Cloud Video Surveillance For Banks: Why Large-scale Banks Are Choosing It?

Cloud Video Surveillance For Banks: Are Banking Giants Ready to Take the Leap?

cloud video surveillance for banks

In a world where threats evolve at lightning speed, banks simply can’t afford to be caught off guard by outdated bank security systems. The traditional methods of safeguarding banks, physically and digitally, are no longer enough to combat the escalating landscape of threats. Banks, thus, need to adhere to innovative solutions to fortify their defence systems. Given such a case, cloud surveillance for banks looms as the foremost one-stop solution.

Cloud-based video surveillance systems are an ideal choice for banks of all sizes because of their scalability and flexibility. They function like modern-day security guards but operate in the cloud, providing a powerful and robust solution for asset protection. According to IDC research, Banks’ cloud surveillance spending is predicted to grow more than 16% through 2024, to $77 billion, compared with 4.5% annual increases in their overall IT budget.

Let’s explore how cloud video surveillance for banks solutions can address your bank’s specific challenges and unlock a new era of financial agility.

Cloud Video Surveillance For Banks: A Modern Shield Against Evolving Banking Vulnerabilities

1. From scattered feeds to centralised views, cloud video surveillance for banks creates a unified security system 

Managing multiple security feeds for dozens of branches and ATMs, all through a fragmented system is a significant challenge for banks. Cloud-based surveillance for banks transforms their security by centralising feeds and improving visibility.

With AI-enabled cameras and real-time monitoring, banks can swiftly detect threats across all areas, from branch entrances to vault rooms, ensuring comprehensive security from regional branches to national networks.

2. Cloud video surveillance for banks offers redundancy, enabling banks to respond to incidents promptly

In this digital era, relying solely on traditional video surveillance systems without cloud video surveillance for banks leaves them vulnerable to security gaps, including the risk of NVR thefts. Additionally, navigating and retrieving specific footage from traditional systems can prove time-consuming and inefficient.  

This outdated approach hinders swift responses to incidents and impedes thorough investigations. Cloud CCTV storage eliminates this risk.

According to a recent study by ASIS International, 93 per cent of organisations consider bank surveillance systems an essential piece of their broader security plan. Certified cloud storage makes your videos safe and secure, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud cameras with advanced video retrieval are more than security tools; they are gateways to a smarter and safer future.

3. Cloud-based surveillance for banks simplifies video management tasks like analytics compared to traditional methods

According to a 2023 survey, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) in the United Kingdom and France identified human error as the top cyber vulnerability. 

Relying solely on human guards for bank security becomes costly and ineffective as branches multiply. Staffing challenges arise, demanding significant budget allocations. The inability to monitor all locations simultaneously poses grave security risks.

Enter cloud video surveillance for banks, a modern solution to streamline bank security operations. No more tedious searches through outdated archives. Cloud storage ensures footage is securely stored and easily accessible anywhere. With automated monitoring and advanced analytics, investigating incidents or suspicious activity is simplified. 

Cloud integration further enhances efficiency by seamlessly managing video data alongside other security systems. Say goodbye to outdated practices; embrace cloud-based surveillance for agile, efficient bank video management.

4. Real-time monitoring with the Cloud plays a pivotal role in fortifying bank security

Maintaining strong bank security requires two key elements: constant vigilance and controlled access to critical areas. These measures go hand-in-hand to create a secure environment for banks of all sizes. Bank security surveillance helps monitor bank activities and prevents the oversight of suspicious incidents. This system provides a clear view of customer interactions and helps track employee movement, allowing the bank to identify and respond to potential threats quickly.

Banks get centralised monitoring of all ATMs and branches, with live camera feeds providing continuous surveillance. The remote control lets you quickly and easily adjust settings and configurations as needed. This real-time connection also automatically updates your devices, ensuring the bank’s security measures stay vigilant against evolving threats.

5. Cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency make cloud-based surveillance a smart investment for banks

Cloud video surveillance for banks reduces the need for physical equipment and on-site maintenance. Traditional surveillance systems often require significant investment in hardware, such as NVRs and dedicated servers, along with ongoing maintenance costs. 

Cloud-based solutions, however, operate on a subscription-based model, offering 7, 15, or 30+ days storage durations, allowing you to optimise storage costs and customisable video resolution options ranging from 480p to 1080p as per your needs.

Additionally, the ease of software updates and integration with existing security cameras further enhances cost-effectiveness, making cloud-based surveillance a smart choice for modern banks aiming to optimise their security budgets while maintaining top-notch security standards.

6. Ensuring seamless adherence to regulatory requirements

Cloud video surveillance for banks ensures seamless adherence to regulatory requirements, including the RBI’s mandate for retaining video footage for at least 180 days. By automatically storing footage securely in the cloud, banks can effortlessly meet these compliance standards without the hassle of manual data management or the risk of data loss. This ensures that banks stay compliant with regulatory bodies, mitigating potential penalties and reputational risks.

cloud based video surveillance in banking industry

Achieve Seamless Security With Cloud-Based Surveillance For Banks

Cloud-based video surveillance for banks has emerged as an essential asset for small and large institutions, offering many benefits for modern security needs.

It provides unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and accessibility, ensuring seamless monitoring across multiple locations for banks of any size. With features like real-time monitoring, remote access, and automated updates, banks can detect and respond to security threats swiftly and effectively. 

Why Choose IGZY?

IGZY’s cloud security for banks offers a comprehensive solution that surpasses traditional methods, offering uninterrupted monitoring of the branches of banks and a unified platform that centralises footage and data

With real-time monitoring, remote access, and automated updates, IGZY’s solution enhances security while optimising operational efficiency. The centralised platform provided by IGZY streamlines video management, enabling banks to detect and respond to security threats swiftly and effectively. 

Our cloud video surveillance for banks ensures compliance with RBI guidelines, which mandate recording preservation for at least 180 days. It works as a centralised hub by empowering proactive threat detection and swift response, thus safeguarding your assets and fostering a secure environment.

Don’t settle for outdated security measures.  Upgrade to a future-proof solution. Contact us today to explore how our cloud-based surveillance can revolutionise your bank’s security strategy. 

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