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Leveraging Technology To Improve Lives

Caring for our seniors has always been a priority for us. However, our busy lives sometimes make it a little difficult for us to be there all the time. Igzy bridges this gap by providing solutions which can help you keep a close eye on their health and benefits

Alerts on the go

IGZY solutions are designed to help seniors raise an alert in case of an emergency. The alert signals all connected devices. Our command center, that is live 24x7, responds to any emergency requiring medical help, at any time. With IGZY, always be in the know.

How We Help

We provide solutions which provide easy access to safety, security & convinience for elders to live a better life


Solutions include panic buttons which are designed to alert our command centre in case of an emergency.


FOLO - The fear of lights on haunt most Indian households everyday. We help you ease this process through a single remote for your lights. Now, you can take care of that forgotten light bulb from the comfort of your bed.


Video alerts to notify if there is an intruder or to give you visibility even when you are not there

IGZY Senior Care Solutions

Two-way voice communication

Panic Button


24x7 Command Centre for event-based monitoring

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