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Office Security

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Importance of office security

Office e-surveillance solutions enable the smooth and efficient functioning of the premises by optimizing operations and providing security from internal as well as external threats. These can provide next level protection to the company’s strive for enterprise security. The system assists in the deterrence of employee theft, break-ins and intrusion; increases protection of employees and customers as well as gathers and stores information in case a crime does occur.

Along with securing the premises and personnel, office security solutions create an employee friendly atmosphere with automated operations that take away the pressure of routine work off the employees; provide operational insights for increased efficiency.

Getting Started!

Product Kit

IP cameras

Cameras with wide angle view for securing the outer premise, covered with a protective layer to keep it safe from environmental conditions. Equipped with people counting and face recognition abilities, it keeps a record of who enters and exists the premise, keeping the user updated at all times.

Access door sensors

These deny access to unauthorized personnel in sensitive areas during and after hours and raise alerts for the same. Access to restricted areas is granted only after an ID verification process. The entry and exit time also get recorded along with the personnel details.

Smoke and fire sensors

Proactive smoke sensors detect harmful smoke particles in the air and sent instant alert to prevent fire and damage to property or personnel. The automated sprinkler system bursts, poring water over the fire, after few minutes of the fire being detected.

Glass break sensor

If the pane of glass (of a door or window) is shattered or broken a notification for the same is sent to the command center; who can then view and monitor the footage of that area and detect any suspicious activities and notify law enforcement if necessary.

Energy meter

The energy meter records the amount of energy consumed by the enterprise, and the data is stored over the cloud. This enables management to deduce energy consumption patterns and eventually reduce energy loss, usage and the costs incurred.

Challenges faced

Access to multiple sites

Monitoring multiple sites and offices at the same time can be a challenge in the absence of an integrated platform. The surveillance team having to switch between platforms to access different locations and security solutions provided by multiple vendors increases the time required to review sites and take actions, ultimately causing a delay in response time.

SOP adherence

The rules and regulations stated by the management are to be strictly followed by employees for the safe and smooth operations of the enterprise. With hundreds of employees spread across different locations, monitoring their compliance to SOP protocols can be challenging. The inability to monitor employee performance can lead to inefficient processes.

Energy management

Our AI based security solution equipped with smart sensors and energy meters capture energy usage data onto the cloud, apply analytics to the data collected and provide insightful patterns and reports into inefficient areas and pain points. These in turn help enterprises to monitor and optimize energy consumption and at the same time reduce expenditure.

Intrusion detection

With multiple sites spread across large geographical areas storing sensitive data and documents, it can get challenging for security heads to provide surveillance to all the premises, entirely manually. These may result in the inability of the enterprise to detect intrusion or internal sabotage and find the accountable personnel, thus incurring exponential losses.

Footage Retrieval

The absence of cloud storage of data captured by smart devices and machines leaves the premise vulnerable to internal and external threat, adding dependency on local ground teams and increasing response time by responsible authorities. The stored data becomes useless if not retrievable when required for evidence and validation purposes.

Man guarding

Human guarding becomes inefficient for companies with multiple offices spread across large geographical regions. Since security personnel cannot monitor every site 24*7, this type of security system becomes highly unreliable. Employment of inefficient manual guarding is expensive and leaves the organization vulnerable to threat.

Office Security Solutions

People counting

Our video surveillance system is equipped with IP cameras with the ability to count the people entering and exiting the premises, also helping to monitor higher traffic areas like office lobbies and waiting rooms, areas more prone to suspicious activities.

Object detection

Our AI enabled video surveillance solution is trained to detect the presence of any unauthorized object like cell phones or any recording devices inside the office; notifying security personnel in the presence of the same.

Centralized monitoring

All the offices of the enterprise can be accessed from a centralized monitoring station. The unified platform allows security personnel to monitor all the sites and devices installed without shifting from one solution to another.

AI enabled video analytics

All the enterprise establishments can be accessed from a centralized monitoring station, the unified platform allowing security personnel to monitor all the sites and devices installed without shifting from one solution to another.

Certified command center

Our ISO 27001 certified command centre monitors multiple sites 24/7 with quick response to notifications coming from different security systems installed across multiple sites to ensure minimal chances of any threat.

Secure cloud storage

A secure cloud storage allows security personnel to view, store and retrieve video and audio footage captured through the office e-surveillance cameras along with data collected via sensors installed across the sites for easy access.

Remote device management

The IoT based platform allows authorized personnel to access and monitor the sites, any day, at any time. Depending upon the role of the personnel, they can make alterations to these devices, the details of which get stored on the platform.

Facial recognition

The system can be trained to recognize the faces of all employees and thus raise alerts when unauthorized personnel enters the premises. The system can also analyse who isn’t wearing a mask, and raise warnings for the same.


24*7 vigilance

The office monitoring system gives complete visibility of all sites to a round the clock operating command center, that ensures the safety of the premises during as well as after office hours.

Secured data

100% security of critical data being transferred from one platform to the other is ensured with the use of AI and ML based advanced security systems with network security.

100% visibility

The e-surveillance system allows management to monitor all the sites and all the installed devices at these sites, receive alerts and notifications which enable real time decision making.

Real time updates

The IoT enabled e-surveillance cameras and sensors transfer real time event updates and alerts to the command center and security personnel, enabling them to take preventive actions.

Our unique value propositions

End to end solution

Igzy provides a platform and managed services; assisting you in procurement, installation and maintenance services.

Web based dashboard

A single web-based dashboard allows user to analyse metric representation, reports, actionable insights for business efficiency.

Customizable platform

Our solution provides users the ability to customize the platform or devices as per their own requirement for greater benefits.

Hardware On-boarding

Our unified platform is compatible with both analog & wired cameras, enabling security and transparency along with analytics & insights.

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