7 CCTV Surveillance System Benefits For Warehouses

7 CCTV Surveillance System Benefits For Warehouses

Warehouse CCTV Surveillance

A closed-circuit television system or popularly known as a CCTV system, allows the use of video cameras to monitor the interior and exterior of a property. However, a smart CCTV surveillance system assists the monitoring of your premise for security reasons while offering a variety of additional services too. With these systems, you don’t just monitor and actively protect your facility before something goes wrong, but also perform analytics based on industry accepted metrics. It enables proactive SOP compliance and hygiene monitoring, among other parameters.

Throughout the blog, we will take you through how such a system can use these features to improve your operational efficiency while also reducing costs.

What is a CCTV Camera surveillance system?

A smart CCTV surveillance system uses IP cameras to monitor property and record all data to a cloud storage platform. It enables data from multiple facilities to be uploaded to the cloud.  Moreover, data from any site can be accessed through the cloud by anyone anywhere in the country with a working internet connection and a mobile device.

This reduces the need for individual facilities to store and manage data separately. As for the IP cameras themselves, they are capable of using video analytics to offer several features like motion detection, night guarding, object detection, facial recognition, and more. These services are all provided by running Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms in real-time on the cloud platform’s back end. Services like these help simple cameras become much more effective. For example, a smart camera in a warehouse can automatically monitor both inbound and outbound inventory and look for any discrepancies, in real-time, simultaneously, while sending alerts if necessary.

Advantages of CCTV Camera surveillance system for warehouses

1. Night guarding

CCTV cameras are advantageous as with night vision they are as effective during night time as they are within the day. Also, IP CCTV cameras can simultaneously cover the entire facility, with multiple camera views streaming live on a monitor. A security guard on patrol, however, only has two eyes and limited vision and focus to cover entire grounds at all times. This makes e-guarding at night time much more secure.

2. Object detection

With live video analytics, these cameras can identify objects which are not permitted within the facility like a firearm or any other sort of weapon or even bags that have been left unattended at the site. The moment a suspicious object is detected, they can raise an alarm and send a notification to the command center where the threat can be verified and the relevant authorities can be notified.

3. Access control

A smart surveillance system can also be integrated with various access control systems and sensors to control employee movement within the facility. For example, in case a smart door sensor sends a notification of forced entry, a nearby CCTV camera can be immediately used by the command centre to verify whether the threat is real and valid or not. The two way audio system also helps command center personnel contact the intruder and verify their identity before taking any further actions.

4. Fire safety

These smart surveillance systems can also be integrated with the fire management systems to protect and actively fight a fire before it can cause any damage. For example, the moment a smart smoke sensor goes off in an area, CCTV cameras can be used to find whether there is a fire, if there is a fire, a camera can be used to identify its exact location and also the intensity of the fire.

5. Perimeter intrusion detection

These cameras can use video analytics for motion detection. These can be used all around the perimeter of the facility to detect intrusion. For example, they can monitor the moment somebody jumps a boundary wall and can raise an alert.

6. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) adherence

Warehouses have a set of operating procedures and guidelines that it expects its employees to follow to inventory maintenance and efficient operational performance. These cameras can be set according to a client’s needs to monitor different activities. For example, food items should not be stored near hazardous materials. If a camera detects this, it can directly send a notification to the floor manager.

7. Machine activity

Very often machines are left running even when not in use. This adds to the energy consumption of the facility while also leading to overheating of equipment that can marginally reduce its life. These cameras can be used to monitor how long a machine is working, how long it is inactive and lying idle.

How can a reliable CCTV surveillance system help reduce costs?

A reliable CCTV surveillance system can help bring down operational costs drastically.

  • They act as a deterrent to pilferage and thefts. In a study done on incarcerated burglars 60% of the confined stated that the presence of a CCTV surveillance system or their knowledge of it would make them reconsider their targets.
  • These cameras reduce the need to have guards or the number of guards being employed to secure a premises. During night guarding, you need minimal staff if you have night vision smart CCTV cameras protecting your facility. Even during working hours, instead of having guards monitoring employees to check SOP’s they can spend their time usefully monitoring the premises from a multi-view screen.
  • Pro-active notifications reduce the time it takes to respond to a threat or a fire. This can help prevent a fire from doing a lot of damage or a thief from stealing.
  • These systems by making sure SOPs are maintained, make sure all activities within the warehouse are occurring at an optimum level. This reduces errors and hence improves efficiency
  • Cloud storage at a centralized location means they remove the need to have local storage at each site. This means fewer expenses to maintain and manage storage at each facility; reduced costs of hardware, service, and repairs.

How can an intelligent CCTV surveillance system improve business efficiency?

A reliable CCTV surveillance system can help improve efficiency in multiple ways which are briefly explained below:

  • These systems monitor sites 24*7, making sure SOPs are maintained and all activities within the warehouse occur at an optimum level. This reduces the margin for errors and hence improves efficiency.
  • These systems can also be integrated with various temperature sensors and energy monitoring systems to check the health of all machinery and equipment. It can monitor energy consumption patterns and check for abnormalities. For example, it can detect if a refrigerator is using more energy than average or is overheating, and send a notification to the manager if the refrigeration unit needs maintenance or service. This prevents equipment and machinery from breaking down and requiring expensive repairs.
  • These systems also track inventory throughout their journey in the warehouse. They can identify points of delay, and point to exactly where a delay is happening. This improves the efficiency of the supply chain.
  • These systems can also make it easy for floor managers to monitor employees more efficiently and give them time to focus on more critical aspects of their work.
  • Footage saved on cloud can act as evidence during disputes, saving a lot of resources in terms of time and effort. These recordings can be shared with relevant authorities on request and can also protect a business from a lot of false claims.

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