Cloud Video Surveillance Overcoming Security Threats

Is Cloud Video Surveillance Rising to the Challenges of Security Threats?

Cloud Video Surveillance

Businesses face a variety of security threats like thefts, break-ins, pilferage, vandalism, etc. The occurrences of such unfortunate events have risen significantly over the last two years, with the pandemic being a critical influencing factor. A business manager’s responsibility is to take every step possible to protect their business from such threats. This can be done by adopting the latest offering of cloud video surveillance software. 

The blog will take you through the distinct advantages of cloud surveillance and how it helps safeguard against various security threats. 


A cloud video surveillance solution gives you certain benefits over a conventional local storage system. This equips you better to protect your business from the increasing number of challenges of security threats. Some advantages offered are explained in brief below.  

  • Data Storage and Security

All your data is stored on a cloud platform. What this means for you is that you don’t need to store data at each individual site; instead, all data can be stored in a centralized location where it is stored securely and can’t be accessed by unauthorized personnel. 

For example, in case of a break-in or theft, the assailant cannot destroy the video evidence as it is being saved at an off-site location.

  • Accessibility and Ease-of-use

Through cloud video surveillance solution, you can access all of your data and recordings from anywhere in the world with just a simple internet connection and a mobile device. These systems also provide multi-device support, so you can even access them with smartphones and a mobile network. 

For example, you can monitor different sites in real-time across the country sitting in your corporate office. 

  • Scalability and flexibility

Extra server space and storage can be provisioned for in a matter of minutes which gives the businesses a lot of flexibility in terms of capacity. 

For example, you have the flexibility in choosing your surveillance infrastructure. You can opt for an entirely new surveillance infrastructure equipped with IP cameras, smart sensors & cloud services. On the other hand, you can also opt to integrate cloud surveillance with your existing legacy hardware, where you can use analog and IP cloud cameras.

  • Cost

Cloud video surveillance solutions are significantly cheaper than traditional local storage solutions as they only need a single installation cost with minimal hardware, maintenance expenditure, and upgrades. 

For example, you would have to send a technician to each site for routine maintenance, whereas in a cloud video surveillance platform, this can be done remotely.

  • Live footage streaming & real-time alerts

Cloud video surveillance has most significant advantage over a traditional surveillance system is that it works proactively. All data from all the cameras and sensors are uploaded to a cloud platform where it can be used to validate any threat instantly and take immediate action against it.

For example, in case an ATM is broken into, the vibration & glass break sensor can detect just incidents, sending instant notifications to the command center. The cameras, too, are capable of sending alerts in case the vision is blocked or if someone tampers the hardware.

The security officials at the command center will then use a live video stream from the security cameras to actually verify whether there is a break-in or not. If there is, they can use tools at their disposal like a two-way audio system to take action against the assailants and reduce the chances of further losses.


We will try to identify the most common threats faced by a business and try to explain how a cloud video surveillance solution is equipped to counter them. 

  • Thefts/pilferage

Smart IP cameras along with sensors like motion detectors, air quality sensors, glass break sensors can work in tandem. These help keep an eye on the entire facility and protect against cases of thefts and pilferage.

For instance, the moment a gate sensor goes off, an intelligent IP camera nearby can be used to see whether the threat is genuine or is it just a false alarm. In the case of an attempted robbery, the camera’s recording can help identify a lot of things like the number of criminals, the gate they used to break in, the route they followed into the building, etc. This helps the authorities take more appropriate responses. 

  • Intrusions

It is vital to protect your facility against intrusion, and it is necessary to rake all possible measures to prevent intrusion. These cameras are capable of monitoring entrances and exits continuously to detect cases of intrusion.

The system can be set up to automatically monitor gates, doors, and perimeters to detect forced entry or intrusions. In case such an event is detected, the system can immediately raise an alert for a quick response by the relevant authorities. Intrusions mostly happen with malicious intent and lead to further crime. They must therefore be stopped as soon as possible, and an intelligent system helps do exactly that.

  • Vandalism

Smart sensors can monitor things like glass breaks, and IP cameras running live analytics can monitor illicit activities to prevent cases of vandalism. This reduces a business’s cost of repairs and replacement. It also makes sure that there is no unnecessary damage to goods and prevents greater losses due to business interruption.

  • Fire hazards

To monitor fire hazards, cloud video surveillance solutions use smoke detectors and smart IP cameras to detect smoke levels across the facility and can send real-time notifications to the command center where security professionals can validate the situation and escalate the situation accordingly. IP cameras help in supporting these sensors by giving an accurate idea of the fire’s exact location within the facility and its intensity. This helps by making the authorities’ response more effective.

  • Accidents

Most accidents that occur in warehouses occur during loading and unloading. May it be sprains and strains from improper lifting or handling of cargo or injuries which are caused by heavy machinery like forklifts and trucks. Falls from loading/unloading the bay or falling off of stacked goods also lead to many injuries. Each accident or injury leads to a high cost and downtime. Therefore, this must be prevented as much as possible. An intelligent warehouse security system can monitor whether guidelines and operating procedures are followed. 

For example, the system can make sure whether a vehicle is appropriately docked to the station, whether the storage area is well lit or not, whether the site is overcrowded or not, etc.


We can see through this blog that there are various threats that pose challenges to a business which needs to be understood by every business manager to find the right cloud video surveillance solution to help tackle these challenges efficiently. 

To know more about how cloud video surveillance can help your particular business find the right solution, contact us.