deployment of commands and change in device settings.

24/7 email and web support

With our 24*7 vigilant command center, receive round the clock updates via email, SMS or as tickets raised on the cloud platform. The command center, upon receiving tagged footage clips from the IP cameras can validate or invalidate incidents and then deploy required commands.

Audio integration

IP cameras equipped with audio recording mechanism allows enterprises to monitor employee behaviour and regulate any form of aggression or verbal abuse. The two way audio mechanism also allows surveillance personnel to deter criminals in case of perimeter intrusion.

Scalable solution

IGZY’s cloud camera solution provides a scalable surveillance foundation, enabling users to on-board a multitude of devices. This allows enterprises to expand their surveillance net while experiencing expansion across their business, without investing in additional infrastructural requirements.

Vandal Proof

IGZY’s wide ranging cloud cameras have been structured to fulfil diverse entrepreneurial requirements. With self analyses abilities, these devices can notify authorities in case of any unauthorized motion or vibrations around the devices. Cameras to be situated outdoors are made vandal proof.

Legacy Upgrades

The cloud camera solution can turn legacy infrastructure into digitized software by boarding current hardware on the cloud led platform for the storage, retention and retrieval of videos captured via IP cameras. This structure can be trained to detect deviations in performance or threatening situations and receive notifications.

Round the clock surveillance

The IP based cameras installed outside premises provide round the clock surveillance, during the day as well as night. The infrared detection abilities of the cloud cameras detect heat emitted from humans moving around the building premises sending alerts to authorized personnel in the presence of unauthorized movement.

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