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Smart enterprise solutions

IoT-enabled smart enterprise solutions for security, business efficiency, and energy-saving.

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IoT-enabled smart enterprise solutions

IoT solutions backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning provide actionable insights to elevate business operations, efficiency, security, and revenue. Track energy consumption to find inefficient sources and reduce wastage. Enhance business optimization with useful insights based on customer experience to know their needs better. Take business security to the next level with video analytics in smart enterprise solutions for proactive threat detection.


Energy management

The inability to monitor energy consumption patterns, hours of operation and heavy appliances can lead to energy wastage by spending excess energy in inefficient areas.

Lack of visibility on SOP

With multiple sites at different locations, administration heads often face challenges in monitoring adherence to critical SOPs that affects uniformity across the brand and causes inefficiency.

Absence of analytics

Lack of video analytics limits the potential of esurveillance devices. The inability to gain actionable insights and visibility on improvement areas results in loss of productivity.

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Benefits for BFSI

Proactive esurveillance

24/7 monitoring of branches and ATMs through multiple esurveillance cameras ensure proactive detection of security threats and intrusion through video analytics that can sense motion, audio, and vibration. Real-time notifications to the platform help inform local authorities immediately.

Remote troubleshooting

Gain complete visibility of the security device’s health and status with instant notifications on a device going offline due to technical error or tampering. Troubleshoot problems remotely to ensure minimal downtime. Regulate and upgrade firmware running on your devices remotely.

Video retrieval

IoT-enabled esurveillance cameras automatically relays monitoring footages to the cloud. The cloud platform stores video footage securely which can be retrieved whenever required. A person with authorization can easily access videos stored on the cloud platform.

Benefits for warehouses

SOP adherence

Track SOP adherence at multiple sites together on a unified platform. It ensures uniformity in opening and closing times of warehouses at different locations. Enhances roster management, timely deliveries, and the proper handling of goods to avoid any damage or loss.

GRN workflow

IoT cameras scan the shipments through the barcode on packages and builds a GRN table that is stored securely on the cloud. It reduces the operational time, enhances productivity, and minimizes error which is possible if shipments are managed manually.

Smoke detection

Due to some negligence or human error, it is easy for goods stored inside a warehouse to catch fire. IoT based proactive smoke sensors detect harmful smoke particles and protect valuable goods from damage. Instant alerts and notifications safeguard the warehouses.

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Benefits for retail

People counting

Monitor the number of customers visiting every store through people counting based on artificial intelligence and machine learning analytics. It helps identify peak hours, visibility on conversion loss and roster management.

Inventory management

Retail stores strictly ensure that the shelves are regularly updated with all the merchandise. Insights gained through IoT solutions backed by machine learning help in keeping a track of empty shelves with notifications on updates.

Energy management

Smart enterprise solutions provide visibility and insights on energy consumption patterns and spot inefficient areas, heavy appliances. It ensures efficient distribution of energy around the premises and reduces any kind of wastage.

How do we do it

Esurveillance cameras

Video analytics system provides actionable insights and data that can be used for security and business optimization. Cloud platform for video storage enables instance-based footage retrieval.

Web-based dashboard

The data collected from multiple devices and sensors can be analyzed on a web dashboard through a dynamic visual representation of metrics and data points for efficient decision-making.

Platform customization

With machine learning capabilities certain rules and logiccan be set up on security systems to customize the platform as per the business needs and align it with their workflow to achieve better results.

Potential of AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities provide actionable insights to businesses from SOP compliance to customer behavior. It leads to quick decision-making.

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