Office Security Camera System-A Powerful Digital Surveillance Solution

Office Security Camera System Installation & benefits

Office Security Camera

There is a common assumption about small businesses and offices not needing security cameras and surveillance. People think that offices won’t be a target for theft and other criminal activities as they don’t have many valuable physical assets compared to warehouse and retail business. These assumptions make offices an easy target for crimes as offices fail to prepare. When criminals come to know about such businesses which don’t have strong security in place, those offices become an ideal and easy target.

At some point in time, there is a high probability that every business will face some kind of criminal activity. Keeping in mind, the additional benefits of a proper surveillance system, office owners should opt for office security cameras to ensure employees safety, prevent outer&inner theft, and check the workplace from wherever possible.

The physical man guarding and security staff throughout the office space can burn a hole in the enterprise’s pockets. Moreover, human beings can’t have eyes everywhere at every point of time. Advance digital surveillance tools and technology are way more affordable and powerful when it comes to effective security management. Installing the best security cameras in the office space not only prevents unwanted incidents like burglary but also creates a peaceful and conducive environment for the employees to work.

Best Places to Install Office Security Cameras

Correct location and placement of the camera is what makes the difference in office security surveillance. With proper placement, one can get optimum coverage and exceptional protection for both the office property and its employees. With the appropriate placement of the IP cameras, the organization not only ensure full coverage in case of any incident, but also minimize the number of security cameras in office building improving overall video quality.

Office Entrance and Exits

Entrance and exit are the two most important locations to install security cameras. Almost every person gets in or out from these points only. So it is essential to have IP cameras with face identification installed here. These are capable of capturing clear human faces. This will keep a record of all people entering and exit and will would be of great help in identifying suspects. Moreover, cameras with people counting abilities could also be installed at the entry and exits to smartly keep a record of the number of people inside office premises. To keep a check after the office closes, smart motion detection can automatically turn the cameras on in case movement is sensed.

Office Reception and Waiting Area

These are some high-traffic areas for an office. And that is why it becomes essential to install security cameras here. Especially waiting areas host a lot of people at any given point of time. This can be the starting place for any criminal activity and any suspicious activity should be detected in the initial phases only to keep the office property and its people safe. In case, visitors don’t seem comfortable with cameras installed at the reception area, then mini cameras could be installed which are much smaller in size and doesn’t grab much attention from people passing.

Office Storage and Supply Rooms

Offices don’t have many valuable physical assets but they have confidential files and documents and some important credentials which if stolen can be a great loss for the organization. Storage rooms are the location where these documents and other office devices are stored. The organization needs to keep a check on who enters the storage room and who access the files present there.

Main Office Building Gate

Main building gate is the major entrance for anyone entering the office premises. So it becomes important to install security cameras there. Since the cameras are positioned outdoors, one needs to find such cameras which can handle outdoors conditions like moisture, temperature and harsh weather conditions without a drop in performance. Moreover, cameras should be capable of viewing large distances such as roads. And lighting can also be an outdoor issue. So in these cases, IP cameras like bullet camera become a perfect choice. These have a protective case above it to keep it safe from dust and water.

Security cameras may not be installed facing directly towards employee’s desks as it may hamper with their privacy. Security cameras must be installed after thoroughly checking the office premises, its locations and its implications.

Benefits of Office Surveillance

Theft Detection

Usually offices don’t have many high-value physical assets, but still there is a risk of thieves breaking in and stealing some of the important stuff. Even a single computer or laptop of an organization can reveal the confidential information of the organization. A security camera in the office premises helps in minimizing the risk from theft by giving the details of what is happening in the premises every second. Moreover, the visible cameras itself creates a sense of fear in the minds of thieves as there is a security system installed already and it can be a danger for them. This helps offices in handling security breaches and managing their security more efficiently. This is proved to be beneficial in both internal as well as external theft.

Employees Safety

Employee safety is the most important part of an organization. With security cameras keeping a check on whose entering the office premises, it deters potential criminals from unauthorized access in the premises. It discourages them from criminal activity by making them aware that all their actions are being recorded. With these security systems in place, employees know that security cameras are in their place. It makes them feel safe and more comfortable to work freely.

Dispute Management

Often disputes in the organization tend to get twisted and naturally, every individual tells the part of the story which puts them in a better light. With security cameras in place and recording everything that happens, several disputes such as disputes between employees or disputes with the clients, can easily be resolved by reviewing what happened and who is at fault. Several feuds between employees, customers or tenants can be put to an end fast. Moreover, security cameras also come handy when human resource is concerned. If an employee is consistently coming in late, security footage can be used to verify the same.

Things to Consider Before Installing Office Security Cameras

  • Every type of security camera has different capabilities. Some cameras can provide 360 degrees visual while some can capture fast-moving objects with the high frame rate. Some cameras can modify their focus while some have the protective casing to protect them from vandalism. Cameras should be chosen considering their ability, the location they are being installed and the task they need to do.
  • When selecting a surveillance system, the organization needs to consider its future growth plans. If a business plans to include more floors to the office, more entrances, or adding more sites that need to be surveilled, then the organization should invest in a system that is easily scalable with least cost and hassle.
  • If an office is interested in audio recording, then it should make the provisions for it beforehand because specific hardware needs to be installed with the security cameras to make audio recording possible.

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