11 Warehouse Management Measures To Ensure Optimum Efficiency

11 Warehouse Management Measures To Ensure Optimum Efficiency

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Warehouse management is of paramount concern for every type of business. For a business, warehouses are of the utmost importance when it comes to security. It is where multifarious products, equipment, inventory, and other types of hardware are stored which needs optimum protection. The business that has no cameras or security devices at its warehouses automatically becomes vulnerable to external and internal threats. They are prone to a lot of offensive activities that can put a financial burden on the company. Therefore, high-end warehouse management and monitoring systems become the need of the hour.

In this era of rigorous competition, man guarding is proved to be expensive for companies followed by room for error. A little diversion of attention can lead to serious problems. A machine automated system can do the same work with much speed and accuracy. Well-structured warehouse security system prevents unnecessary financial losses and boosts employee’s morale.

In this world of latest and cutting edge technology, settle only for the best. The professional range of security cameras has evolved to address the security issue and these paired with the latest technology and hardware does the job in a far effective and efficient manner.

Over the time, cameras have proved to be a strategic approach for monitoring inventories in real-time. Yes, they take the utmost care of your property as well as goods. With a wide variety of cameras available in the market, employers can choose the best security camera system for warehouse depending on their facility’s requirement.

Warehouse management measures

1. Ensuring maximum coverage of the warehouse

Installing security cameras is not as easy as it seems. A thorough examination of the facility is needed before installation to ensure that each and every corner is covered. Minimizing the risk of theft, and exploitation of the inventory; it gives a good view of the warehouse. Every warehouse has some weak and blind spots which become the ground for thefts and damage to the goods. A state of art security systems and cameras installed in an evaluated manner by trained technicians saves the much-needed inventory from any kind of vandalization and maximize protection of the warehousing premises.

2. Right camera systems for right place and right use

CCTV cameras are the most important equipment for security systems. When it comes to installing CCTV cameras, there’s a whole bunch of cameras to choose from with every type of camera being unique and having its specific use. Therefore choosing the right type of camera depending on the situation, premises area, and use not only increases the efficacy of security but also saves the much needed time and power which would earlier be needed to carry out specific tasks. For instance, night or infrared cameras are best for badly lit areas and night situations. Long and cylindrical bullet cameras make monitoring outdoor areas effective as they are resistant to water and dust and are capable of viewing at long distances. ANPR/LNR cameras do the specific task of reading and analyzing and storing data such as number plates. This keeps a track of vehicles in the warehouse and barring those who are banned.

3. Monitoring entry and exit of employees

Intrusions are a frequent challenge +for the management and pose a great threat to the security and integrity of a warehouse. Due to a large number of personnel working and moving inside and outside of the warehouse, keeping manual logs is a long and tiresome task. This is where a sophisticated ecosystem of RFID badges, face scanners, voice recognition systems, cameras, and motion sensors make work handy. It keeps an extensive record of who enters and leaves, accentuating warehouse reliability. Moreover, loading and unloading areas and waiting areas designated to outsiders can be thoroughly tracked with a variety of sensors, cameras, etc. preventing any unusual movement.

4. Using cloud for reliable storage

CCTV cloud storage is a comprehensive service that enables the users to store the data from various security systems including cameras over the internet. The system uses the internet to upload the data directly to one place and off-site. This reduces the dependency on physical storage devices which needs to be maintained regularly and are more prone to damage. The cloud storage directly stores the data from every camera with date and time which makes data retrieval an effortless task. All the data stored is safe and secured and can be accessed by just logging into the account.

5. Integrated fire alarms systems

Early detection of smoke and fire is an essential step to protect inventories which are a pretty valuable asset to any organization. An integrated system of smoke detectors, temperature sensors, and fire alarms helps in the timely detection of any fire related hazard and enables required personnel in taking quick actions.

6. Remote viewing

Gone are the days when the CCTV footage could only be viewed from a single connected computer. The new breed of Wi-Fi-enabled CCTV cameras makes viewing possible from any place around the world. This technology is proved to efficient in securing the warehouses when someone is not physically around and reducing the dependence on ground teams. A good system also forwards alerts and notifications onto the smartphone in real-time in case of any event.

7. Integrating IoT and AI with security system

A major challenge faced in warehouse security is the presence of different platforms for different security systems. IoT enables the integration of all platforms into one unified platform and saves all the hassle and hard work in switching and monitoring different systems. With its automating and integrating facilities, modern CCTV improves warehouse security. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning paired with the Internet of Things provides data related to security which with various analytics can be turned into insights. These insights collected help managers make more rational decisions to run and secure the warehouse more efficiently. It is an important step towards scaling.

8. Barriers and partition between various segments of a warehouse

One way to protect expensive and valuable items from being stolen is not letting people have access to it. Not every person needs to visit every area in the warehouse. Thus segregating and compartmentalizing the warehouse into sections with specific people having access to it improves security. RFID systems, PTZ cameras, motion sensors with bunch other systems at every restricted area makes it easy to monitor traffic in and out of the facility, improve security by keeping employees in the designated areas, and prevent theft by limiting access to expensive items

9. Environment temperatures and sensors

Many perishable and temperature sensitive items are prone to deterioration if not stored in the right temperatures. Temperature sensors and heating and cooling systems are a lifesaver in that situation. Temperature sensors can be placed at every part of the warehouse where specific temperature needs to maintained and it directs heating and cooling systems act accordingly thereby ensuring security of the inventory during storage and transportation.

10. Perimeter protection

Warehouses nowadays are spread across large areas with multiple entries and exit points. Bigger the warehouse the more it is vulnerable to criminal activities. These are normally located on the outskirts of a city. If not properly protected, it can be a tempting spot for burglars. Thus safeguarding the facility’s perimeter is the foremost step towards its security. This is where technologies and hardware like glass break protection, high-tech lighting systems, IP cameras, door cameras, motion sensors, and door protection makes the task of securing the perimeter easily.

11. Proper device management

No matter how good a machine is, it needs to be reviewed and tested regularly. If any equipment is found faulty, it can be replaced thereby ensuring the smooth working of the systems in case of any emergencies. Regular examination of the health and status of hardware from time to time by trained technicians and checking firmware updates is a detachable part of it.


Whatever your industry is, warehouse security is an integral part of a business expansion story. And this has to be done with full coordination between internal and external security. To sum it up all the mentioned security systems work best if automated and unified into one platform. Warehouse management is a tedious task. Therefore, it requires expert technical assistance.

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