Virtual Gaurding With Igzy's Smart Surveillance Solutions

Virtual Gaurding With Igzy’s Smart Surveillance Solutions

Smart Surveillance Solutions

IGZY’s smart surveillance provides a host of services which cater to each and every security need of any business. IGZY combines several comprehensive security services like video surveillance, motion detection, access control and perimeter intrusion under a single unified platform. This makes it easier to monitor and manage multiple sites at once. Moreover, all services provided under IGZY are offered as an end-to-end solution, this means that everything from setup and installation to monitoring and maintenance is part of the solution. This significantly reduces a client’s efforts and provides them with a smooth experience as all of their needs are met by a single service provider.

Manual vs Virtual guarding

Manual guarding has been the traditional way most businesses have protected themselves for the longest time. However, that does not mean this method has always been effective. When compared to virtual guarding through smart surveillance systems, we can see a lot of places where manual guarding falls short.

The biggest drawback is that manual guarding is insufficient, guards are unable to simultaneously monitor multiple areas at once which is a big concern for big areas like warehouses, factories, hospitals, hotels, etc. Smart surveillance with live video analytics on the other hand can monitor entire facilities at once.

Another major drawback is the cost of manual guards. Smart surveillance requires a one-time investment with minimal maintenance costs whereas manual guards are comparatively quite expensive.

Manual guards also pose as a major contingent liability in case of an armed robbery. There is a big threat to life for these guards. For example, most ATMs have a single guard posted and in the event of an armed robbery with several assailants, the guard is completely ineffective. Moreover, the guard can’t escalate the matter to a higher level for response. A Smart surveillance system is quick to detect and react to such a situation. It can escalate the matter quickly and have the responsible authorities respond on time.

Importance of Virtual guarding

Monitoring through a lens in a safe room has its perks. A security personnel can monitor multiple sites and view different angles, contact local authorities and deter criminals from commiting a crime, while staying in the security of a surveillance room.

A Virtual Guarding System:

  • Monitors the entire facility, covering each and every location at all times. These systems have night vision capabilities that enable site monitoring in the dark, in the absence of multiple guards and employees.
  • Having a virtual guard allows you to remotely Monitor multiple sites across the country with ease, from a single place using just your browser or mobile system. Storage and accessibility is simplified with cloud solutions that safely store data for upto two years and can be accessed only through authorized credentials.
  • These systems are proactive and can start to take action before any incident takes place. If a camera detects an assailant entering the premises with a weapon, it can detect the presence while its object recognition capabilities can detect the weapon, and alert the command centre before the assailant gets an opportunity to cause damage.
  • Smart Surveillance can also use a variety of sensors to safeguard against different types of threats. Vibration sensors can be used to sense break ins, motion sensors can be used to detect unwanted movement, glass break sensors can be used to monitor cases of vandalism, smoke sensors to alert against fires. All these sensors work in tandem with smart cameras which can be used to verify the situation in real-time whenever a sensor goes off. Having a smart surveillance solution means all these sensors and cameras work under the same platform and it is easier and faster to monitor both at the same time. This also greatly improves the reaction times since no time is lost while switching between platforms. Access control systems can also be used to prevent entry to sensitive areas. Each entry can be monitored and recorded. Entry can also be provided based on clearance level (depending on which employee is allowed to enter which part of the establishment).
  • Having this smart surveillance system installed on site also opens up opportunities to use features that help the business beyond security. There are more services that IGZY can offer to help businesses. Using video analytics the system can also measure footfall, which is an important metric that needs to be measured by restaurants and retail stores. Who enters the business, what time they enter and how many people enter the premises on a daily basis or on weekends can tell you a lot about your customers. They can also monitor movement of inventory inside warehouses and factories to avoid pilferage/damage.

IGZY’s video surveillance solution

  • IP camera: IP cameras are the primary devices used in smart video surveillance. Responsible for monitoring vast premises and recording all activities, they support various sensors and access control systems to provide comprehensive security. These cameras don’t just monitor but also support live analytics to offer features like object detection, motion detection and record audio.

           The night vision capabilities in IP cameras make them eligible for round the clock surveillance. These can responsibly take over the duties of night guards, whose negligence on duty can cost you a big fortune.

  • Motion detection: Motion sensors are used to detect unwanted movement in any specific area. Any movement inside a retail store after closing hours is unwanted and can be monitored through such a sensor. This sensor can directly send a signal to the command centre for further verification and action.
  • Audio detection: Audio surveillance refers to capturing the audio from a particular space and processing it to detect atypical sounds, for example, a scream, a gunshot, an explosion, etc.
  • Two-way audio: A sim-based device with a phone like mechanism uses speakers and microphones to connect with any unexpected visitor on site. Often used in integration with IP cameras, these are installed on site to deter criminals before a crime takes place. A command center personnel, after receiving a notification about an intruder, can use the audio system to alert the intruder that they are being monitored. In case of an attempted robbery at an ATM it can be used to alert the assailants that they are being recorded and authorities are on their way.
  • Shutter sensor: Most businesses, whether a restaurant, retail store, warehouse, factory, bank branch, or any other, all of them use shutters at night to guard their premises. Whenever a shutter is tampered with, forcefully opened, or even opened after work hours, this simple device can send real time notifications. These alerts are sent to surveillance staff, authorized personnel and a third-party command center personnel who is responsible for monitoring your site 24*7.
  • Door sensor: A Door-sensor essentially monitors who enters a premises and at what time. It can be trained to record everytime the door is opened, or send footage and alerts only when the door is opened during a particular set of hours.
  • Proactive alerts– Whenever the system detects something unusual or a sensor is triggered the system is capable of instantaneously sending an Email, SMS and app-based notifications with snapshots & video clips.
  • Real-time monitoring – All sites and each location under the security of our surveillance system can be monitored in real time from anywhere in the world with just a working internet connection and a mobile device.
  • Cloud storage– All data is safely stored on the cloud. The data here is inaccessible to unauthorised people and stays protected. Being on the cloud also means improved accessibility for the data.
  • Certified command centre– We also have a certified command centre which monitors all sites 24/7. As soon as they receive alerts when cameras or sensors detect something, they review it within a set period of approximately 5 minutes. In case of further escalation, they can contact local authorities to handle the situation.

IGZY’s virtual guarding solution has been designed to satisfy your surveillance needs. Our surveillance solution ensures your premises stay guarded during the day and night.

To know how IGZY can strengthen your surveillance structure, contact us today!