How Igzy's Unified IoT Platform Can Make Your Cameras Smart?

How Igzy’s Unified IoT Platform Can Make Your Cameras Smart?

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The rapid growth of IoT (Internet of Things) has helped many small and large enterprises with smarter solutions for safety and management. Enterprises today are investing heavily in IoT-based security solutions such as esurveillance cameras, sensors, and alarms. The implementation of multiple cameras and sensors at business sites has proved to be a reliable source of security. But a major issue that consumers often face is to achieve total transparency of their sites remotely due to the lack of a single unified IoT platform. The distributed security solutions and platforms increase complexity in operating a variety of data.

A unified IoT platform to access multiple hardware

A unified IoT platform offers a single application to connect all the security devices and solutions for better visibility. With a unified interface, there is no need to alternate between different security systems to keep track of different sites. A unified platform for security solutions is more productive, scalable, and profitable than the single applications for each device. Some of the common challenges that enterprises face due to the lack of a unified platform are:

  • Enterprises have to switch to different platforms to analyze reports and respond to updates coming from multiple security systems which are challenging and highly inefficient for users.
  • Each security vendor has its own format of representing information and a different layout and structure for data and metric representation of analytics which creates uncertainty for users.
  • Regardless of multiple security devices installed at business sites, users are unable to detect and prevent a threat proactively due to the lack of a single unified platform.

Benefits of a unified IoT platform for enterprises

1. 100% Visibility of multiple sites

Due to the fragmented ecosystem of security devices and solutions provided by multiple vendors, it becomes difficult for enterprises to achieve total visibility of their multiple sites. To keep a check on all the sites together becomes challenging with disparate security systems on hand. A unified IoT platform to access multiple surveillance cameras and sensorsensure100% transparency. Users can easily monitor multiple sites in real-time, keep a check on the health and status of devices to reduce extended downtime, and follow the escalation matrix on proactive alerts to ensure timely prevention of a security threat.

2. Converting data into valuable insights

With AI and machine learning capabilities IoT devices collect actionable data from business operations that can help enterprises track SOP compliance, inventory management, customer footfall, and energy distribution. It provides insights into productivity rate, efficiency, and improvement areas. Distributed platforms with different methods of data representation can cost a lot of time and often leads to inefficiency. A unified platform with a dynamic visual representation for data points, metrics, and insights from multiple sources in one place turns static hardware into a proactive mechanism and improves decision making, efficiency, and enhances ease of operations.

3. Ease of operations

With disparate security systems at hand from multiple vendors, it is challenging for users to alternate between different platforms to access security solutions. By onboarding multiple hardware on a single unified platform, users do not have to switch between security apps every now and then to access security devices that often leads to inefficiency. Operators have complete visibility over all the security devices through a single platform that provides them the ability to view footage remotely and respond to proactive alerts in minimum time.

4. Proactive mechanism

The efficiency of security solutions is based on how actively a threat can be prevented. Timely prevention of threats requires real-time access and quick response to priority notifications. Turning static hardware into a proactive mechanism, a unified platform connects all the devices to a single network to provide instant alerts on any deviation, device failure notifications, actionable insights, and analytics from various sources. Enterprises can easily identify improvement areas and optimize business strategies through actionable data.

Final Words

A unified platform provides a single application to operators to access all security systems in one place for a simplified process and enhanced efficiency. A unified IoT platform proves to be more productive, scalable, and profitable than single applications for each device. Ensure the robust security of your enterprise with monitoring sites and data from multiple systems on a unified platform. Enhance business efficiency with better analysis and response to data in minimal time. A unified platform provides a holistic view of multiple devices right from esurveillance footage, insights on energy management, SOP compliance, and retail analytics.