5 Ways Cloud Video Camera Solutions Can Overcome Challenges Faced By Traditional CCTV

5 ways Cloud Video Camera Solutions can overcome challenges faced by traditional CCTV

Cloud Camera Solutions

Cloud Video Camera Solutions: Closed-circuit television (CCTV) has been popular for quite some time now. It first made its way into the public on a broad scale in 1942 and has since served a niche market very effectively as both crime prevention and law enforcement aid. 

As technology advances, it is offering us better ways to do things. Cloud CCTV system for surveillance is one such technology that is becoming popular for many reasons, especially when it comes to eliminating the pitfalls of the Traditional System. This blog will look at how cloud surveillance can overcome the challenges faced by traditional CCTV.


Hidden  Challenges Faced by Traditional CCTV: How Cloud Video Camera Solutions can help?

The traditional CCTV cameras aren’t as advanced as the cloud video camera solutions. These traditional & older models often need more maintenance and cause more problems than solutions. Some of the most common challenges are:


1. Lack of access to all the cameras

Traditional CCTV cameras are often unable to monitor all areas at one place at any given time. Businesses that rely on these outdated systems further have to send someone to retrieve video footage that requires storage space onto a hard drive to look over it at another time. 

By the time they finish, they may have waited hours to locate the area they want to access. The hard drive in NVR or DVR can be stolen or manipulated. This can be a NIGHTMARE! Especially for the companies who have multiple outlets to be monitored. 

How to use E-surveillance for a Safer Tomorrow: It can become much easier with the help of cloud video camera solutions or E-surveillance solutions. Cloud storage surveillance allows you to manage multiple locations from one single site. Once the cloud storage surveillance is in place, accessing footage can become significantly more accessible as it uses the internet. E surveillance platforms can even provide authorised access to different stakeholders in the company. It will also ensure compliance and maintain data integrity at all times.

2. Lack of Scalability

If business owners are planning to Scale-Up their business to encompass a large area, traditional CCTVs can prove themselves to be Cost-Heavy.  The analogue setup could make it challenging to manage all the places you want to monitor for security reasons. It may take more analogue cameras to cover the same amount of area as it would take one IP camera. Source

With increased installation expenses and required manned monitoring, it would be difficult to see what’s happening in your facility from anywhere. Still, it will also immensely increase your security costs. 

Free up your security budget with Cloud E surveillance camera: You’ll save tons of money on back-ups, usually a significant drain on your company’s budget. You won’t have to spend money on expensive hardware or software using the cost-effective cloud video camera solution on E surveillance.

The use of cloud CCTV systems has several advantages, especially when it comes to scalability. How? 

  • You can monitor a wide area effectively with the same set of cameras, which results in savings on the purchase of hardware, installation, and power consumption costs.
  • It allows you to ensure that your workforce is used more efficiently through process automation and video analytics. 
  • You can also reduce concerns about data safety and security. When video footage data is stored on the cloud can not be manipulated, or destroyed, which is a considerable concern when information is stored locally.


These factors can significantly help you scale your business quickly and worry about your budget.

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3. Susceptible to Physical Manipulation

The camera’s video transmission is directly affected by physical manipulation. In traditional video surveillance systems, the security system is usually connected to a computer or other connected device to a wired network. This way, it is very prone to physical manipulation. A copper system using analogue video surveillance makes it easy to manipulate the data stream.

No Wires, No Worries: E Surveillance Cameras: You might want to consider using one without those pesky wires. The potential intruders t are bound to be discovered because those wires can compromise your covert surveillance. With E surveillance cameras, you won’t have to worry about whether or not an intruder has cut the electrical lines, ultimately making your cameras ineffective.

For instance, Igzy’s cloud video camera solution is an overpowering video surveillance system that will continue transmitting even if the power goes out. Moreover, it sends real-time alerts if the camera has been tampered with or stopped working. 

In addition, wireless security cameras can be integrated with motion sensor capability, eliminating the need for on-site security guards or people to monitor them all the time. A pan-and-tilt camera is one type of surveillance camera with such a feature. The camera would start recording whenever it detects motion within its range and ensure it never misses an intruder.


4. Local storage collapsing

Due to the limited storage of local hard drives, enterprises may experience difficulties in storing & monitoring videos strictly. If the device doesn’t handle extensive data or, worse, collapses. All stored data might be interrupted, and it will ultimately threaten important videos being missed out. This can be an issue for businesses like the banking industry that need to maintain 90 days (according to RBI) of their surveillance videos, which otherwise could pose legal complications.

Moreover, searching for footage is challenging when all footage is in single containers. Finding any given evidence to verify an instance can be difficult without storage that can properly navigate to that particular video.

Cloud Storage: Stay in complete control of your business: When data is recorded via IP cameras and sensors, it is saved directly on the cloud. This eliminates the threat of an on-site data storage facility that may hinder one’s ability to retrieve data when needed. Moreover, The footages are entirely secure and can be accessed from anywhere. 

For instance, Once the setup is in place and has a connection to the internet, it eliminates the hassle of having all of one’s information in just local storage. The users with authorised online access to the IGZY cloud surveillance platform can turn up to the control panel, allowing them to monitor performance remotely and act as secure storage simultaneously.


5. No Real-time Monitoring

Estimates vary, but published figures indicate that after 20 minutes, the ability of even a well-motivated security guard to concentrate on a monitor screen drops by 90%. Source

Traditional CCTV solutions are like primitive forms of surveillance. Therefore, they can’t detect motion and can’t recognise an intrusion when it’s in progress. Put simply, they are incapable of processing like motion detection, perimeter intrusion detection, or other functions that cannot be handled by the system, making these cameras basic recording mechanisms. The recording system cannot send incident clips to justice or other authorities for validation purposes.

Therefore, organisations are using other available options, such as E surveillance solutions, to improve the reliability of their everyday video surveillance tasks.

Cloud Video Camera Solution – Accessible & Reliable. : E surveillance solutions cameras equipped with infrared technology enable users to monitor their sites around the clock, receive notifications of suspicious activity, or watch live online. The cloud video camera solutions also allow employers to monitor all intelligent devices across all sites on a single platform. 


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For instance, IGZY cloud CCTV solutions also allow users to monitor all devices across all sites on a single platform. With operating locations distributed globally, It gives simultaneous surveillance alerts across the premises to help oversee the performance from site to site. 

Automated cameras eliminate human error, are set up in known “hotspots,” monitor almost everything from central observation, and give the advantage of constant attention to the most crucial situations.


The traditional CCTV cameras weren’t as advanced as the cloud video camera solutions. These older models often need more maintenance and end up causing a lot more problems than solutions. On the other hand, the futuristic cloud camera is hailed for its flexibility, far-reaching scope, and reduced costs and connects devices to build a robust and comprehensive surveillance system.

When it comes to security, there is no such thing as overkill. Are you looking to switch from your old CCTV system to a more advanced security solution? Reach out to us, and our knowledgeable team of experts can help you reevaluate how you handle your surveillance game.

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