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Server Room Solutions

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  • Proactive Smoke Alerts
  • Real Time Temperature, Humidity & Light
  • Entrance Door Notifications

We do it right!

We enable enterprises to keep a strict check on all factors that build an optimal server room environment. Our automated IoT based monitoring solutions helps detect any deviations and allows you to take preventive actions.

Our solutions work on the principle of Sense Analyze and Act, our sensors act as our sensing layer and report the data to our gateway where we analyze the data and push it to the cloud for a visual representation on our app and platform.

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Single Platform for all security needs

  • Detecting deviations in server room environment
  • Deterrence to prevent equipment corrosion
  • Preventing alerts on smoke detection
  • Single unified platform for reporting and analytics

What you will get


Humidity &
Temperature Sensor


Access Control

Web Platform