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Surveillance camera – the heart of Video Surveillance

surveillance camera

The surveillance industry has witnessed an immense expansion in the last decade and is in no hurry to slow down. According to a Statista research the video surveillance camera market, with an increased adoption of surveillance camera systems, is predicted to grow from USD 23.6 billion in 2019 to USD 44 billion in 2025.

With an increase in break-ins and intrusions, people across the globe have started investing their trust into technology-based mechanisms rather than an overt dependency on personnel guarding. These automation and smart detection-based cameras act as a third eye, letting one peek into recesses that were earlier invisible, accentuating the overall security of households and work premises.

Why you need a surveillance camera?

Your home is your safe haven, a collection of everything you love and have worked hard for, gone through the troubles of establishing from dirt or renovating it to turn it into the closest replica of your dream house. Leaving your home unprotected and as an easy target to unwelcomed guests can put you and your loved ones at risk. Coming home from a vacation, only to find your home distraught can never be a pretty site either.

Turning the tide towards your workspace, the feelings are similar. A place holding together the futures of hundreds of employees, turned upside down one night, only for you to realize it the next morning. Walking into your morning shift with a brew in one hand and your laptop bag in the other, only to find that nothing is at its place, not even the table you put your laptop on.

If these cases swell up something inside you, emotions inclined towards fear of the future or a sad reminiscence of the past; now might be the right time to evaluate your security plan.

Even with a surveillance camera installed at your home or work facility, your unawareness of the security requirements of your premises can cost you a fortune. The inability to extract the right benefits for your security concerns or the incapability of your surveillance structure to provide the same can lead you towards a higher cost than you bargained for.

Types of surveillance cameras for your security concerns

Different people, owning different properties in different types of arenas cannot utilize the same surveillance structure to protect their premises. From warehouses settled in the middle of nowhere to a retail store right in the heart of a market; all their security concerns can be facilitated by a wide variety of surveillance cameras.

With technological advancements in the field of surveillance, the industry has grown manifolds. With a bunch of different cameras available in the market, the real deal is finding the one best suited for you. Between analog and network-based cameras, most CCTV models being found as both, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of these surveillance structures according to your need.

Do you need an on-premise storage, remote storage, or a combination of both; require a system that is wireless, wired, or a combination? Does your premise need special analytical and detection abilities? Depending on these basic criteria, you can decide the surveillance camera solution you might benefit from.

There is a certain type of camera for every use case out there. With constantly changing security requirements, advancing technologies, and greater dependency on secured networks, cameras too have gone through tons of changes. A surveillance camera is no longer just a structure for recording video footage but a complete mechanism in itself. From recording video and audio, applying analytics (recognizing patterns, objects & people, detecting motion, etc.,) and compressing data to transport it to the cloud via a secured network, an IP-based surveillance camera is capable of it all.

From the most basic to the latest and advanced, here are some common types of surveillance cameras

Box cameras

If an ‘in your face’ approach is what you need, box cameras with their big structures and not so discrete design give a clear signal to intruders. Acting as a deterrent due to their size and structure, these cameras are at fixed angles providing constant surveillance to particular areas.

Dome camera

On the other hand, if a camera that deters criminals because of the uncertainty of its angle of focus is more preferable to your home or office, dome cameras can be your best choice. From being vandal resistant to having night vision, these cameras prove to be suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

PTZ camera

Pan, tilt, and zoom cameras do exactly what their name states. From panning right and left, tilting up and down, and zooming in or out; these cameras can follow pre-scheduled patterns or be operated by a surveillance personnel. These flexible cameras allow you to cover a wide area range.

Bullet cameras

Want to protect your warehouse situated in the outskirts of town from intrusive activities? Bullet cameras can be your saviour. From long-distance vision to weatherproof casing and night vision, bullet cameras can be the right choice when it comes to surveying larger areas.

Day/Night cameras

From coloured footage during the day to black and white footage of later hours, day and night cameras with their extra sensitive imaging chips are able to provide round-the-clock surveillance for areas that may face threats even when half the world is fast asleep.

HD & 4K Cameras

A high-quality image and video footage is a necessary part of any surveillance structure, being able to tell what or who has set off an alarm or who is trying to breach your privacy. While a surveillance camera with resolution of 720p captures sharp images, a surveillance camera capturing videos at 1080p offers an even more detailed peek into everything happening around you. With a surveillance camera of resolution 4K, the video quality is just as intense as is the bandwidth requirements and cloud storage.

From trends to necessities: Some basic requirements people look for while investing in a surveillance camera

Audio integration

Knowing what is being said in which situation can take away the ambiguity of situations, especially those of verbal abuse, fights, or just aggressive behaviour between employees or customers.

AI integrated analytics

Cameras that can detect motion, recognize patterns, objects, people, faces; even in the dark or environmental disturbances are moving towards becoming the acceptable standard when it comes to investing in a surveillance camera.

Night Vision and thermal detection

Irrespective of which surveillance camera one buys, night vision capabilities have become a necessity, especially for cameras installed in outdoor settings. Capable of providing round-the-clock surveillance, these infrared cameras detect heat and energy emitted from people trying to enter a premise.

The video surveillance industry is a world on its own, with a surveillance camera being at the heart of it all. While security cameras have been used for decades and more, they’ve recently witnessed a surge of new possibilities and potentialities, giving birth to more advanced mechanisms. With a wide variety of surveillance cameras available in the market today, suitable for a varying set of use cases and customizable to accustom to the needs of customers; users can opt for a surveillance camera solution that fulfills their requirements.