How Does Smart Banking Security Solutions Ensure Safety?

How Does Smart Banking Security Solutions Ensure Safety?

Banking Security Solutions

With more than 2 lac ATMs in the country and most of the people opting for transactions from ATM rather than standing in the long queues of the bank, having the advantage of speed, time and efficiency.

It is no longer a secret that the bank and the ATM robbery is now everyday news and have become a constant worrier of not only bankers but also the customers.

ATMs are easy targets for the frauds in spite of the provision of 24/7 physical security present in the premise. So, the issue of banking security and safety has become the first priority for bankers to sort.

How IGZY can ensure bank safety with its smart banking security solutions?

With the help of IGZY’s IoT- Internet of Things, It is now possible to secure the iot based banking security solution system.  IoT, basically the ecosystem of cameras, sensors and other devices embedded with an electronic system. All these smart banking security solutions gather, collect and communicate the information in the network and secure it in case of intrusion or theft.

1. Information Relay at fingertips

The equipment like LHT sensor, Smoke sensor, Smart camera, and Door Access Sensor, of IGZY detects any kind of variability and relays it over the cloud iot based banking security solution system network to the IGZY Control Center and the customer.

LHT, in any case of the variability of the light system, the alert is turned on. Not only the updates can be obtained from IGZY’s app, but also the information can be available on digital devices like a laptop or mobile. The video recording and retrievals can be provided on demand in case of theft or insurance purposes.

2. Sense, Analyze, and ACT

A single unified IoT platform gives a smarter way of ensuring your banking security. On the basis of the principles like Sense, Analyze and Act, It is now possible to give a better customer experience along with safety provisions.

The smart banking security solutions can rely on IGZY’s 95-degree wide-angle lens for better coverage of the perimeter. The day and night functionality is well embedded in the system for better vision.

On the incident of the theft, the audio detection is done and traceability is successfully insured. The cloud-based IP cameras will provide immediate live viewing and the video footage of the last 90 days can be retrieved successfully for any kind of surveillance. The storage can be accessed both on the SD cards and cloud-based.

3. Customer is king

We, being a customer-centric organization, always support our customer in the end to end solutions like installation of the setup, it’s repairing, maintenance, upkeep and replacement if needed. The IGZY smart banking security solutions can scale up to handle 2500 plus locations simultaneously.

Your alerts can be accessed on Email and with CLVR, get access to high-quality video feeds, triggered by smart analytics and instantly accessible on any device. With minimum wiring, IGZY CCTV cloud cameras can be installed in space constraint medium along with easy replacement, free installation, Call Support and Cloud subscription for a year.

4. Focussed productivity

The banking and the ATM ecosystem can really encash and optimize the business with IOT, AI, and Machine Learning. Apart from ensuring the security of the IoT banking solutions, the bank can focus now on revenue enhancement, people efficiency and also the customer journey mapping for smart business. The productivity efforts can now be shifted from day today worry of security to focused performance.

5. Anytime, anywhere access

The holistic system of smoke sensors, LHT, smart camera, and access control sensor can lock the surveillance of your banking system literally on the fingertips and anytime, anywhere access. This single unified platform for iot based banking security solution system gives reporting and analytics that builds a trustworthy ecosystem where man and machine coexist.

6. Service range

We, at IGZY offer, managed video surveillance solutions for such Banking properties. It’s a full-service all-inclusive approach that offers bank owners and customers a more reliable and secures option for physical security. Trusted by prominent Indian banks across India, this solution can be leveraged to secure the bank of any size.

7. Peaceful business

So, today if you are thinking of upscaling the Banking business, it is first important to look at the safety and security angle. The financial services can live a smart simplified digital life that will also take them to the faster plane of expansion.