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Importance of cloud security solutions

The expansion of all the enterprises in different industries has simultaneously projected their growth into the avenue of security surveillance, requiring greater degree of security, that traditional surveillance systems are incapable of according. This consistently growing global video surveillance market is expected to reach $144.85 billion by 2027 growing at a CARG of 14.6%. Cloud security solutions, therefore, have transformed and will continue to transform over the years to support and secure the operations of all categories of enterprises.

Major Industries we serve


Warehouses, with their hefty and expensive inventories and assets, have been vulnerable to threats for a long time, employing e-surveillance security for a more secured and efficient functioning. Igzy’s IoT security solutions have ensured the safety of numerous warehouses all across India, keeping an eye on the operations taking place inside the warehouse and monitoring the external environment at the same time.


Being one of the most vulnerable industries in the market, banks and financial institutions need more than manual security or CCTV cameras. The need for real time monitoring and instant alert system has made e-surveillance a very desirable option for these institutions. Igzy has been able to help a number of financial institutions over the nation to secure their premises with its state-of-the art IoT security system.


With the ever-growing sizes of retail stores, they come across the need to not only secure their premise but to also make it lucratively fashionable to appeal to the taste and interest of the customers. We have provided our solutions to both, big and small retailers, which has not only assisted them in improving security but also resulted in increased efficiency.


In today’s era, with the number of competitors in the market, restaurants, too, are in a vulnerable state to not only secure themselves but also to one up themselves from their competitors. With the instalment of our security solutions, restaurants have been able to control and monitor the performance and ambiance of the premise while also being secured form external or internal threat.

Server Rooms

A crucial part of every business, server rooms house sensitive equipment and data that needs more protection than what a lock and key can provide. The IoT solution protects these powerhouses from unauthorized entry, deviated temperature and humidity levels, vibrations and even server downtime;by notifying the command centre and authorities in case of any such risk and following through with deployed instructions.

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These are smart cameras that can pan, zoom, tilt with wide angle shots, structured to detect any abnormalities in its view and notify authorities in case of the same. These also assist with monitoring the SOP adherence, sending notifications whenever any deviation is captured. These smart cameras are capable of analysing the data recorded without first sending it to the cloud, thus reducing reaction time.


Devices like motion sensor, fire and smoke detector, temperature sensor, vibration sensor and other devices, as per the requirement of the enterprise, are installed all across the premise to not only detect deviation in operations but to also send alerts to notify the personnel in-charge of the same. These smart sensors record data from the environment and motivate certain reactions via actuators.

Secure Gateway

The Igzy solutions not only protect your physical assets but also provide you with a secure gateway, responsible for protecting all the data stored on the IoT platform. The gateway provides a place to pre-process the data before sending it on to the cloud and enables you to establish a secure, persistent connection between your environment and the cloud; forming the most important protective gear for your platform.

Cloud based Platform

Our IoT platform not only allows you to view the current as well as previously recorded data at any point of time but also empowers authorized personnel to monitor and control the operations from the cloud security platform. All the notifications and alerts are received in real time, thus reducing the threat to security. These platforms not only record data but also provide analytics and insights.

Command Center

The 24*7 available command center personnel can monitor any of the cameras and sensors via the cloud security platform at all times. They ensure the safety of the premise by receiving and responding to device alerts within a short span of time, validating or invalidating the notifications upon review. Every action taken by the command centre or any other authorized person on the platform also gets recorded.

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24*7 Livestreaming

Smart cameras and sensors record and store data in real time that can be instantly viewed and monitored from our IoT platform. The people with access to the platform can view the recorded footage at any given time, does significantly reducing the probability of threat to security.

Recorder-less Storage

The IoT based surveillance system allows you to store your data directly onto the cloud and saves you from investing in local storage hardware, which usually tends to be very restrictive in terms of its storage space. You no longer have to worry about deleting data or replacing your hard drive.

Video Retrieval

The video and audio recordings of all surveillance cameras can be accessed at any point in time. The platform not only allows you to avail previously recorded data but also to monitor your premise in real time. This is especially helpful for deploying accountability in case of any wrongful act.

Real time notifications

The smart devices can be trained to send instant notifications to the authorized personnel in certain situations, ensuring the safety of the premise. The authority receiving these notifications can decide the validity of the alerts, following which different commands can be deployed.

Local decision making

The security solution based on AI and ML technology takes a major part of your responsibility upon itself, by carrying out some day-to-day routine operations, thus reducing the time and effort invested on the part of the personnel as well as promising more accurate results.

Unified monitoring system

With Igzy’s IoT solution you get complete, transparent control of your enterprise.The platform not only supports the monitoring and assessment of all the smart devices located over a large geographical area but also allows you to deploy commands for the same.

Proactive Command Center

Connect anyday, anytime with the 24*7 available proactive command center that ensures your premises stay secure. The vigilant command center receives notifications in case a sensor or camera send an alert or if a device goes off, and respond to it immediately; securing your enterprise in your absence.

Customizable Solution

We can make your existing infrastructure smart; turn your age-old system into state-of-the-art technology. This can help you control your expenses by limiting your investment, and yet giving you the best possible experience in the form of security and peace of mind.

Energy Management

The present day IoT solution is capable of recording data regarding energy consumption and sending alerts in case of spikes, curating usage pattern, predicting the seasonal demand, or suggesting appropriate configuration. This reduces the overall energy consumed and cuts down on electrical costs.

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