How To Choose The Right Cloud Video Management System?

How To Choose The Right Cloud Video Management System?

Let’s face it; Cloud Video Surveillance has become more and more critical over the years.
Thousands of employees work for you, whether you run a small business or have a large enterprise setting. Why is that?

Cloud Video Management systems make it extremely easy for businesses to access what is happening at different locations, all on a single platform. Especially for those who want to keep everything in check even when they are not physically present at the exact location.

However, the catch is not just that; more factors about cloud video management make it stand out regarding surveillance and monitoring business. Before that, let’s briefly understand it.


What is Cloud Video Management System?

Cloud video management system allows you to control your security footage’s recording, storing, access, and management from one centralized location. With a cloud-based video management application, you can monitor live video streams and recordings in one consistent view that can be accessed anytime at any site via a web browser or mobile device.

How does a Cloud Video Management System Work?

Cloud Video Management System collects video footage from cameras on the same network. It then stores these videos in the cloud server for a predetermined period, for example, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, etc.

When the footage needs to be accessed, the Cloud video management VMS provides a platform for viewing surveillance videos from multiple cameras and locations in one central forum – bringing their footage together in one place.

With cloud-based CCTV VMS, you can access your surveillance footage anytime via an easy-to-use portal or mobile app.

10 Facts about Cloud Video Management you may not know

Cloud Video Management Facts

1. Remote Access is Easy and Secure

Cloud Video Management Systems make remote access simple and secure.
It allows you to view surveillance videos from multiple cameras and locations in one central platform.

Cloud Video Management System allows you to manage your network remotely via a web browser or Smart device. The system also provides an easy way to access your security logs and footage from anywhere at any time. Moreover, cloud video surveillance is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring the security of your needs.


2. It’s as Simple as using your Smartphone

The cloud video management system provides viewing tools on the platform itself. It makes it easy to watch and monitor the footage from intelligent devices such as desktops, laptops, and Mobile.

Regardless of where you are or what time of the day, You can search for different videos, adjust the camera setting, send footage from the platform itself, and so much more.


3. Notifications and Reports In-Hand

Cloud Video Management System provides real-time notifications of the defined matrix according to the business. The analytics provide information you can act on, such as alerting of potential safety liabilities, providing necessary audits, and maintaining compliance.

With Cloud Video Management System, the business can be monitored with a 360-degree view. This includes access to all your data through a single dashboard and a detailed overview of the entire system. The custom reports allow you to analyze your data in whatever format makes sense for your business needs.


4. You can Share Live and Recorded Videos with Anyone

Cloud Video Management System allowed you to share live and recorded video footage with anyone from anywhere in the world. It offers a simple way to create a connection between different locations.

You can download the video in segments that need urgent attention and share it with the concerned person.


5. Leverage the Best Features of the Cloud with Video Analytics

Cloud Video Management System also provides you with actionable insights and analytics.

These analytics can be based on the footage and objects detected by the cloud camera systems. Moreover, it allows you to receive alerts based on the detection of objects.

The video footage can be filtered by date and object, which makes it easier to find specific events without having to scroll through hours of footage.


6. Remote Management means you’re Never Out of Touch

Cloud video management system allows you to monitor and control your cameras remotely. Adding a tripwire through the platform can also set up motion detection zones and adjust camera sensitivity to specific areas.


7. Timelapse Controls

To create a timelapse video, you need to shoot the timelapse footage in advance. You’ll have to spend time and money obtaining the equipment required to film your project.

This can only be easy if you know what you’re doing. You may need to learn how to use it properly to buy expensive equipment.
Cloud Video Management allows you to track project progress with a day-to-day timelapse video. Easily share it with relevant people.


8. Zero Downtime of Security Devices

The system has zero downtime for security devices. You can continually monitor the security systems’ health and sends real-time alerts to the user and their security professional if a camera goes offline.


9. It’s Economical and Easy to Install Anywhere

Cloud video management systems provide a much more flexible and cost-effective way of managing your networked CCTV surveillance system. Cloud video management systems can also be integrated into your existing IP cameras and NVRS. So you can save money on upgrading your current setup with new hardware.


10. Users can Add Information and Adjust the Access to Viewers

For example, you might want to share a camera’s view with a specific person or group but not give them full admin access. Or you’re looking for ways to get more eyes on your surveillance footage.

With traditional CCTV systems, sharing video access with others often requires physical access to the recorder. With cloud video management, however, there is no need for physical access to the recorder.

Users can add relevant stakeholders with read-only or full admin access to all or specific cameras. The user granted admin rights can view, edit, delete and share videos with any other user on your network.


Cloud-based video management solutions offer flexible solutions and make it easier to share, watch and coordinate the creation of videos.
However, cloud video management has many more things to learn and discover. With this knowledge, you are ready to proceed with a positive outlook on the future. If you’d like to explore how Igzy’s best cloud video surveillance can work wonders for your business, reach out to [email protected]


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