4 Home Automation Devices To Make Your Home A Smart One

4 Home Automation Devices To Make Your Home A Smart One

Home Automation Devices- Is your home really smart? - Igzy

As per Maslow’s need hierarchy theory, once the basic need for food and shelter is fulfilled, the need for security and safety arises. As a human, our safety needs begin from the comfort of our home. In the present era, with vast expansion in technology, one can invest in Home Automation Devices to strengthen their home security. 

You have recently bought a new house, and it looks just like your dream home. It’s not just the house’s architecture that attracts you but also the idea of how safe your family would be staying here. For you to invest your lifelong savings and imagine your future in this home, it has to be safe, secure, and in the right hands. 

When it comes to your close ones’ safety, proper planning and meticulous execution take you a long way. Before investing your life’s worth in a place, ask yourself, is the home really secure?

Home automation devices and sensors with the internet of things’ base bring home security solutions to your fingertips. 

Investing in IGZY’s smart sensors for home surveillance enables you to make your home intelligent. 

If you have not explored the cloud-based IoT smart sensors, It is time to look into new technological avenues. A few home automation devices like the Door Sensor, Glass break sensor, and Smoke Sensor give the perfect energy-conserved smart home.


Any unauthorized entry in your home can now be checked instantly and notified by IGZY’s Home Automation Sensors. The sensor works on the principle of the Circuit break principle whenever the door opens. The switch closes when two parts of the door are close to each other and break away, increasing the gap. This break in the circuit triggers the sensor to signal the control panel and raises the alarm.

So, now you can not only secure your valuable assets but also be rest assured of the safety of your near and dear ones. The elders and the children in the home remain safe when you leave for outside work.


The Indoor house camera can record the required footage and retrieve it anytime, anywhere on any desired medium. Your security breach can be traced anytime with cloud-based storage. You can retrieve the footage for up to 90 days based on the subscribed plan in case of any disputes. Get the complete view live on your phone or computer with the sensors’ easy compatibility to the electronic mediums with IGZY’s house video camera. Your security is double-checked with our intelligent sensors.


You have always dreamt of those fancy homes having glass doors but have been reluctant to experiment. The idea of someone breaking into your house through the glass door is extremely frightening. This fear of pilferage and unauthorized access can now be diminished with our Home Automation Devices. With Igzy’s Glass Break Sensors and house surveillance cameras- we give you that perfect sense of security. Whenever somebody tries to break the glass, the sound above the threshold level is breached. It will activate the inbuilt microphone. They are analyzed by the detector circuitry and, hence, an alert to the owner.


The smart Smoke sensors can detect any mishappening caused due to the break of a sudden fire at home. The central house alarm system fitted in the sensor detects any smoke, either optically- photoelectric or ionization. 

Smoke inhalation during house fires is responsible for more than half of deaths during fire outbreaks. Innovative technology can reduce such threats up to 1/4th. The automation devices enable you to secure your home today from such an untoward incident.

All this happens on the cloud while you are on your routine work and do not need to worry about any security concerns like theft or the device’s loss, any attempts to disconnect the device, and the hard disk’s storage limit in the traditional hard disk. You have local access to the footage at your convenience. The on-demand surveillance is available at your fingertips.

The Artificial Intelligence backed home automation sensors imitate human intelligence and give real-time monitoring of your premise. When all the system comes packaged in a 24/7 live monitoring and energy-efficient systems, the home is called a smart home in real sense. The synchronization and integration of technology in the human space are seamless and user-friendly, making the surveillance smoother.

Wake up to the technology watch and keep the perimeter of your dream home safe with our intelligent surveillance systems.

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