How to choose the right e-surveillance partner?
How to choose the right e-surveillance partner? X

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  • https://igzy.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Excessive-energy-consumption-and-appliance-burnout..pngExcessive energy consumption and appliance burnout.
  • https://igzy.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Embezzlement-and-pilferage-from-cash-registers-kitchens-and-inventories..pngEmbezzlement and pilferage from cash registers, kitchens and inventories.
  • https://igzy.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Hygiene-and-Ambience-Management.pngHygiene and Ambience Management.


  • https://igzy.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/IoT-backed-smart-plugs-timed-as-per-kitchen-timings-to-reduce-wastage-of-electricity-also-saving-appliances-from-burning-out-if-leftplugged-in.pngIoT-backed smart plugs timed as per kitchen timings, to reduce wastage of electricity, also saving appliances from burning out if leftplugged in.
  • https://igzy.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Smart-cameras-and-instance-based-alerts-for-monitoring-any-movements-around-storage-rooms-inventories-and-cash-registers.pngSmart cameras and instance-based alerts for monitoring any movements around storage rooms, inventories and cash registers.
  • https://igzy.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Smart-sensors-that-provide-real-time-alerts-on-change-in-ambient-temperature-air-quality-smoke-levels-etc..pngSmart sensors that provide real-time alerts on change in ambient temperature, air quality, smoke levels etc.
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  • 10-12am

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  • 8-10pm

People Count

Check conversion rate versus walk-in. Manage staff to get the best employees during peak hours.

Hygiene & Ambience Management

Keep an eagle-eye view of hygienic practices in a busy kitchen and ambience of the outlet with IGZY. Know whether all safety protocols are adhered to and maintain consistency to build a pristine brand image.

Air Quality Checks

Daily air quality monitoring and generation of reports on deviations.

SOP Adherence

Video analytics to monitor daily task execution, proper dress code, identity cards and usage of hairnets in kitchens.


Monitor time taken for table cleanliness and customer seating.

Inventory Health

Keep a check on humidity and temperature in cold storages and inventories to ensure ideal environment for preserved food.

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Real Time notifications on non-compliance to ensure consistent Customer Experience

Environment Control & Energy Management

Ambient temperature, humidity, air quality and maintenance of store environment are key factors that affect a customer’s experience. Over 55% of customers would be willing to pay more if guaranteed good experience.

Opex Control

Keep a check on expenditure on electric and energy consumption to increase savings.

Appliance Health

Smart plugs and timers can reduce the chances of kitchen appliances burning out.

Energy Saving

Know where energy is being drained, to reduce revenue leakage and billing estimates.

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  • 10-12am

  • 12-2pm

  • 2-4pm

  • 4-6pm

  • 6-8pm

  • 8-10pm


Understand how LUX patterns impact purchase journey

People Counting

See how your brand’s marketing campaigns affect turnouts, with a footfall counting mechanism in place. Get walk-in and engagement analytics for customers from different demographics, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – as per convenience.

Footfall Counting

Use AI-based technology to ascertain the number of customers serviced in a day.

Queue Management

Analyse customer wait time upon placing orders and at cash registers using video analytics.

Customer Retention

Facial recognition aids in identifying frequency of repeat visits and analytical reports for average rate of retention.

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