8 Ways How Security Surveillance System Benefits Enterprises

8 Ways How Security Surveillance System Benefits Enterprises

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A business indulges in a diverse set of operations, requiring a secure set-up that maximizes its workforce’s efforts. When it comes to ensuring a business’s efficiency and operations, developing a culturally inclusive and comforting environment goes a long way. The feeling of security and the consolation of being heard by supervisors can bring comfort to employees, pushing them towards greater productivity. With organizations that invest in a security surveillance system to protect their enterprise from external harm and ensure the maintenance of an appealing workspace for all employees, productivity is generally high.

With the expansion of enterprises with workspaces across the same region or different geographies, employees’ responsibilities become specialized. This situation leads them to be oblivious to other employees’ duties, creating a barricade between departments. Under these circumstances, a more stringent set of SOPs needs to be followed by all employees for business operations to fall in line with each other.

Facilitating the proper maintenance of protocols and ensuring the safe management of operations, a security surveillance system impacts an enterprise’s internal operations.
<h2data-short-heading=”Importance Of A Security Surveillance”>Keeping in mind the importance of a security surveillance system for a business to protect it from any stray occurrences,

Let us discuss eight ways in which these systems benefit an enterprise

1. 100% Coverage

A well-designed and strategically placed security surveillance system will allow you to have 100% visibility of your enterprise. Even though it’s not recommended to install cameras everywhere, i.e., changing rooms or employee leisure rooms, placing them around access points, workshops, across aisles, and production units is always helpful. These systems allow employers to keep a check on their employees’ performance while at the same time assessing anyone and everyone that enters the premises.

2. Operational Insights

With edge analytics, the security surveillance system’s database also enables employers to learn more about their customers, especially businesses dealing with regular customer interactions. For a retail store, these analytics can provide insights about the gender ratio of their customer base, their demands, the time they spend in the store, and the time when their store has maximum footfall.

Similar insights about employee performance, their adherence to SOPs, and the enterprise’s rules and regulations can be gathered with the surveillance mechanism.

3. Energy management

Present-day surveillance mechanisms are equipped with IoT-based cameras and intelligent sensors that record and analyze the data recorded. One of these is the energy meters that can record the whole enterprise’s energy consumption for a day, week, or a month, transmit the information onto a single unified platform, and deduce insights. Finding areas of the enterprise with more significant energy requirements, owners can cut down on electricity wastage with these insights.

Turning off devices when not in use can considerably reduce an organization’s total electricity consumption. However, discovering these deviations without a security surveillance system (in other words, doing it manually) can take much time and even then, may not provide desirable results.

4. Cut down security-related costs

An IP camera-based security surveillance system can create an atmosphere of reliability, something that dozens of security guards cannot do. Even with a growing number, the surveillance personnel cannot be always present across the site, monitoring the premises’ outskirts while also ensuring internal harmony among employees.

And let us not forget, with the growing number of security staff comes an escalation in surveillance costs.

On the other side of the spectrum is a tech-based surveillance mechanism that allows employers to have eyes across all (major) operational points of the organization. With advancements in technology, these structures are becoming more affordable and user-friendly. Moving to the era of wireless, real-time communication, these systems have taken over the risks of being physically present in the case of an intrusion or accident while still being first on the crime scene.

5. Monitor high-risk areas

For employers managing manufacturing units or warehouses storing harmful, inflammable, or reactive commodities, a security surveillance system is necessary. CCTV cameras strategically stationed around these areas allow site supervisors to continuously monitor the area, especially when operations are in full force.

Rather than waiting on surveillance staff to go around the unit ensuring the quality of operations, these security systems are equipped to discern any deviations in the process that can be harmful.

The placement of alcohol-based cleaners around light sources, loose machine wires, electric overload, etc., can lead to unexpected fires, explosions, and electrocution, leading to loss of life and property.

Surveillance mechanisms can automatically comprehend changes in the processes’ set ways, recording every deviation and notifying the changes to a surveillance supervisor.

6. Resolve disputes

Big or small, every enterprise that employs many people is bound to experience occasional disagreements, arguments, and worse. Misconduct between employees or abuse of power between hierarchies can cause emotional distress to employees while also hindering their productivity.

IP cameras located at different intersections of the enterprise ensure that such situations get noticed by the surveillance staff or human resources and are brought under control. The audio recordings and video evidence make it easier for escalations to understand the situation better and find the responsible instigator.

Workplace sexual and physical harassment incidents can be checked with cameras installed at every crucial part of the organization. An intelligent security system can be trained to recognize changes in behavior that can automatically prompt a chain of affairs that notify surveillance personnel to monitor the situation.

7. Performance appraisal

Technological advancements have taken over every field of application, but it is yet to replicate a human touch. In most industries, some operations are predominantly personalized. In retail stores or restaurants, customers expect to have conversations and consultations with employees; their need for human interaction is something machines cannot replace. Whether backend or front desk, every organization requires a talented and hard-working employee pool.

It is, however, no surprise that humans are more susceptible to errors, and acts of negligence can cause enterprises considerable losses. To keep such situations in control, employers can evaluate their employees’ performance anytime, anywhere. Whether it requires live streaming the premises’ data or retrieving footage of an earlier date, supervisors with access to the mobile application can monitor employees at any time.

8. Theft prevention

Break-ins, vandalism, and theft are common hazards of owning a business, and employers must plan for the inevitable. Since one cannot negate the harm these incidents can cause to the enterprise, its human resources, and its reputation, setting up a well-structured security surveillance system becomes a priority.

Strategically placed video recorders, motion and vibration sensors installed across access points or restricted areas keep these unprecedented occurrences to a minimum. Even if an intruder manages to get through despite the perimeter surveillance structure, smart devices installed across the sites will locate their presence and notify the authorities.

A unified mechanism that holds your enterprise together

An IP-based camera security surveillance system provides employers with the capability of integrating all operations onto a single unified platform. It allows users complete control and 100% visibility into their premises, and the solution enables round-the-clock surveillance, remotely and on-premises.

IGZY’s security surveillance system allows employers to monitor their premises continuously to ensure the safety of assets and employees while evaluating employee performance in real-time.

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