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Automate Security Guarding With Smart Solutions

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  •, pilferage or theft in aloof areas where warehousing facilities are located.
  • adherence and monitoring employee activity.
  • OPEX and maintenance cost for each facility.


  • command center backed surveillance, allowing for round-the-clock surveillance.
  • cameras and sensors giving real-time alerts on line crossing, unauthorized entries, while detecting employee activity through the day.
  • unified platform and interface for monitoring and auditing all facilities, using intelligent cameras and sensors.
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People Count

Check conversion rate versus walk-in. Manage staff to get the best employees during peak hours.

Premise Safety & Security

Warehousing facilities located in aloof areas, outside city limits may be susceptible to theft and robbery. IoT-backed CCTVs allow you to have a 360-degree view of even the largest of areas, on one unified platform available on cloud.

Line Crossing

Real-time alerts on breaching area boundaries, within and outside the facility. E-Surveillance: Keep an eye on who enters and exits the warehousing facility, at any time, from anywhere through a unified surveillance platform.

Alert-based Sensors

Know when restricted areas are accessed, with detailed reports on date, time and duration of access. Sensors for water leakages, fire and smoke ensure minimum damage to goods and manpower.

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Real Time notifications on non-compliance to ensure consistent Customer Experience

Adherence to SOP & Protocols

Ensure that safety and emergency protocols are followed, in addition to monitoring dress codes, attendance, and employee activity. Get real-time alerts on any deviation from standard procedures. Backed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, a unified IoT platform provides 24x7 visibility.

Space Management

Smart cameras placed at strategic angles to ensure efficient use and management of space to store goods.

Dress code & ID card

Ensure all employees use proper safety gear for daily operations and handling of bulky material.

Daily Task Monitoring

Monitor the execution of tasks and checks to be conducted on a daily basis, to ensure good health of stock and server rooms.

Termination of unnecessary protocols

Termination of unnecessary protocols

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