Maximize Security In Banks With AI Banking Solutions

Maximize Security In Banks With AI Banking Solutions

AI banking solutions

Financial institutions require a well-structured & automation based AI banking solution to follow through with all branch surveillance protocols. Indulging into mechanically orchestrated surveillance mechanisms can give your premises the desired level of security and intelligence to maneuver through the routine banking services without feeling vulnerable to any physical or data malware threats.

From securing banks and ATMs from external threats or internal pilferage to establishing a self servicing structure trained to deduce insightful information, AI banking solutions bring together an integrated package conducing premise security.

What are the effects & consequences in the absence of AI banking solutions?

Imagine you go to work like any normal day, work for a few hours and just when you are about to take a coffee break you hear the sound of a glass shattering followed by cries and shouts of people. Worried about the safety of your staff, the money and assets at your branch you move out of your office only to realize you’re too late.

The intruders took with the money, leaving behind two severely injured guards and employees who are scared out of their wits. Now you’re left with a broken window, two injured employees and a large sum of cash missing from your bank.

While almost every banking facility is equipped with surveillance cameras, choosing between a reactive and proactive solution can make all the difference. Analog based CCTV systems backed by legacy hardware only go as far as deterring criminals who are afraid of being caught in the surveillance footage.

But with a bunch of loopholes present, such as covering face with masks, spraying paint over the camera lens or tampering with the wires, accessing on-premise video recorders and manipulating the footage recorded; criminals can get away with a lot.

Even when it comes to restricting access into areas with monetary assets or high value items, one needs more than a lock and key system. Unfortunately with analog systems, a person can easily break into these areas using the right tools without ticking off any alarms. Depending completely on a supervisor going around the premises or manual monitoring on the other side of the surveillance system creates opportunities for criminals, especially mutinous employees. With insights into the daily routine of the surveillance staff, employees know the right time when certain areas are left unsupervised.

How AI banking solutions are helping banks & other financial institutions?

Now let’s change up the scenario a little bit. Just when you’re about to take a break, you receive an alert right onto your monitor, notifying you of unprecedented vibrations across the glass windows located exceptionally close to the vault. You review the notification, realize that a few men covering their faces are trying to break into your premise. Wasting no time, you notify local authorities while warning the intruders of the consequences of their actions with a two way audio mechanism. Before you know it, the men are caught and everybody in your bank is scratch-free.

IoT based banking solutions solve an integrated set of basic security requirements, while also allowing banking establishments to take a step further by digitizing their premises, improving their overall performance and customer experience.

The modern CCTV cameras can apply intelligent analytics onto the data recorded, deducing operational insights to help optimize improvement areas. From measuring the total energy consumed on a daily basis to the customer waiting time, these AI-powered banking solutions allow surveillance heads to improve the organization’s overall performance.

1. Monitored Surveillance

To facilitate the bank’s privacy protocols, the solution allows the installation of cloud IP cameras across the premises, leisure rooms and changing rooms being exceptions.

With a wide variety of cameras to choose from, the facility can install HD cameras(available on most modern CCTV models) inside the premises to capture crystal clear imagery.

On the other hand, the installation of Day/Night CCTV cameras outside the premises can provide optimal security even after work hours. Integrating these cameras onto AI Banking solutions allows users to monitor the premises at any time, without being physically present at the site.

2. Access Control

Access into restricted areas of the premises as well as into sensitive data; both can be monitored with smart banking solutions. Vaults are basically the most important and protected part of a financial institution, but also the most vulnerable. These highly sensitive areas require more than a lock and key access control system, something that cannot be broken into with a hammer.

The access control mechanism integrated into AI-based banking solutions only allow authorized personnel with the right credentials and a one time password to get access into these vaults and other restricted areas.

3. Password Protected Data  

A similar protocol is followed when accessing recorded footage. According to the security policy, a clear distinction can be followed when allotting accessible areas of data while also limiting the actions that can be taken. From only being allowed to view images, to copying or downloading the footage, or sharing it over the network and deleting it; different set of responsibilities can be given to employees based on their role and status in the institution.

4. Employee Surveillance

While maintaining a safe distance from intruders and outsiders by employing intelligent AI banking solutions guarantees the welfare of the institution, threats are not always external.

To keep a check on unwarranted employee behaviour; keeping all senses activated inside the premises is just as important. The cameras installed inside can also be trained to detect any deviations in employee performance, notifying supervisors about the same. The AI banking solutions can be trained to detect a variety of objects and situations: from wearing masks and ID cards, taking unexpectedly long breaks, harassing other employees to moving around or trying to access restricted areas.

5. Air quality maintenance

For the maintenance of optimal temperature and air quality levels inside the banks and ATM units AI & ML based banking solutions are equipped with smart sensors, capable of detecting deviations in room temperature or humidity and notifying authorized personnel when deviations reach a particular threshold. The automated smoke and fire sensors can detect the presence of toxic gases and flames inside the premises and report it to higher authorities while simultaneously taking preventive measures like turning on water sprinklers.


A majority of banking establishments face some level of threat, internal or external, at some point of time, which makes it absolutely necessary for financial institutions to invest in reliable IoT banking solutions before coming face to face with any fatal discrepancies. In such a situation, waiting your chances out to save a few bucks on the surveillance system can eventually cost you a lot more; completely ruining the brand image of the financial institute.

What is and what could be are two completely different scenarios. With analog based surveillance systems there are limitations to what a financial institute can achieve. While it plays a crucial role in deterring criminals and providing forensic evidence in case a crime is committed, it’s lack of fore-vision and pro-active preventive measures turns it into a post-crime follow up mechanism.

AI banking solutions backed by cloud based structures, on the other hand, assist financial institutions in creating a surveillance structure prepared for a diverse set of situations.

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